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Aesthetically pleasing, but the narrative is predictable and clichéd
Bertaut30 July 2018
Hotel Artemis is a film which doesn't do a great deal wrong. However, it is also a film which doesn't do a great deal right. It just kind of hangs in mid-air, with clichéd characters acting in clichéd ways and having clichéd conversations. And then it ends. It's not actually about anything. It's also predictable, with precious little substance. It looks pretty though.

In 2028, riots are tearing Los Angeles apart. The film takes place primarily in the eponymous Hotel Artemis, a secret hospital for criminals in the heart of the city. The motley crew of characters, many of whom are known only by the name of the room in which they're staying, include Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) and his brother Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry), bank robbers who have been involved in a shootout with police; Nice (Sofia Boutella), an assassin who "only kills important people", and just so happens to be Waikiki's ex-girlfriend; and Acapulco (a spectacularly miscast Charlie Day), a weapons dealer and all round weasel. Also present are The Wolf King (Jeff Goldblum), Los Angeles's most feared gangster, who also finances the hospital; his incompetent son, Crosby (an underutilised Zachary Quinto); and Morgan (Jenny Slate), a cop injured in the riots. The hospital is run by "Nurse" (Jodie Foster), an agoraphobic alcoholic haunted by visions of her past, with porter duties handled by Everest (Dave Bautista). The hospital functions because all guests must adhere to a rigid set of rules (the first of which is "don't kill the other patients") and a strict no weapons policy.

Sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? It's not. The dialogue is awful, the narrative beats can be seen coming a mile away, and the characters are all architypes, with only Nurse really fleshed out to any degree. There's the loud-mouth snivelling weapons dealer, the gorgeous but oh-so-deadly assassin, the criminal kingpin and his screw-up son who just wants to be like dad, the skilled bank robber who spends most of his time trying to get himself out of the trouble caused by his unreliable brother, and the tough-as-old-boots medical professional who just wants to help people when in actual fact, she's beyond help herself. The premise may be reasonably interesting, but, in his debut feature, writer/director Drew Pearce undermines it by populating the milieu with cardboard cut-outs instead of characters. True, most of the actors give it their all (Bautista in particular gives a performance far superior to the material with which he has to work), but there's just no substance here, no depth. There are simply too many clichés at every level to be able to overlook them.

Yes, it's an original(ish) idea made with a small(ish) budget, which is exactly what we need more of these days, when every second film is a CGI-infested remake, comic book adaptation, or sequel (or a CGI-infested remake of a sequel to a comic book adaptation). However, an original idea is all very well and good, but it can only take you so far; the execution has to be there as well, and this is where Hotel Artemis falls down. It's simply not an especially well-made film. Pearce does a reasonably good job with the directorial side of things, as aesthetically, the hotel is really intriguing, with a nice use of primary colours and a well-conceived juxtaposition of modern technology and 3D printers with retro décor and secret passages. In terms of plot, however, there's just nothing to latch onto or get your teeth into. None of the characters really do or say anything very interesting, and a half-hour into the film, as it became increasingly apparent that none of them were going to be developed to any great degree, I just stopped caring.
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Not as bad as people are making it sound
benc1-111 June 2018
If I were to say one thing to sum up this movie, it would be "wasted potential". This is not a bad movie, it's just not as good as it could've been. There are multiple points where they set up something that seems like it could be really cool, but never quite pay it off.

This movie has a really cool premise, it's got a nice grimy but sleek style to it, and filled with Interscope characters. Jodie Foster is incredible, and Dave Bautista steals the show when he's on screen, but again it never quite reaches the peak of what it could've done with these characters.

So while you don't need to rush out and see it, I'd still give it a chance because at the very least it is quite entertaining.
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This could have been really cool. It wasn't.
finchsam8 June 2018
I really liked the premise of this --10 years in the future, a nurse runs a covert hospital for criminals in downtown L.A., but what you get is some run-of-the-mill heist gone wrong, gotta find a way outta this tight spot narrative that goes exactly where you think it's gonna go. It's cool to look at, Jodie Foster and Jeff Goldblum are excellent despite their dull lines, and Bautista's character is actually a lot of fun. But, 'Hotel Artemis' is definitely not the "high-octane action-thriller" it's being marketed as. The coolest action scene comes at the tail-end of the movie, which makes you wonder why they didn't do that kinda stuff the whole time.
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You Can Check Out Anytime You Want...
Stars-and-popcorn8 June 2018
'Hotel Artemis' has its fair share of cinematic kerfluffles from story structure to pacing. However, it's a lot of fun. This is mostly because it has a cast that is given roles that they excel at. It's such an odd assortment of actors that came together to create a stylish film that seems familiar yet unique at the same time.

There are rules at the Hotel Artemis, a secret, high tech hospital for the underworld of Los Angeles. In order to remain a member of this elite criminal's emergency room, you have to respect the staff and the other patients, much in the same way that The Continental from 'John Wick' has rules. It's neutral ground where egos, grudges, and guns have to be checked at the door. The reason for these rules is because it houses an odd assortment of colorful characters from all walks of life. The only thing they all share in common is that they are the worst of the worst when it comes to dirty dealings in a city known for its outlaws.

Jodi Foster stars as the nurse that runs the Hotel Artemis. She's a washed-up drunk who has long since lost her medical license, but not her skills when it comes to saving the lives of those who probably shouldn't be saved. Foster's portrayal of Nurse is much richer than the character probably deserves in a sci-fi action film. Tormented by the death of her son, she hasn't set foot outside the hotel for decades due to crippling anxiety. Despite this she is a no-nonsense tough as nails caretaker who won't hesitate to call upon her orderly, Everest, played by David Bautista, to expel unruly guests from the premises. Her character is the very cornerstone of the film and what everything and everyone is built off of.

The rest of the cast features the likes of Sophia Boutella as a beautiful and deadly assassin, Sterling K. Brown as a devastatingly handsome bank robber, and Charlie Day as an obnoxiously entitled arms dealer. The three are at odds given that the hotel houses criminals and criminals can't be trusted, and to make matters worse a full-blown riot is taking place on the streets below. Luckily, there is honor among thieves for the most part. That doesn't last long though, because, well, what fun would that be?

'Hotel Artemis' is the feature directorial debut of Drew Pearce, who also wrote the film. While he's proven to be an exceptions writer in the past his directing isn't quite up to par with the concepts and characters he's put together. While the actors all do what they do best with the roles they're given, the pacing and cinematography feel flat, which undermines the urgency of the situation. There's such a focus on putting together the leads in the film, that the overall threat that they end up facing by the end of the film doesn't feel like it's truly worthy of them and ends with a disappointing third act.

Despite the cinematic issues 'Hotel Artemis' faces, it is fun watching events unfold. Brown is unbelievably charming as a suave and debonair bank robber trying to get out of the underworld once and for all. Most of his scenes are shared with Boutella who has exploded onto the scene since 'Kingsman: The Secret Service.' Since then she's become a name I look for on movie posters and while her films might not always be great, I'm never disappointed in her performances. Then there is Bautista who has become incredibly popular since joining the MCU and is an actor that takes his art very seriously. He's someone who remains humble and works hard for everything he has. While the role of Everest might not be as juicy as say, Sapper in 'Blade Runner 2049,' he manages to use his imposing physicality perfectly in Hotel Artemis.

As we like to say here, "not all great movies are good." That isn't to say that 'Hotel Artemis' is a great movie, because it definitely isn't. However, it's a fun movie. It's a film that is mindless entertainment with enough interesting concepts (from medical nanites to 3D printing organs) to keep audiences intrigued with what's unfolding. It's just unfortunate that it never seems to achieve what it's aiming for. At its core, it's a film with great characters and an interesting premises, so much so that it almost feels wasted. That being said, it still a movie that I quite enjoyed sitting through. There are certainly better films that came out this week, but I feel like Hotel Artemis really rounds out the choices at the cinema. It's not a movie for everyone, but for those who enjoy trashy movies with reliable and talented actors, it's definitely going to hit the spot.
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Ignore negative reviews, see it for yourself.
HypnoticPoison79 June 2018
This movie is definitely worth seeing. I am shocked at what critics are saying, and shocked at how little it's making at the box office.

This movie is more fun than other reviewers or critics are suggesting. It's very funny with some (finally) witty dialogue, good casting choices, and an original plot that manages a twist done well. Every character has a purpose and appropriate character development, which is really impressive.

This is the kind of movie I want to see more of at the box office and am willing to pay to see. I recommend others go see it opening weekend or anytime it's out to encourage further original films such as this to be made.
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Gets Buried In Its Own Premise
statuskuo8 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Oh boy does this movie start strong. And the premise is brilliant, but it can't sustain itself, and in the end it felt like an anemic crawl to the finish line.

The movie is of a hotel run by nurse who is haunted by her past, and drinks to alleviate emotional pain. Jodie Foster plays the unnamed nurse simply named The Nurse. The hotel is a cover for a patch-up place for high-level criminals. Imagine a hi-tech low-rent dump used for the recovery of the scummiest of the scums of the world. EXCEPT...they aren't really all that evil. Or haven't proven it (fail #1). Sterline Brown plays Waikiki, a lifer criminal who finds himself back at the hotel after a botched crime. There he reunites with a past flame Nice (like the French city) played by Sofia Boutella.

Without getting into too much of these plot, because there isn't really much there...the script really doesn't do much with their backstory either, the true hero here is Jodie Foster. With her babbling non-descript colloquialisms, we learn she is the true heart of the place. The owner is a big time scary crime boss who just so happens to have been injured one night (fail #2). Also, though it doesn't have many characters, I was a little shocked how much mystery even the closest of relationships become throwaway characters. You leaning forward to get some glimpse of warmth where none is delivered. It's aggravating and frustrating and will turn many people off.

Sadly, this story is CRUSHED by its style as well. The relationship of the hotel's security Everest (Dave Bautista) and her are the most touching. And this leaves you wanting more of their banter and closeness. But this movie wants to be tough and resists sentiment. Too bad. We saw this before in "John Wick" at their hotel. Whilst there's was closer to a true downtown Los Angeles sophisticate syndicate, the Hotel Artemis is fine being the run down Art Deco grim step-sister. To me...this movie really needed to be a mini-series. It seemed like borrowed sets with borrowed bits and pieces of previous (better) movies. And in the end, you're left with no reason that it needed to be made. In this does not live up to what it sets up. The stakes are set up as high but seem to be easily overcome. It's an odd movie. If Jeff Goldblum is why you go see this movie, prepare to be disappointed. His presence, is grim and confusing. And he enters too late to fix the problems of a substance-less flick. What a shame.
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Somehow This Movie Has Been Slept On!!!
jon-stokes21-539-178751 October 2018
Maybe it's just me but I've not heard any buzz surrounding this movie and with the actors involved I figured it was due to its lackluster entertainment value. Not only was I surprised, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and highly recommend it.
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No Rest for the Boring
cultfilmfreaksdotcom11 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Many have compared HOTEL ARTEMIS to JOHN WICK because of the hotel for criminals, which is just window-dressing here as this dingy palace actually serves as a hospital for injured, high-paying criminal club members, and the plot does sound intriguing but remains a benign foundation for a rushed action-caper just as the hotel itself harbors its crooked clientele...

The hardly Noir-ambiguous good-bad people may as well wear endearing, audience-friendly halos, especially Jodie Foster as a boozy do-gooder nurse along with a really cool and mellow black thief who discovers he stole far too much from the wrong people ala CHARLEY VARRICK, combined with a superhuman Kung Fu chick taking down lethal henchman ala KILL BILL, while a broader homage is a complete "out" for the suspense: the movie takes place in a familiar dystopic near-future resembling ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK where a riotous mob is tearing up the city because a corporation stole their water i.e. CHINATOWN: All this a contrived attempt to instill a sense of urgency outside since there's little to none inside... For example, the Nurse's various ER rooms (named after idyllic holiday spots), during what are supposed to be edgy and intense surgeries to mend the badly wounded, are replete with miraculous, robotic, push-button machines that Dr. McCoy from STAR TREK would envy: Leaving an extremely old and haggard-looking, cliché-neurotic, overacting Foster to seem useless and alone even during unexpected peril - although she's never actually in real danger thanks to...

Dave Bautista, obviously created to "steal scenes" as a tough but tender bodyguard named Everest (because he's big... like the mountain) while the bad-bad guys include smack-talking weapons-dealer Charlie Day (sounding like Joe Pesci imitating a knee-jerk's vision of Donald Trump) and Jeff Goldblum as a powerful crime lord needing emergency-emergency service but, whether these people live or die really doesn't matter all that much. The eventual twists, turns and revelations occur within a clunky, patched-together 92-minute run-time: seeming like glimpses of a season-long cable series that'd require time to grow beyond this dull, misguided, stagey mess that repeats itself over and over, again and again, and hardly even attempts to get off (or even on) the ground-floor.
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more Jodie, please
ferguson-68 June 2018
Greetings again from the darkness. The feature film directorial debut of Drew Pearce is original and clever, while teasing with hope for a bit more than it delivers. Mr. Pearce is best known for writing the screenplay for IRON MAN 3, and now as a first time director, he shows enough promise to leave us interested in what comes next.

The film is set in dystopian Los Angeles a mere 10 years in the future. The streets are flooded with desperate rioters after a mega-corporation shuts off the clean water supply. The company is the film's real villain, and the only one that The Nurse (Jodie Foster) can't treat. See, she runs Hotel Artemis, an underground hospital for top tier criminals - the element that can't just pop into the local community clinic for treatment on the latest bullet hole or knife wound. These patients follow a subscription plan and must stay current on their dues to gain admission.

The Nurse forgoes any attempt at personal vanity and is instead an agoraphobic, booze-chugging, (mostly) stick-to-the-rules type, who pops in anti-anxiety tapes and ear buds whenever her pulse quickens. She has run the place since it opened 22 years prior and is assisted by a mountain of man named Everest (get it?) played well by Dave Bautista. He's a combination bodyguard, bouncer, handyman and assistant healthcare professional (check his badge).

The set design by Ramsey Avery deserves special mention as the Hotel Artemis is quietly housed in the shell of a former grand art deco hotel, now a victim to the city's carnage - though the neon sign remains illuminated. Its vacation spot-themed rooms are a sight to behold, despite the frustratingly low lighting. Occupants are incognito and use their room names as identifiers. Sterling K Brown is Waikiki, a philosophical bank robber who dragged his brother Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry) here for treatment after a heist went wrong. Acapulco (the always energetic Charlie Day) is a crass, motor-mouthed arms dealer, while Nice (Sofia Boutella, THE MUMMY) is a freakishly skilled assassin.

The stress level picks up when the biggest crime lord of Los Angeles shows up seriously wounded. Known as The Wolf King, an admittedly bad choice for a nickname, Jeff Goldblum brings some smooth-talking toughness, humor and twisted class to the proceedings. More than a few tentacles are attached to The Wolf King and other folks we've previously met, not the least of which is a very special ink pen stolen by Honolulu. Mix in an injured cop (Jenny Slate) with a personal link to The Nurse and her constantly alluded to tragic backstory, and the movie puts off a Graphic novel vibe ... missing only the off-the-cuff insanity. It's just a bit too grounded for its own good.

The high tech/low rent feel forces us to recall BLADE RUNNER AND ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, but of course, this film isn't at the level of either, as it lacks top tier suspense. It is a terrific reminder of what a talented actress two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster is, and what a shame that we haven't seen her in such a substantial screen role since 2013's ELYSIUM. She really sinks her teeth into this odd character, and more than the action scenes, she keeps us interested the entire run time. The score is a bit too heavy on the droning electronic bass line, and while the Florida joke and nod to John Phillips (The Wolf King, "California Dreamin'") earns some bonus points, it's really the performance of Ms. Foster and the set design that saves a too-safe script.
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I really enjoyed it... better than most of the garbage coming out lately
TheTopDawgCritic27 September 2018
Shocked at the low score and haters for this really entertaining film. Writer and making his major film directorial debut Drew Pearce, did an outstanding job on both fronts. The all star cast where excellent, funny and entertaining. The cinematography was perfect and the sets where on point. The story was done really well considering it was primarily based inside one floor of a building. Much better than I expected. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Admire The Attempt, But Doesn't Get It Right
rightkeith12 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I went in knowing nothing and having heard nothing about Hotel Artemis. You can't always put into words why something doesn't work, but you can just tell when it doesn't. A few questions I had after finishing this movie--

Did the director want me to attach emotionally with Nurse because of a few 15-second flashbacks? Was her quirkiness supposed to be endearing? It didn't feel authentic at all.

Did every line of dialogue have to pass a catch-phrase test so that it could be repeated later on in the movie?

Was i supposed to pity Acapulco because he let his own life dreams go by while he attempted to drag his brother along.... in a life of crime? And why didn't the guy they stole the diamonds from just tell them they belonged to the Wolf?

What was the point of Nice drawing a line in the hallway? She started kicking there asses before they crossed the line anyway!

Why was the news coverage able to predict the movement of the riots so precisely? That must've been the most organized city-engulfing riot in history.

If the Wolf was so vicious, why didn't he just hold hostage some real doctors at a hospital instead of risking his life to drive an hour?

Why would anyone think Hotel Artemis was a myth? There was huge freaking neon sign visible for miles around that they kept panning across in long distance city shots.
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A Snoozefest
themovieparadise21 June 2018
What happens when you take a cool, John Wick-inspired story and add a really great cast? Well, you should get a really awesome movie. Emphasis on "should". Ever since I saw the first trailer for Hotel Artemis, I've been really looking forward to it. It has a stacked cast, including Sterling K. Brown, Jodie Foster, Dave Bautista, Sofia Boutella, Charlie Day, and Jeff Goldblum. They are all really good actors, and to have them all together sounded great. The film focuses on a hotel for criminals, run by Foster's character. The plot does sound heavily influenced by John Wick, but never for a second did I think it was actually ripping off John Wick; I thought it would be inspired by it, and that writer/director Drew Pearce could offer up a really cool film. Well, I was wrong. I was dead wrong. Hotel Artemis is a snooze-fest. The performances range from merely fine to cringe-worthy. The action (when there is any) is basic and typical. The story is not compelling, and neither are the characters. Hotel Artemis, while the technical side of things are well done, just doesn't have anything interesting about it, and it's a movie you will instantly forget about as soon as you leave the theater...
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LOVED this movie!!!
Her-Excellency29 September 2018
From the soundtrack, to every moment of each actor on-screen, LOVED it.

Seriously, there was not one actor that was off. I fell in love with Dave Bautista's character (and it was great to see him out of GOTG makeup). I knew he was pretty good in other things, but this role just fit him so well. Jodie Foster was fantastic. So much so, in fact, that I wondered whether she actually moves like she did in the film, in real life. Sofia Boutella is just gorgeous, and I really liked that her action scenes were fantastically choreographed, without being over the top (say, as the scenes with Theron in Atomic Blonde which were just a little much). Sterling K. Brown brought a depth of character I had not seen before from him, and Jeff Goldblum ... well, is there really any role he's played where he's not a favorite?

As for the premise? Why NOT? In most 'futuristic' movies one must stretch to suspend belief in order to be carried into it. This one was really not that far off, so it was easy to believe from the get-go.

I think, based just upon one watch, that it has gained a place among my top ten movies of all time, and the fact that it only scored a 6.2 on IMDB BAFFLES me.
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Wanted to be Wick
ThatMonkey9 June 2018
I don't think I have seen a bigger waste of talent in a motion picture, EVER. There are strong actors in this film, but the writing and directing are so weak it's wasted. Zack and Jeff had an amazing opportunity, but their talent and story was completely wasted. Jenny and Charlie really did nothing to drive the story forward and could have been removed all together. The story really rests on Sterling shoulders, but he has no support and his character is poorly written. Jodi isn't believable in her role, wasting again, another talent. Dave is good, but again, he needed more support from Jodi, which he didn't get. I gave this title 5 out of 10, but that is generous. The set design was also poor, most like a result of a low budget. I felt like I was watching a play. Nothing about what I saw felt like a hotel. In John Wick, I felt like I was checking in with John and that I was in a real hotel, this movie comes off more like a direct to video feature.

You have been warned, this movie is a waste of your time, money and effort.
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jack-541308 June 2018
The premise to this film sounded like a lot of fun.. take the criminal hotel from John Wick and set it in the near future with a quirky Jodie Foster in charge.

Unfortunately what follows is a mess of a film that tries it's hardest to be a Quentin Tarantino-esque character piece but completely devoid of the interesting characters or snappy dialogue that makes the QT films work so well.

It's a shame really as the cast is really good but they never rise about the mundane script which just drags. Sequences happen for little or no reason, character interactions seems oddly improvised and boring instead of fun. There's also a number of plot holes and character inconsistencies which just make everything seem like a total mess.

I was literally counting the ceiling titles when Jeff Goldblum showed up.. I was hoping he would bring some of his magic to the film but unfortunately his contribution is more or less a brief cameo.

Ultimately I found this film to commit the worst of all movie sins -- it's boring. There's really nothing here that's compelling as it fails on almost every front. The premise (while a bit derivative) had a lot of potential but you need a good foundation to make it work. Unfortunately the script here is so bad it makes the film almost unwatchable.

I rarely give movies such a low rating but had I not been with a group I probably would have walked out. I should never be this bored at a cinema.
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Stylish but just mediocre.
Flashy looking with interesting characters that we really don't get enough time to care about. It's perfectly mediocre movie with a forgettable story. And unfortunately the action scenes aren't shot or choreographed well enough to carry the rest of the movie.

Maybe watch it when it comes to TV or streaming if you're interested but it's not worth the price of a cinema ticket.
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Tongue in cheek acting choice killed a good idea
tripantuexplore13 June 2018
Tongue in cheek acting choice killed a good idea. See how "The Expanse" or "Banshee" took themselves so seriously that made most scenes a thrilling experience. Instead we got not too funny jokes, not too harsh violence or technically arresting fights, not too hot sex, not a deep wisdom of any kind; but a mediocre experience of all of them. What a waste of cast.
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Disappointing ...sorry :(
agnieszkaszypula24 July 2018
Such a good cast and the movie so average - nothing else to add to be honest. Shame....I was looking forward to watch it but unfortunately left cinema disappointed ehhh
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Solid enough scifi movie with cookie-cutter characters and plot
thekarmicnomad19 October 2018
In a dark version of the future the streets are violent and the police corrupt. The hotel Artemis is a haven where wealthy people of a dubious nature can get themselves patched up.

The idea sounds great and the star of the show should be the hotel. I expected the hotel to be some kind of interesting ecosystem where the privileged and the scum of the underworld are forced to rub shoulders.

This happens to a small extent but the film concentrates more on the characters, which would be OK if the characters weren't so lame.

After twenty seconds of dialogue you know exactly what each character is about and you can predict if, when and how each one will die. **What you mean the sexy fem fatal isn't a helpless bimbo but is in fact a one woman army in stilettos! Well blow me down!**

Jodie Foster is (predictably) awesome and has the only character of any merit. Everyone else talks poo for a while, killing time until the inevitable fight at the end.

This is not a bad movie, it just sounded like it would be something different but is actually a hash of a cheesy, generic 80/90's Sci-fi flick that could easily have stared Van Damme.

The production is pretty good and there is some fun to be had here it is is just painfully predictable and feels tired.
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A shocking disappointment!
danhalloran398 June 2018
We are Jodie Foster fans, and we were looking forward to this addition to her filmography. Sad to say, it was one of the worst films (in our opinion) we have seen. The writing did not hold together well; the characters were inconsistent and poorly developed, the casting did not work, and the acting was disappointing. It was a shock, as we do not expect to see this caliber of performance in a movie featuring Ms. Foster. The concept of the movie had good potential, and could have been quite a movie. A shame.
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Checking into the hotel
jwwalrath-227-854878 June 2018
This was fun.

I really liked the setup of this. Hotel Artemis takes place in the near future where corporations run the show in a secret underworld hospital with a minimal staff during a riot. It's an interesting setup, with dangers both in and outside the hotel/hospital.

The best part of the film is how it is visually realized: the semi-futuristic technology, riot-torn LA and the run-down but extravagant Hotel Artemis look great.

The excellent cast, including Dave Bautista, Jodie Foster, and Sterling K. Brown, all really elevate the material.

The plot and action move along smoothly, but there are no big surprises. The setup is more inventive than the execution. It's a Quentin Tarantion-esque many players-on-the-field-type criminal thriller. However, unlike Tarantino films there are no big surprises in this. Still, a fun ride, though.
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A solid flick.
brennandube11 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
'Hotel Artemis' is the third film ever to be distributed by Global Road Entertainment, it also happens to be Drew Pearce's directorial debut for a feature length film. It stars the likes of Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day and Dave Bautista. Going into this movie I had no idea really what it was about other than the few tweets I saw on Friday when it opened. I had not seen a trailer nor did I read into this film, but I went into it pretty excited nonetheless. 'Hotel Artemis' is set in 2028 Los Angeles during one of the worst riots in U.S history. It centers around Jodie Foster's character who runs a hotel that is meant to patch up and take care of the most elite criminals. From here we have a movie that offers some quality suspense, good performances all around and a decent plot.

'Artemis' as I previously stated has quite the well-rounded cast. Jodie Foster in this movie is quite good, Sterling K. Brown is also really good in this movie, he plays one of the criminals there to get service from Foster. Sofia Boutella plays probably this movie most exciting character and she really played her role well. At times these performances, especially the ones from the criminals, came off as comical or cartoony. I think after processing this film that Pearce and the other filmmakers who worked on this were actually going for that. Dave Bautista is pretty cool in this movie. He plays the hotels security and works alongside Foster. His and Foster's character have quite good chemistry and it was the most believable of the movie for sure. Foster did a really good job at setting the tone of this hotel and what it's all about. I had a hard time being invested in these characters because of the lack of overall development. The characters are for the most part interesting but without any developed arcs, as well as the subplots that just felt useless, I really did not care much for these characters. Jeff Goldblum is pretty awesome in this movie and his talents were put on display once again...(SPOILERS AHEAD, you have been warned, skip to next paragraph)...for about 2 minutes! Yea! They killed off this movie's most intriguing character after maybe three or four minutes tops screen time. It felt like Goldblum was in town and they put out an alert saying we need someone to come by the studio for half an hour! His character felt so wasted in this and that was a disappointment. (SPOILERS DONE)

Pretty much the entirety of this movie is spent in this hotel so it is important that they set a good vibe in there, and thanks to how Foster portrayed the hotel as well as the set design, I was rather pleased and drawn into the world of 'Hotel Artemis.' It was a neat estranged setting and it was quite entertaining to be a part of. The intensity in this movie is build up pretty well but without a sense of payoff. The final parts of this film were somewhat rushed in my opinion and it hurt this movie in terms of emotion and intensity, however, this was still a lot of fun to watch. The main fight sequence was really fun in this movie and it was choreographed very well but because of no connection being developed with the characters in this movie for me, it's essentially just mindless fun. Overall, I was much more interested in this World and hotel not the actual characters and subplots.
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what did I just watch?
elenaphysics26 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is going to contain spoilers. So don't read it if you plan to watch it. This movie is STUPID. So many actors together and they produced a total garbage. First of all, it has no plot. Criminals enter a hospital-hotel named Artemis which is for members only. And the only person in that hospital-hotel is an old lady (Jodie Foster) . No one else, no other staff. Just a nurse who can't even go outside that door. OK I forgot about the guy from the guardians of the galaxy A man comes with his brother who is shot. At the end his brother dies and he does not even feel bad about it. He feels free.Accidentally his brother stole a pen containing diamonds and when a gangster comes to the hotel because he is shot, he things that the gangster comes for him because of the diamonds but no one even cares about the diamonds. There is also a psychotic sadistic killer played by sofia boutela. I mean enough with her, how does she even get roles? She has no idea about acting plus she plays always the role of psycho femme fatale ( the mummy included). Anyway , the gangster knows the old lady a long way, he was the one who made her a hotel-hospital manager after he found her grieving for the loss of her son. Afterwards he confesses that he actually killed her son. And that he needed her to be in the hotel artemis because she did not have anything left in her life. WHY??? He is a billionaire gangster. He could hire tons of nurses for his hotel. Why just an old lady? Anyway after the gangster confesses, jodie foster does not have the chance to kill him because a patient is dying and she leaves. Then the sadistic psycho boutella goes inside and kills him. That's right , not even safety doors. Nothing. After that, the gangster's gang become suspicious and they want to enter. Then the guardian of the galaxy who is calm all the time, enters beast mode and slaughters people with an axe. And he chooses to stay along with psycho boutella , and they are in danger of getting killed WITHOUT ANY REASON. Jodie foster and the black man who lost his brother leave the hotel very easily and they are out , whilst the other two who chose to stay fight for their lives. It was a stupid stupid movie. So sad to lose my time watching this.
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Kinda pointless
BasicLogic27 September 2018
Didn't quite get it, a half-baked potato? Sci-Fi? Two versions of Blade Runner? A hotel chain of John Wick's used to go? L.A. riot for water usage? This hotel is such a ridiculous facility, fixing up the criminals only with futuristic medical devices, every room numbered with some tourist-trap name, the lock mechanism is so complicated, the entry/entrance with reinforced steel gate, yet next to the gate is drywall, WTF? Then the elevator is on its last leg, an antique. A bag of new and old crap putting together to give you a fuzzy idea of a mixed genre. There's only one nurse to fix all the out patient walk-ins. I have to ask the movie maker: "What are you trying to show and tell us? What's the point of making this crap?" The storyline felt like a very weak patch-up pointless nonsense.
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joaosantos209 November 2018
I have no idea what is the point of this movie. Sorry foe not being more helpfull but its true. Looks and sounds good, the story is stupid and irrelevant, the acting is mediocre despite the good actors, bad directing for sure. What a waste of time, mine and all the people involved.
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