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(2016– )

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4 Jul. 2016
Akatsuka Justice, a boy with a known as Seigi, saves a man from some street punks and is given a strange stone as a token of the man's gratitude.
11 Jul. 2016
Surprise Attack
After passing out during his battle with Theodore, Izzy and Tom explain to Justice the history of the tattoos and their mission to retrieve them. They ask Justice to join them, but he is still unable to grasp the severity of his situation.
18 Jul. 2016
Misery Loves Company
As he's visiting Izzy and Tom's secret home, Justice is attacked by Il, an assassin from the Kingdom who has possessed Touko's body. Meanwhile at the school, another assassin, Lakha, attacks Izzy.
25 Jul. 2016
After getting a taste of his own powerlessness in the previous battle, Justice returns to his intense training with Blue Rose to master the use of his tattoo.
1 Aug. 2016
After her friend Lisa is captured by Il and Lakha, Izzy works with the US Army on a mission to take her back. Justice had been held in Blue Moon's hideout for safekeeping, but refuses to stand by while an ally is in danger and rushes to the scene.
8 Aug. 2016
The mysterious BB takes Justice to a tattoo research lab run by the Kingdom in Japan. His goal is to destroy the lab and rescue the people trapped there. Meanwhile, Arya visits the Japanese tattoo ruins in order to proceed with her plan.
15 Aug. 2016
The US Army's tattoo forces in Japan discover the location of the tattoo ruins, and begin an operation to reclaim the site. Justice and Touko reach the ruins and launch their attack, confident in their advantage due to their sheer numbers.
22 Aug. 2016
Backed into a corner by Brahman's overwhelming strength, the US Army is forced to retreat. Touko realizes that Justice is still on the battlefield, and is refuses to leave without him.
29 Aug. 2016
The Past
Justice follows the course of BB's memories, watching the man's younger self leave the US Army and offer their tattoo research information to the Kingdom of Selinistan as a gift.
5 Sep. 2016
Letter of Challenge
Having inherited BB's wishes, Justice takes Wiseman's advice and spends a year in a mountain hideout with Izzy and Tom. One day, a mysterious enemy attacks their hideout and leaves behind a video letter with footage of Arya in America.
12 Sep. 2016
In the Palm of the Hand
The battle against the Kingdom intensifies, with Izzy and Tamaki fighting Brahman members so that Justice and Tom can move forward. But Cal blocks Justice's path to the ruins. Can Justice defeat Cal and stop Arya from achieving her goal?
19 Sep. 2016
The Deciding Battle
Izzy and the others race through the ruins and find Justice skewered on a bed of spikes. His overuse of his tattoo powers has weakened his regenerative ability, leaving him on the verge of death.


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