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Matt Letscher: Eobard Thawne, Reverse-Flash



  • Eobard Thawne : And here, I was starting to think you'd forgotten all about me.

    Barry Allen : But I am forgetting. What's happening to me?

    Eobard Thawne : I was wondering when you'd notice.

    Barry Allen : It's like I'll be thinking of a moment from my past and then it vanishes. I can't get it back. Why?

    Eobard Thawne : Flashpoint. It's a side effect. See, I told you before. You don't know what you're doing. This new reality you've created is starting to overwrite the reality that you and I know. So your original life - your friends, your family - pretty soon, all of that will just fade away.

    Barry Allen : Why isn't it happening to you?

    Eobard Thawne : Not sure. Unless...

    Barry Allen : What the hell's so funny?

    [Thawne laughs] 

    Eobard Thawne : Your speed! The more you use it, the faster you lose your memories.

    Barry Allen : No. No, you're lying. You just want me to let you out of here. That's never gonna happen.

    Eobard Thawne : The you I know from the future, he's not this stupid. Pretty soon, you won't even remember that you're The Flash, and when that happens, this world will become permanent. Time is set like concrete, and nothing will be able to change it back to the way it was.

    Barry Allen : That's fine by me.

    Eobard Thawne : You what you have to do. You have to take me back to that night and let me finish what I started.

    Barry Allen : You go to hell!

    Eobard Thawne : You're taking both of us there! Now who's the villian, Flash? Now who's the villian?

  • Eobard Thawne : So, uh, what should we call this, uh, brave new world that you've whipped us for us? I was thinking... Flashpoint.

    Barry Allen : [holding Thawne's lunch]  So you don't you want this?

    Eobard Thawne : You may have figured out a way to dampen my speed with this glass cage, but I will get out of here and I will destroy your life, Flash, one way or the other.

    Barry Allen : No, you won't. Ah, you're never getting out of here. And you're never gonna hurt anybody ever again. I have everything back that you took away from me. I have everything Zoom took. I'm finally free. I'm home.

    Eobard Thawne : This isn't your home, Barry. This is a mirage. A fiction that will end us both, unless you let me the hell out of this thing!

    Barry Allen : Well, you're not listening, Thawne. Why would I get out of here? I'm whole, here. There's even a Flash, so I don't have to be.

    Eobard Thawne : Yeah, who is this dashing young speedster, huh? Do you know? You even care? While you sit around and hide like a lost, lonely little boy, letting someone else risk their life to protect the city, our common enemy is coming for us both.

    Barry Allen : What common enemy is that?

    Eobard Thawne : Time. It's already screwing with you and everyone you love. And pretty soon, it's gonna take me right down along with you.

    Barry Allen : Wow. You know, you've got some nerve. I'll give you that. Warning me about messing with other people's lives. You - you know the whole reason I did this is what you did to my life. To my family. To my mother.

    Eobard Thawne : Yeah, well, one day, soon, Barry, you'll be begging me to kill her again.

  • Eobard Thawne : Well... if it the isn't the future Mrs. Allen.

    Iris West : Barry told me not to listen to anything you say.

    Eobard Thawne : Oh. That's just bad advice, 'cause I'm the answer man. I am the answer to all your prayers. All you need to do is ask me, Barry.

    Barry Allen : We need to go back in time. To that night.

    Eobard Thawne : To do what?

    Barry Allen : You know what I need you to do.

    Barry Allen : Yeah, but I want to to hear you say it.

    Barry Allen : I need you to kill my mother.

    Eobard Thawne : With pleasure.

    Barry Allen : I hate you.

    Eobard Thawne : And I hate you. And I sometimes wonder which of us is right.

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