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Sex & Nudity

  • There is very little fanservice in this anime, though periodically there is awkward, implied nudity and some mild sexual tension that takes place in characters over-dramatic conversations.
  • Season 1 Ep. 1 A man is seen naked from behind, and from the front, though strategically placed objects obscure his groin from view. This takes place in front of a highschool aged girl, who is visibly uncomfortable. This is a prolonged encounter as the man proceeds to fight a battle while naked.
  • Ep. 4 A man takes a bath, he is seen naked briefly, though with strategically placed objects to obscure the groin. Later he flashes a girl to show that he is wearing a loin cloth, played out for commedy.
  • Ep. 3: A man squeezes a girls breast to make her release him in a fight
  • Ep.4 A man is confused and fascinated by a female mannequin in underwear A young girl is embarrassed as she tries to purchase a loin cloth
  • Ep. 5 A boy attempts to take a picture up a girl's skirt, nothing is seen
  • Ep.7 A teacher wears a revealing swimsuit, attention is drawn to her ample cleavage High School girls wear revealing bathing suits during swim class and this angers a samurai who is also wearing nothing but a loincloth
  • Ep. 8 A girl dresses in a school uniform, underwear is briefly seen from behind
  • Ep. 12 A girl's underwear is briefly seen while being given a strange massage by another girl, not sexual in nature. Several images are shown of a girl in a revealing cosplay outfit, boys save the images with ominous intentions
  • Ep. 13 Implied nudity of a woman is seen on the cover of what is clearly a pornographic magazine
  • Season 2:
  • Ep.16 2 Characters dress in revealing outfits for cosplay reasons, one comments that one of them has large breasts
  • A character is ribbed that he edits pornographic movies from his collection
  • Ep.18 Several women and a man are seen naked in separate spas or holding towels, only cleavage is visible
  • Ep.20 A girl's midrif is seen when she wears rags of sort to cover herself as improvised clothing. She eventually replaces them with proper clothing that is a skin tight jumpsuit.
  • At some point a man comments that he will dance naked for a video and several girls become excited at the prospect.

Violence & Gore

  • In general, this series has a surprisingly small amount of actual combat, but in general:
  • Giant robots battle in dramatic environments
  • Robots from space crash into Earth in a dramatic Raid
  • Robots expel red fluid similar to blood when damaged
  • Mild hand to hand combat takes place frequently
  • A man battles giant robots with nothing but a sword, cutting off limbs and impaling them
  • A man is fitted with an electric shock collar that is comedically triggered to paralyze him at various times
  • Some more detailed scenes include:
  • Ep. 7 A mother slaps her daughter in an argument, it is an emotional scene
  • Ep 8 A father punches his son in front of a teacher in a shocking display of verbal and physical abuse, though there are no repercussions for the act, and it is tacitly treated as accepted behaviour
  • Ep 10 A man is kicked by a robot, and begins to bleed where he lands
  • A man breaks his own hand to escape being a captive
  • A man's neck is broken by another man's bare hands
  • Ep. 11 A man is impaled by a sword, blood drips down the blade
  • A man is shot repeatedly by a machine gun
  • Bodies are seen in pools of blood
  • Two Samurai battle with swords, one is impaled before falling and making a bloody impact
  • Ep13. A man is impaled by a sword, a small amount of blood is shown
  • Season 2:
  • The action picks up in season 2, but is overall less graphic than the first season. A handful of people are stabbed and slashed with knives and swords.
  • Ep. 14-15. A man coughs up blood and bleeds from wounds, getting blood on his hands and on others.
  • Ep 26. A character is impaled on a sword and a prolonged discussion takes place with him while the sword is sticking out of him, some blood is seen.


  • Mild profanity is found in a handful of episodes while others have none at all. Most of the profanity comes from a single character, who is noted as being vulgar by other characters.
  • Subtitles: Profanity includes: H*ll, Piss, B*tches, dumb a*ss, Sh*tholes, B*st*rd, A*s, D*mn, crap, Jesus and God are used as cuss words on one occasion
  • Women are called "wench" on a couple of occasions as a derogatory term Ep. 2 A man comments that he will split someone's head open and take a dump in it Ep.7 A man calls a girl a pig to be eaten and tells her to get eaten and die.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Near the end of season 2 a man is noted to be unable to smoke anymore, and he feels positive about it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Frightening Scenes:
  • A painting is seen more than once depicting giant, horned, ogres destroying a village that is on fire
  • Ep 2. & Ep4. There is a brief flashback of a blurry battlefield littered with bodies, some blood
  • Ep. 10 A Man remembers a battlefield shown with bodies and mild amounts of blood
  • An enemy is often reflected on with armour that is intended to be scary looking, it may disturb young viewers
  • Season 2:
  • Aliens invade a complex and named characters are subjected to some kind of mind control that makes them behave like zombies. This may be intense for younger viewers.
  • A girl is kidnapped in a rather emotional scene
  • Some younger viewers may find the cactus robots with their glowing eyes and pointy exteriors to be scary.

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