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Season 2

16 Oct. 2017
The Newlywed Murder
When Long Island newlywed Lisa Solomon disappears on Christmas Eve, family and friends search for her relentlessly. Did she leave her husband of two months in the middle of the night? Or is there something more sinister at play?
23 Oct. 2017
The Libertyville Horror
Libertyville, Illinois is the kind of place where families go to live out the American Dream. When one of the town's wealthiest couples is gunned down in their bed, the community is shocked. Was it a robbery - or was this family harboring dark secrets?
30 Oct. 2017
Friday the 13th
In Wylie, Texas, young teacher Betty Gore is hacked to death on Friday the 13th, causing investigators to wonder whether a copycat killer is trying to create his own real-life "slasher" film.
6 Nov. 2017
The Copycat Killer
Nineteen year old actress Rebecca Shaeffer is stalked and then murdered by an obsessed fan.
13 Nov. 2017
Phantom Kller of the Opera
When 31-year-old violinist Helen Mintiks goes missing during a performance at the Metropolitan opera house, all of New York is terrified. Then her naked corpse is discovered in an Airshaft at the Met. Could there be a real life Phantom of the Opera?
19 Nov. 2017
The Dixieland Murders
In Biloxi, Miss., Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife, Margaret, a city councilwoman, are shot to death in their home; the murdered couple's oldest daughter sets out on a 10-year quest to find her parents' killer.
27 Nov. 2017
The Death of Disco
When 24-year-old Diane Delia is found dead in the Hudson River, detectives are surprised to realize she was once a man. An investigation leads them to New York's disco and gay club scenes - and a dramatic love triangle that could expose the killer.
4 Dec. 2017
The Cotton Club Murder
The Cotton Club Murders: The story of Roy Radin and Lanie Jacobs.
11 Dec. 2017
The Milk Carton Murder
When 13-year-old Sarah Rairdon vanishes from an isolated road in tiny Underwood, Minnesota, the whole town launches an exhaustive search for her. The discovery of her body - reveals a tragic secret.
18 Dec. 2017
The Krishna Killers
Hare Krishnas follow a religion based on divine love. But the mysterious disappearance of a charismatic devotee exposes a disturbing dark side. When another member is shot dead, police uncover a twisted web of murder and betrayal.

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