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Breaking the Mold
C-Younkin2 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It's been a TV season of big moments so far and "Jane the Virgin" promised us another this week. Jane and Michael could finally have sex. This was going to be one of those episodes where if it didn't do what was promised then I was going to be very mad at it and luckily, 10 minutes in we finally reach that big moment- represented in cartoon form? Not what I was expecting or would have chosen.

Another big twist- she accidentally made a sex tape and sent it to her adviser, thinking she was actually sending a thesis paper on Alma to her professor. It's one of those really bad- sitcom level mistakes a character makes but luckily it doesn't take up a major part of the episode and leads to a solid critique of Jane's "romance" writing lacking passion.

Also lacking passion-her sex life. She saw Michael finish and, panicking that it wouldn't be perfect, faked an orgasm to "perfectly" time with his. They try pleasure gels and all types of different things, but they are both still in their heads. They soon agree that until they work out the problem, don't share details with anyone.

Xo is auditioning for the voice and is thinking if she doesn't get it, she should move on. She actually made a list of different careers, which she has never done before. Jane asks Rogellio to help with her confidence. That leads to cameos from none other than the Estafans, which again shows just how committed Rogellio has become to Xo in this season.

However Jane has a total breakdown in front of the Estefans. But it masterfully sets up this whole discussion about having an identity so long that it defines you. Both Xo, but particularly Jane, have been living with labels for so long that they have never gotten the chance to explore new dimensions of themselves. Now they can. It also will allow Jane to explore new levels of her writing, as evidenced by her character breakdown of Alma's supposedly "only" slutty sister Cecilia.

Meanwhile Rogelio was going to use his Estefan favor in bringing Passions of Santos to America on…of course, The CW (Would totally watch that too). They like the show, but want Rob Lowe to star. He now has 6 months to get famous enough to start an American version.

And Luisa is still having sex with Sin Rostro, both hiding out in a submerged submarine, fulfilling her role as a total train wreck. Rose wants to be with her, even offering to change her face so that they can both be around Luisa's family. Luisa still fears her, particularly the fact Rose killed her father, and now wants to be around her family. In the end, Luisa inadvertently lets a murderer back into their lives like we knew she would.

Overall it was a solid episode for Jane, offering up enough life lesson, whimsy, and humor. Particularly it dealt with the big question of the title itself. Now it seems as though we are going to be watching a show about not just definition, but breaking out of molds.
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