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Season 1

23 Dec. 2018
The Journey
Concerned by troubling visions his brother has about an encroaching threat, Hazel and several other rabbits set out in search of a new safe haven.
23 Dec. 2018
The Raid
While Hazel attempts to find new does for Watership Down, another group investigates another warren and find themselves prisoners of the horrific tyranny of Efrafa.
23 Dec. 2018
The Escape
Both to find more willing does and in retaliation for Efrafa's treatment of his fellows, Hazel sends Bigwig to infiltrate that tyranny's Owsla.
23 Dec. 2018
The Siege
After Hazel's company successfully carries out their friendly extraction of defectors from Efrafa, General Woundwart lays siege on Watership Down to carry out his deadly revenge.

 Season 1 

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