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14 Nov. 2016
The Yuppie Murder
A young couple, The Stuarts, are robbed and shot in Boston. Carol and her unborn child are killed. Charles survives to describe their black assailant, inflaming racial tensions, until a surprise witness comes forward with a story that blows open the case.
21 Nov. 2016
The Preppy Murder
Beautiful teenager Jennifer Levin is found strangled to death in Central Park. A prep school heartthrob, Robert Chambers, is arrested for the crime. The press seizes on his provocative claim that Jennifer's death happened accidently during "rough sex."
28 Nov. 2016
The Cheerleader Murder
15-year-old cheerleader Kirsten Costas is stabbed to death in a California suburb, and a teenage girl is seen fleeing the scene. However, as months pass without an arrest, the police are stumped.
5 Dec. 2016
The Heartland Massacre
In the heart of America's devastating Farm Crisis, the largest mass murder in recent Missouri history stuns a small town. An entire family is wiped out. The unlikely suspect is a 14-year-old boy... but the real extent of the horror is even more shocking.
12 Dec. 2016
The Black Monday Murder
Stockbroker Joe Pikul and his wife Diane are living the New York high life. When Diane discovers Joe's been leading a double life, a bitter conflict ensues. And within days of the stock market crash of Black Monday, their marriage comes to a violent end.
19 Dec. 2016
The Real Fatal Attraction
Single mother of three Linda Culbertson lands a dream job as a legal secretary in a Kansas City law firm. She falls hard for her married boss, Donald Pierce. Their twisted passions draw bystanders into a shocking and vicious crime.

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