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Alcatraz's Hidden Secrets

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Season 1

5 Jul. 2016
Mayan City of Blood
Deep in the jungles of Mexico, the lost city of Chichen Itza contains ancient secrets of a mysterious civilization. Follow the scientists working to find how the Chichen Itza was built and how the bloody rite of human sacrifice shaped the city.
12 Jul. 2016
Dark Secrets of the Pyramid
This film unlocks the secrets of one of the most sophisticated and mysterious civilizations the world has ever known. It discovers how the Ancient Egyptians built the greatest monument of all time - the Great Pyramid.
19 Jul. 2016
Summit of the Gods
Go inside the Acropolis, an ancient engineering marvel that has stood above the city of Athens for thousands of years. Follow the scientists working to reveal its hidden mysteries: how it was built, what it looked like, and why it's still standing today.
26 Jul. 2016
Ghosts of the Great Wall
The Great Wall of China is the biggest man-made structure on the planet -- and one of its biggest mysteries. Follow the scientific mission to reveal the ancient secrets of one of history's greatest empires.
10 Aug. 2016
House of Holy Relics
A medieval engineering marvel might be the home to the remains of the Bible's Three Magi, and we follow the scientists and experts who are delving deep into the mysteries of this incredible religious site.
9 Aug. 2016
Secrets of the Palace
We reveal the centuries-old secrets and mysteries of one of the most remarkable examples of Victorian engineering. Follow the cutting-edge technology that built the Palace of Westminster, and find how it paved the way for the today's skyscrapers.

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