El marginal Poster

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Season 3

9 Jul. 2019
Episode #3.1
Two years after El Sapo's death and one year before Pastor Peña's arrival to San Onofre, the Borges are now the highest criminals while they negotiate with Colombian drug dealers. Meanwhile, a new young inmate called Cristian is in San Onofre by commiting a car accident and he is under the protection of the Borges.
16 Jul. 2019
Episode #3.2
Cristian is found drugged by the Sub-21 and he starts to distrust the Borges. Mario receives an offer of 240.000 dollars by his lawyer in order to get his freedom.
23 Jul. 2019
Episode #3.3
Cristian suffers the trauma of a torture he viewed by the Borges and he is desperate to get out of San Onofre. But Mario is threatened by the colombian drug dealers to get a big amount of money and he promise them to deliver the money including drug bags in breast implants made by Tubito. Ema finds out Morcilla is having sex with an inmate's sister and she is trying to put a stop on him, but Morcilla threatens to reveal that Ema is a drug-addict.
30 Jul. 2019
Episode #3.4
After Cristian gets cut by Marcos, the Borges want to take revenge at Sub-21. But Diosito finds out something Mario has kept from him since 2 years in San Onofre: The death of Mecha.
6 Aug. 2019
Episode #3.5
Diosito is very furious at Mario because of hiding the truth about Mecha, so he decides to get out of San Onofre to look for the ones who killed her. But the only problem in San Onofre is that Pantera has been cut free by the Sub-21 and now he is out for revenge.
15 Aug. 2019
Episode #3.6
Mario finds out that Pantera has broken the drug lab and he needs to prepare the breast drugs before the colombian dealers come for him and his gang. Antín is once again suspended as CEO by Morales, so the only thing he can do before leaving is to teach a lesson to the informer of San Onofre, Orderly Ramos.
20 Aug. 2019
Episode #3.7
Morales takes control of San Onofre and all the prisoners disagree with this measure by making parties and riots. Meanwhile, The Borges are about to be free but some problems are making the situation worse like the assassination of Judge Pardo and the setup that Lunati has made on them.
27 Aug. 2019
Episode #3.8
The Borges are kidnapped by Bruni and the Sub-21, but in order to be free, they must fight them and kill the ones necessary. The only problem is that Cristian finds out Bruni had his father killed and he is in too much troubles inside San Onofre. In other words, this time the Borges are planning to take revenge at Lunati because of setting them up by getting them killed and ruining their plan of colombian drugs, but the story ends with something grim.

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