Hotel Artemis (2018) Poster


Jodie Foster: The Nurse



  • The Nurse : Code blue.

    Everest : Code blue? The fuck is a code blue?

  • The Nurse : I thought you were done with all this.

    Waikiki : I got out, but you know how it goes.

    The Nurse : You're never out, not up here.

  • Buke : This thing is covered in blood.

    The Nurse : It's always covered in blood.

  • The Nurse : We've been here for twenty-two years. This hospital was built on two things: trust and rules.

  • The Nurse : No water in LA, but it's raining assholes in here.

  • The Nurse : You know why they call him Everest? I think you do.

  • The Nurse : Easy fellas. Everyone's going to get fixed up. Now verify your memberships and we're off to the races.

  • Everest : The Wolf King of LA.

    The Nurse : Such a dumb name.

  • Acapulco : You know, you might want to buy some scented candles or something, because it smells like someone died in here.

    The Nurse : They did.

  • The Nurse : Just another Wednesday.

  • The Nurse : Things are going to Hell in a handbasket full of blood and shit!

  • Niagara : [on her son]  He stole my car, you know the score... I had to make an example. I gave him back to the ocean

    The Nurse : They said he OD

    Niagara : Easy when you own the cops

  • The Nurse : [regarding her son's death from Niagara]  You killed my son.

    Niagara : He did a deal with the Devil.

  • The Nurse : This is America. Eighty-five percent of what I fix is bullet holes.

  • The Nurse : Hello? How can I help? Yeah, I got two rooms left.

  • The Nurse : Okay, this is a real problem. I think I know her.

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