Hostiles (2017) Poster


Bill Camp: Jeremiah Wilks



  • Col. Abraham Biggs : Let me tell you something, Captain. Aside from losing one's mind, there is very little to do for an old Captain besides sit and whittle and whistle and wait for the postman to bring him his pension check. It would just be a damn shame for a man such as yourself, who's put in the time, to come up short in the end.

    [Wilks laughs] 

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : Do you have any idea who that son of a bitch is and what he's done?

    Col. Abraham Biggs : I know that he was considered a very tough adversary in his day - and now he is a dying old man.

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : No, he's a butcher.

    Jeremiah Wilks : Then the two of you ought to get along just fine.

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : Shut the Hell up, you fuckin' pasty-face.

    [Wilks laughs] 

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : You have never seen the look of war. You have no idea.

    Jeremiah Wilks : No.

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : No idea what it does to a man. I've killed savages; I've killed plenty of 'em - 'cause that's my fucking job.

    Jeremiah Wilks : And from what I hear, Captain, there was never a man happier in his work.

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : Look. I saw what happened to the Fourth when Yellow Hawk and his dog soldiers got done with 'em, and there wasn't a...

    [Wilks laughs] 

    Captain Joseph J. Blocker : Don't you dare laugh. There wasn't enough left of those poor men to to fill a slop pail. Understand: when we lay our heads down out here, we're all prisoners. I hate 'em. I got a war bag of reasons to hate 'em. Skinny Figler, Edwin Tate...

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