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Sometimes very Queen, always very bizarre
Horst_In_Translation2 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Here we have the music video for the song "I'm Going Slightly Mad" from 1991 directed by no less than 3 "filmmakers" and this is pretty exceptional as it runs for pretty much exactly 4.5 minutes. One of these directors is Freddie Mercury himself (the other two are Austrian, also surprised me) and he also wrote the song. I am a huge Queen fan now, even bigger after Rami Malek's Bohemian Rhapsody than before, but this song here admittedly does almost nothing for me and the music video is only slightly better. It profits from the strangeness of it all, like did you ever think you'd see Mercury running around with a penguin beak strapped to his mouth. And what was it with the bizarre arcade video game reference near the end. Anyway, this is also one of the rare moments when you see color in this video, it is almost exclusively black-and-white before that. I still think it is better to watch the video instead of only listening to the song. It kinda emphasizes the lyrics in an okay fashion, but just slightly so. It never turns it into a quality piece visually or audibly. Mercury's voice is really recognizable though and he shines as always. Overall, if seeing for any reason than the bizarreness of it all. My suggestion is to skip the watch though. Even I as a huge Queen fan found this almost 30-year-old work rather disappointing. By the way this is from less than a year before Mercury's untimely death. May he rest in peace..
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