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11 Jul. 2015
Monster Baby
Captain Man and Kid Danger take care of monster baby until things get a little out of hand.
11 Jul. 2015
Drillfringer Attacks!
When Drillfinger attacks the Dentist office, it's up to Captain Man and Kid Danger to take him down.
23 Jul. 2015
Alien Hunt
Schwoz warns Kid Danger and Captain Man that another space rock with an alien is speeding towards Swellview and it's bigger and heavier than the last one.
30 Jul. 2015
The Return of Jeff
When a robbery happens at the Donut Shop, Captain Man and Kid Danger track down the culprit who happens to be Jeff, Swellview's dumbest criminal.
6 Aug. 2015
Android Henry
It's an early morning of crime fighting for Henry Danger and Captain Man, so Gerta shape shifts into Henry to keep his cover. But Android Henry might prove to be a little too convincing.
8 Sep. 2015
Man-Copter Down
Kid Danger and Captain Man take to the skies, but end up in a swamp. Don't eat and fly, kids. It's dangerous.

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