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When 99% of the world has been taken over - and an alternate version of Sonic has been summoned by Dr. Eggman, Sonic and friends create a resistance to fight back his evil forces.


Morio Kishimoto


Makoto Goya (script), Makoto Goya (story) | 4 more credits »

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Sonic Mania (Video Game 2017)
Animation | Action | Adventure
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.7/10 X  

Following the events of Sonic & Knuckles (1994), Sonic and Tails receive a energy reading from Angel Island and board their biplane to investigate. However, Doctor Eggman sends an elite group of EggRobos to reach the signal before Sonic and Tails.

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Sonic Unleashed (Video Game 2008)
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Director: Yoshihisa Hashimoto
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Sonic Colors (Video Game 2010)
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Sonic the Hedgehog must journey through an Interstellar Theme Park created by Dr. Eggman in order to rescue a race of aliens known as the Wisps.

Directors: Takashi Iizuka, Morio Kishimoto
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Sonic Heroes (Video Game 2003)
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4 Separate Teams set off on an Adventure with different goals but the same Target; Dr. Eggman. Along the way, they slowly begin to realize that things aren't exactly what they seem.

Directors: Takashi Iizuka, Lani Minella
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Sonic: Lost World (Video Game 2013)
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After crash landing on a mysterious fragmented planet in the sky, Sonic is forced to team up with his long time rival Eggman to stop six deranged Zeti from sucking the life from Sonic's world to fuel their power.

Director: Morio Kishimoto
Stars: Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins, Mike Pollock
Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Game 2006)
Action | Adventure | Family
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Sonic must come to the aid of Princess Elise, who possesses a dark power coveted by Dr. Eggman.

Director: Shun Nakamura
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Sonic Adventure (Video Game 1998)
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Sonic and Tails must collect the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman can use them to power an angry water creature known as Chaos. Meanwhile Knuckles attempts to repair the shattered Master Emerald and Amy must evade capture from an Eggman robot

Directors: Takashi Iizuka, Manabu Kusunoki, and 1 more credit »
Stars: Jun'ichi Kanemaru, Kazuki Hayashi, Nobutoshi Canna
Shadow the Hedgehog (Video Game 2005)
Action | Adventure | Family
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.5/10 X  

Suffering from Amnesia, Shadow the hedgehog goes to extreme measures to discover the truth about his cloudy past and find out who - or what - he really is, all the while caught up in a three sided war between the GUN army, Dr. Eggman, and a strange race of alien invaders.

Director: Takashi Iizuka
Stars: Jason Griffith, Sean Schemmel, Amy Palant
Sonic CD (Video Game 1993)
Action | Adventure | Family
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.1/10 X  

Sonic must save the past, present, and future of Little Planet, as well as rescue Amy Rose from his evil double, Metal Sonic.

Director: Naoto Ohshima
Stars: Lynn Harris, Tomoko Sasaki
Sonic Mania Plus (Video Game 2018)
Action | Adventure | Family
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8/10 X  

Sonic Mania Plus is the definitive version of Sonic Mania (2017) which adds new characters Mighty and Ray, a 4-player competition mode, a new bonus stage and a new mode; Encore Mode.

Stars: Lynn Harris


Credited cast:
Roger Craig Smith ... Sonic the Hedgehog / Wisp Announcer (voice)
Mike Pollock ... Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik (voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey ... Miles 'Tails' Prower / Charmy Bee (voice)
Travis Willingham ... Knuckles the Echidna / Zavok (voice)
Cindy Robinson ... Amy Rose (voice)
Kirk Thornton ... Shadow the Hedgehog / Orbot (voice)
Wally Wingert ... Cubot (voice)
Keith Silverstein ... Vector the Crocodile (voice)
Karen Strassman ... Rouge the Bat (voice)
Vic Mignogna ... E-123 Omega (voice)
Liam O'Brien ... Infinite (voice)
Quinton Flynn ... Silver the Hedgehog (voice)
Matthew Mercer ... Espio the Chameleon (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nobutoshi Canna ... Knuckles the Echidna (voice)
Ryô Hirohashi Ryô Hirohashi ... Miles 'Tails' Prower (voice)


Sonic the Hedgehog has been defeated by a powerful mysterious being known as Infinite, who has been altered and corrupted by Dr. Eggman using a mysterious gem, known as the Phantom Ruby. After his defeat, Sonic disappears, leaving Eggman free to conquer 99% of the world with a massive robotic army and his new allies, who are lead by Infinite. During his takeover, Knuckles the Echidna forms a resistance group to rebel against Eggman's rule. The resistance must find Sonic, defeat Eggman's army and liberate the world from his clutches, before Eggman's plan completes in 3 days, which will exterminate all of the members of the resistance forever. Written by Gravemind

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Join the Resistance


E10+ | See all certifications »

Parents Guide:

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Japan | USA



Release Date:

7 November 2017 (USA) See more »

Also Known As:

Sonic Forces See more »

Company Credits

Production Co:

Sonic Team See more »
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Technical Specs

Sound Mix:

Dolby Digital | Dolby Atmos


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Did You Know?


DLC for the game included a Sanic shirt, the famous internet meme, and a pack for Super Sonic. Originally you could only get Super Sonic for free in the month it was released in, but you would have to pay $2 (US) afterwards if you didn't get it. This was dropped after receiving massive backlash from the community, now making the Pack free permanently. See more »


In the English version, Knuckles says, "Tails has just lost it". This is actually a mistranslation of the original Japanese line, "Tails is lost". See more »


Infinite: More ants to crush. I wonder if this world can offer me a real challenge.
[the Avatar walks by, only to notice Infinite, causing them to freeze in fear as Infinite takes notice of them]
Infinite: And as if to answer, the world sends me a trembling child.
[the Avatar starts to back away in fear, only for Infinite to warp up next to the Avatar, shocking the latter and paralyze them in abject terror]
Infinite: Are you going to fight and die here? Or, run away in fear again?
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Follows Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) See more »


Raps by Tyler Smyth
Vocals and Lyrics by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane
Composed and Arranged by Tomoya Ohtani
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User Reviews

A promising entry that left me feeling very empty and sad.
31 July 2019 | by OlicosmicSee all my reviews

I remember being happy and stoked seeing the trailer for this game, as it really looked like Sonic Team has finally relearned their ways in terms of making an actually good 3D Sonic game. This was something that I've been hoping for for a while, especially after the less than stellar Sonic games before this one. Need I remind you of Sonic Boom? Generations has proven that modern Sonic can, indeed, work damn near flawlessly in 3D, as that still may be the best 3D Sonic game ever made, with its excellent levels, visuals, and gameplay. So, it wasn't crazy to expect Sonic Team to make a comeback that has, at least, most of what made Colors and especially Generations so phenomenal. Unfortunately, that just flat out isn't the case, here. This isn't the worst Sonic game I've played. Far from it. But, it is, by far, the most disappointing one I've ever played, especially how promising it looked. It's as stripped down a 3D Sonic game can be, with the most basic structure and forgettable aspects you can think of. The levels are some of the most smallest and most boring I've ever played in any Sonic game, as aside from their aesthetics, there's literally nothing special about a single one, whatsoever, and that goes for ALL of them. They last, at most, a minute, and the most annoying thing is the fact they end the very millisecond they start to get good, so, for the most part, the levels just made me feel empty. The gameplay is fine enough, I suppose, but what isn't is the constant hand holding this game has. It really seems like over 40% of this game is on autopilot, which means that the game sometimes plays itself while you press a button or 2 every so often. What's even more shocking is the fact that the whole "team blast" or whatever it's called has no consequence. It tells you to keep mashing a button to do an ultra charge attack, which is fine, but you don't even have to do that. They just skip a little for a bit and do it anyway. What's even the point? The gameplay for classic Sonic is just abysmal, however. Instead of using the classic Sonic gameplay from Generations (which worked fine), this game, instead, makes an all new physics engine for the classic blue blur, and it's awful. He has awful momentum, jittery controls, and just inconsistent speeds. You can't even go down an incline and build up speed anymore. You can go as far down as you want, but classic Sonic will flat out not be able to reach any ledge after. Classic Sonic is just ruined here, which hurts all the more when you know they could've just used the same one from Generations,band everything would've been fine, but instead, we got some of the most tedious classic Sonic gameplay ever made. The wispons are unbalanced as all hell, as you'll either get one that's useless or one that literally kills all enemies in a flash. The lack of polish in these mechanics is extremely baffling, and how these were given the "okay" in these states is beyond me. Even the story isn't good. I understand that stories in Sonic games don't usually matter, but with the amount of things that fall flat, having a bad story just hurts that much more. With plot holes everywhere, cringe-inducing dialogue, a forgettable villain that has little to no backstory (who's also kind of an idiot, because he just lets Sonic and the rookie live, who is obviously trying to stop him), and poor structure, this games story just might take the cake for being one of the cheesiest in any Sonic game ever, and not really in a good way. One example is the fact that Sonic is imprisoned and tortured for 6 months in the beginning of the game, but the next scene after that, Sonic is as perfect as can be, with no signs of torturing whatsoever. He even makes the same quips he's always been making. To me, that's just lazy writing. Anyways, while it may seem that I've been doing nothing but bashing this game to bits, I didn't hate it. It's not an abysmal game whatsoever, as it does have some pretty great things going for it. The visuals are colorful, crisp, detailed, and full of charm, the boss battles are actually pretty fun here, the music is pretty good overall (I wouldn't say as good as previous games, but still decent), the voice acting is certainly passable, and to give credit where credit is due, there are a handful of secondary modes that do an okay job at adding replay value. Of course, the best thing about this game is the character creator. The fact that you can make your own character and play as them is phenomenal and really adds to the experience. To me, this game would've just been terrible without it, because even though this game is severely lacking in many areas, being able to play as my own custom character does help ease the pain a bit, making this game a more personalized experience. The creation of your character is very robust, as you're able to pretty much create literally any Sonic like character of your dreams. It's a great feature that I hope to see return in future Sonic games. Even with all of that, though, I can't say that this is a good game, as it is simply missing so damn much of what made the amazing 3D Sonic games so great to begin with, making this, in my opinion, the worst Sonic Boost game yet. Some may say that "Unleashed" deserves that title, but at least that game had phenomenal levels and excellent music. Here, however, every level just isn't even close to being memorable, and the music, while I said it was pretty good, and I still stand by that, isn't as good as previous games. This game raised my hopes up, but just did not deliver what I wanted whatsoever. I wanted this to be the comeback that the blue blur has been needing for years, but instead, it's just another bad Sonic game. If you love the Boost games, and if you only have a current gen console, then you may enjoy this, but for me, there's no reason to check this out over Generations or Colors whatsoever. Sure, the ability of making and playing as your own character is great, but losing pretty much everything that made the aforementioned games so great for that just isn't worth it whatsoever. At least to me. Overall, this game had a lot of promise, but it left me feeling very empty and sad, and because of that, I simply can't see myself playing this disappointment ever again. It's best to save 10$ and just get Sonic Mania Plus instead. It's classic Sonic, sure, but it's still way better than this game will ever be.

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