Spider-Man (Video Game 2018) Poster

(2018 Video Game)

Tara Platt: Yuri Watanabe


  • Spider-Man : [meeting Silver Sable for the first time]  Nice entrance. Solid 8 out of 10.

    [disks on the ground release shock cables that wrap around Spider-Man] 

    Spider-Man : Nine out of 10...

    Yuri Watanabe : [drives up in her car and runs up to Sable]  Release him, he works with us!

    [Sable lowers her guns and the cables fall off of Spider-Man] 

    Spider-Man : Yuri? Explanation, please.

    Yuri Watanabe : This is Silver Sablinova, head of Sable International, a private security force. Paid for by Mayor Osborn.

    Spider-Man : Oh, the mayor has a pet army now?

    Silver Sable : Next time you get in my way, I will not be so gentle.

  • Spider-Man : [seeing an explosion at the Raft prison]  I thought you said the Raft was secure?

    Yuri Watanabe : It was. Let's go.

    [Spider-Man jumps onto her helicopter] 

    Yuri Watanabe : Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

    Spider-Man : Love the optimism. But in my experience, when it looks bad, it's usually worse.

    [sees Electro] 

    Spider-Man : Look out!

    [Electro blasts the helicopter, sending it spinning out of control] 

    Spider-Man : Yuri!

    Yuri Watanabe : I'm slipping!

    Spider-Man : [grabs hold of her]  Gotcha. Hold on!

    [pulls up on the joystick, sending the helicopter into a controlled crash, shooting webs out at the last second before it crashes] 

  • Yuri Watanabe : [Yuri and her men are pinned down by Fisk's thugs]  Get more backup! And lock down the airspace!

    [Spider-Man lands beside her] 

    Spider-Man : Yuri, you okay?

    Yuri Watanabe : If he makes it out of the building we're gonna lose him.

    Spider-Man : I'm gonna go, uh...

    [he points at the firing thugs] 

    Yuri Watanabe : [nods]  Do your thing.

    Spider-Man : Yes!

  • Spider-Man : [Spider-Man has rescued Yuri from her crashing helicopter and lowers her safely to the ground]  You okay?

    Yuri Watanabe : Yeah.

    [Electro bursts in through the ceiling] 

    Electro : Welcome to the party! Just in time for the fireworks!

    [fires an electric blast that releases all the prisoners in the Raft] 

    Spider-Man : Electro? Why is he letting everyone out?

    Yuri Watanabe : I'll head for the main control center and see how bad the situation is.

    Spider-Man : Got it. I'll go join the party.

    [they both run off in different directions] 

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