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Nostalgia and a thoughtful score isn't enough
bob the moo11 February 2018
This short documentary focuses on a couple who bought a load of old printing blocks which had been used for print advertising of movies over the last century. They restored them and now they hold an one-of-a-kind collection which is valued at millions of dollars. Outside of what I just told you, there is not too much else going on in this film. There is nostalgia and a chance to see cool old blocks and the prints they produce, and there is some value in that but not as much as you might think; because the blocks are reversed images of the print, mostly you are trying to decipher what the block is for rather than appreciate it for its history.

The talking heads don't add much, even if the score tries to suggest that everything said is profound or inciteful. It is short and reasonably okay to watch, but it rides on the music providing a tone that nothing else supports, as well as milking nostalgia for all it is worth.
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