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Actually quite good
gideonzack16 April 2019
For a lifetime movie it was quite good. The lead actress has a bright future ahead of her. It's crazy how some of these films get zero distribution from lifetime. There's something wrong with their business model. This a good TV movie. Netflix should license it on the cheap turn it into a hit. Just like You.
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Lots of potential Lifetime Psychos
darkavenger779 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This Lifetime movie opens with us seeing what will undoubtedly be the Lifetime Heroine (LH) Kara arriving at her new home in LA, where she is greeted by the pretty yet kooky landlord Charlie, played by the well preserved 47 year old Oliva d'Abo. I got a Lifetime Psycho (LP) vibe from her after they met- she seemed overly concerned about the LH, and when the LH told her about her boyfriend and book publisher Alan Sheldon getting ganked in NYC, it looked like she was smiling. I was surprised to see an actual beard on the boyfriend as opposed to the usual Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS). The LH is a writing school student specializing in crime dramas, so Charlie shares her library with her. One of the books is by author P. K. Reese, and it is a good one according to Charlie. As revealed at the end this was a huge plot hole.

Girls just want to have fun, so they go to a local bar and Charlie, a self-described flirt, is a dude magnet.

The LH needs a job, and Charlie has a cafe, and we get to meet her business partner Tony, and another worker named Jason. Jason could go either way, LP or Lifetime Good Guy (LGG). As a trivia point for How I Met Your Mother fans, Jason uses the phrase "but, um" three times, and the main female here never makes it close to the Mendoza diagonal on Barney's Hot/Crazy scale. Charlie on the other hand...

I'll skip over much of the minutiae here and summarize it as there are a number of viable LPs in the cast. You have to use deductive reasoning with one of them, something seen in other Lifetime movies. If a character is only seen or interacts with one person, do they really exist? In this case the answer is no.

To spoil the plot entirely, this movie features a LH that is also the LP (LH/LP), thanks to a split personality. This becomes evident with about 40 minutes left when she out of character blows up at the cafe after seeing Charlie and Jason hug after Tony was ganked. Her reaction to Charlie calling her insane gave it away.

Much of the movie takes place in the head of the LH/LP. This will no doubt have more appeal to some that others (I'm in the latter category). The movie runs up an impressive body count of 4, with Alan, professor molester, Tony, and finally Charlie being ganked.

Usually the last 15 minutes of a Lifetime movie involve a female in jeopardy, but since Charlie was already ganked, that can't happen now. There's also a days/weeks/months later sunny day scene. Here we get a one week later scene. The LH/LP and Jason are painting the LH's new home. The sunny day gets cloudy when Jason finds "Paul's" tablet and questions her. The LH/LP is back into LP mode. Jason calls 9-1-1 and the operator knows it is Kara Reed's house and says police are standing by. She threatens Jason with a knife, and he is about to punch her but instead turns into a LH himself, running away and leaving her with the knife. Had to add 2 points on the Lifetime scale for that cross-gender bit. As he runs outside, a small army of police and a helicopter are there (+1 point on the Lifetime movie scale for this stupidity). The LH/LP exists with the knife. She drops the knife and at that point I was hoping for an LAPD beat down, but no such luck. She was arrested and taken to the loony bin.

The movie ends on a cloudy day at the bin, with a nurse reading the book we saw at Charlie's home. The author is Paula Kara Reese, a/k/a the LH/LP, as we see her photo inside the paperback novel. Oops, those don't have pictures, but hardbacks do, so why didn't Charlie recognize Kara as being P.K. Reese? The LH/LP freaks out and ends up in a cell.

Real movie score: 3/10 (higher is better). Lifetime movie score: 7/10 (higher is stupider).
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Actually a good twisted movie
lisafordeay18 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Inspired To Kill is a 2017 thriller about a young woman who is drawn to a tablet that belongs to a guy called Paul Reese. Strange things start happening and the young woman's life spirals out of control.

We later find out that the young woman is actually the villian the whole time as she created Paul Reese as she suffers from mental problems meaning she had no idea that she was killing everyone and thought it was Paul who was really her as she was talking to herself the whole time and her actual name is Paula Reese. The film ends where she sees a nurse that looked like the guy she invented in her head.

I thought it was a good twisted movie as you wouldn't have guessed that the sweet and innocent Kara(name of young woman) was really a delusional nutcase.

I'm giving it a B
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Better than most made for TV movies
GladtobeGrey20 November 2019
No big star names in this TV movie, however, it kept my interest right to the end unlike some. The cast were good, especially Miss D'Abo in the lead. Worth watching.
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Twisty thriller
phd_travel18 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
A writing student moves to LA. She has a bunch of men in her life a predatory writing teacher, a crime writer she meets, and a student at the coffee shop she works at. Karissa Lee Staples plays the lady well.

There is a good moderately unexpected twist. And a full and satisfactory explanation.

Stay till the end.
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