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6 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.11
The Grim Reaper confronts Sunny, as does Kim Shin. An old "friend" introduces himself to Eun Tak.
7 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.12
Sunny holds the key for the Grim Reaper to discover his past. Eun Tak begins college despite the threat on her life.
13 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13
Goblin makes a dramatic decision regarding his roommate and his own future.
20 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.14
The sword is out, and everything changes. Nine years pass, and we find out what has happened to everyone.
20 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.15
The Ji Eun Tak has remembered who Goblin was and every moment together with Goblin nine years ago.
21 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.16
Both Sunny and Eun Tak inadvertently hurt their partners, who must come to terms with their decisions.

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