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Peaky Blinders is back and crazily good
peterjdickinson17 November 2017
The opening episode of series 4 is an excellent return to form for this excellent series. All of the elements that make this show great are here front and centre from excellent performances, tight script with comical asides that make it so great, superb cinematography and insanely good plotting. Nothing is wasted and each character is very well written; this is not the kind of show where you could redistribute lines from one character among the others. The wonderful way a discussion about what time the guests will arrive for lunch can turn into a gruesome bloodbath is a highlight of the episode which is immediately topped by the next scene. Peaky Blinders is a very special show and this is a very special episode. The 6 episode format is totally right for this because the amount of care put in and the calibre of the cast would make a longer run an impossibility. Even if it ends after the 5th series we will be left with 30 hours of some of the highest quality TV in years.
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Back with a Bang!
pcvacdm16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After a gap of 1 year, Peaky Blinders is back with a Bang. I think it's a fantastic decision casting Adrien Brody as Luca Changretta. The entire episode was beautifully directed and the unexpected twist at the end will keep you hungry for the next episode! Solid Episode, 10/10. Amazing way to start off season 4!! Dying to find out what happens in Episode 2!
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Seriously?! Where is Cillian Murphy's BAFTA?
wbuttle7 March 2019
I had watched every episode of this show and thought "wow, Cillian Murphy is brilliant in this show" and then I saw this episode and thought how hasn't he won an award for his performances. This is one of his best episodes of the show
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insanely amazing episode
agate-1441321 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Thomas Shelby rocks again like always. last minute rescue is heart attacking but in prediction, while in the end john Michael shot dead what a shock!..love to see mafia against Shelby's! though john and other bros don't look like Romani blood at all-_-.Just feeling like that TS is going to get laid with the Eden girl.
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Peaky Blinders The Noose
duncan-5197620 November 2017
Never watch TV these days apart from news and sport. Soaps dominate the air time in what has become a sad epitaph for a once great institution. Then, unexpectedly I'm off work indisposed with illness following an operation. "Watch Peaky Blinders on iplayer" said a close friend "Peaky What" Never watch TV these days - but out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I did. From the very start of this episode, the dawning realization that I was not only watching a TV drama, I was enjoying what I can only describe as a work of art. The acting, the script, the story-line was brilliant but far better left for others more competent than me to review. From a technical point, this was sheer creative excellence to the highest degree. The use of lighting to enhance the scenes - brilliant, sublime. The dark modern music to complement this period piece was risky to say the least but worked unbelievably well. The costume, make-up, sets and properties, all presented so meticulously, so precisely, so professionally. The film and sound editors need to be given the highest accolades available. Never since Bladrunner in the 1980's have I seen such cinematic creative brilliance. I hate watching TV these days, but this one will go down in History as one to remember.
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Peaky Blinders Are Here!!!
sameartist17 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Hell yeah it's excellent. what a start! Italian Mafia is super cool and How on the earth would i not give 10 stars when i see Adrien Brody? It's not a TV series it's an art. Tommy looks super cool, that new sunglasses and new style is really cool. and ending was really good, but i felt very sad, because johnny boy was my favorite.
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Brilliant! Netflix app left me shortchanged. previous title:" But the voice-over...please stop"
DocJD22 March 2019
**Update-Sorry to readers of my reviews**

This is an update on my review. For some reason the Netflix iOS app had narrative voice over settings in place, which contributed to my frustration. So please read my review with this in mind. I work in the industry and at first I accepted what was presented to me, but within 5 mins of posting my review below, I thought this just can't be right. And in fact after tracking down the app settings for the visually impaired being in place, I turned them off. Low and behold my beloved Peaky Blinders returned! So apologies to the small following who read my reviews, and to the cast and crew. My mistake...mmm or Netflix.

***orginal review below***

I'm a die hard fan of this production and enthusiastically embrace some of the truly innovative approaches to storytelling. Most of them work, not as a novel approach to storytelling, but because they endure throughout the production to become the style and feel that supports the main narrative.

But I'm truly struggling with this voice-over narration that starts as a recap for the audience to recall after the hiatus. But it's the voice-over is of the entire script excluding the character dialogue. I'm half way through this (S4E1) episode, and after the almost constant voice-over explanation of the character's actions, it has become excruciatingly redundant. It's annoying, unnecessary, frustrating, and clouds the storytelling of what is a brilliant script...

Don't get me wrong, this is quality television, and compelling viewing, but at 30 mins in (yep I lasted that long)...I wish I didn't have to shout at the screen, "Please stop!", "For goodness sakes, I can see what's going on!"
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Love the series, but a bad faux pas this episode...
rsvp3214 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't want to nit pick, but to me, there is a blatant misstep in this episode, of which I'd blame the director.

Remember that the Shelby's are WWl front line veterans, a fact very heavy within the series, so we can assume that all three have fired hundreds of rounds there, let alone before and after the war.

When the mafia arrive at John's home and John goes to the ready with the bolt action rifle he's carrying, he puts his left thumb over the barrel, thereby obscuring the sights - no way a soldier could make this mistake.

The first shot he fires - not only does he not lean forward in prep, but the gun but isn't braced against his shoulder, either!

The next camera angle facing John straight on shows that he's actually holding the rifle almost centre chest, like a child would hold a stick straight out with his arms, and again not bracing the rifle against anything, so when it fires it's going to recoil back pretty hard.

I only mention this bad shoot scene because in the first three seasons they didn't get so sloppy (not that I saw). They've obviously used firearms expertise in the past...what happened here?!
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Hard-Edged, Realistic and a Brilliant Return!
Mohican1510 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
-THERE WILL BE 6 REVIEWS FOR ALL 6 EPISODES OF SEASON 4 OF PEAKY BLINDERS. PEAKY BLINDERS is back with a new series and this first episode has both delivered a great start and promises several more terrific episodes to come.

This obviously goes for the rest of the series but what I admired about this episode was the different tones it balanced. It's a tough, foul-mouthed gangster epic in the style of may be THE GODFATHER but it's also a finely-crafted period drama in the style of may be MAD MEN. Obviously it's not the 60s but in the same way that MAD MEN portrays all the attitudes and agendas of that period, PEAKY BLINDERS does the same here. It's masterfully written by Steven Knight who encompasses so much in just one episode: a trip to a hanging, family ties, business troubles, gangster business and of course the brilliant arrival of a new villain. The dialogue is hard and sharp and really creates tension, the scenes are well-written but also PEAKY BLINDERS has two brilliant sides: the crime and the family. The brilliantly multi-layered characters all have this, they can be soft and warm family people but there's always a gun and bottle of scotch hidden somewhere. They're not good people but their anti-heroes you can enjoy watching. This obviously is in-debt to the acting.

All the actors in this series are brilliant and strong. Cillian Murphy reaches brutal and bold heights as Tommy Shelby. He's a hard, tough man but also has his soft and caring side which he reserves for family. Murphy delivers a powerhouse performance with flashes of intense fury and really carries part of this series. Intense and strong performances from the likes of Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Sophie Rundle and Finn Cole. Then there is the sudden, sinister arrival of Luca Changretta, played with simmering drama by Adrien Brody. His performance is swift and he only says about 7 words but this DOES promise a brilliant bad guy to come.

This was a very entertaining start to a hopefully brilliant new series and as it reached the ending, things got even more dramatic and engrossing. Can't wait for the next episode which I shall endeavour to review in a week.
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Episode 4.1
Prismark1012 January 2018
Series 3 concluded with the police arresting the Shelby family with Tommy doing some kind of deal with the the police that has created a chasm with his kinship.

The episode begins with the Shelby family heading for the gallows while Tommy puts pressure on the government for a last minute reprieve, which he gets at the last second.

The family now free are at a loose end, Thomas is being cold shouldered and remains distant from the rest of the family even at Christmas. The factories are being threatened by a major strike over equal pay.

However various members of the Shelby family get a black hand, it means a vendetta from the mafia. The message is from Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody) who wants revenge for his father's death.

The Peaky Blinders are back, not yet reunited, Nick Cave's and the Bad Seeds title track, Red Red Hand is used prominently throughout including a cover version. Brody though only makes a fleeting appearance.
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