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Season 1

13 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.1
Karstens movie VENI VIDI VICI needs to become a hit because Karstens wife has left her work. At the same time Karstens old friend Vincent call him with a lucrative offer in show business.
13 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.3
Karsten creates an alias and secretly begins his new career while his family believes he's off filming commercials. Only his father-in-law suspects that something's up.
13 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.4
As Karsten's first creation as a director in Denmark becomes an overnight success, he sets out to direct a much more ambitious production. A frustrated Jonna seeks confirmation elsewhere.
13 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.5
Karsten and his new colleagues defy the ice-cold weather on the open sea. At home, Karsten's jealousy takes the glows fiery red.
20 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.6
Karsten gets increasingly drawn into Vincents shady side business and has to perform a job he'd never imagined.
20 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.7
A hesitant Karsten becomes increasingly doubtful of what he's actually doing. Vincent, on the other hand, is convinced Karsten only needs a good soul cleansing.
20 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.8
Karsten gets news of a tragic death at the same time as his father-in-law decides to conquer a new business market.
20 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.9
It's time for the gala premiere of Karsten's new film that he has directed pseudonymously. To his great disappointment, someone else takes credit for his work.
20 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.10
Reality catches up to both Karsten and Vincent and they are forced to flee from the Belgian wrath.

 Season 1 

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