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  • Peña plans another secret operation to topple a member of the Cali cartel but may run out of time while looking for him.


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  • Pacho blows up a car outside a church in the North Valley, then enters the church to say that until he has Gerda Salazar and her sons, no one in the North Valley is safe. Miguel blames Gilberto for painting the Cali Cartel as weak due to the surrender. Jorge meets Van Ness and Feistl to discuss the plan to arrest Miguel. The raid is scheduled for 4:00 AM and Jorge will station himself outside the house to guide the tactical teams in. Peña and Crosby meet with President Samper to request authorization for the arrest operation and request that General Serrano be put in charge, whom they trust more than Vargas. Peña meets with Serrano to outline the plan. Jorge comes home to find Paola packing bags to take the girls to her mother's home. Jorge begs her not to go, but she refuses him. Peña asks Serrano not to go on the raid because the Cartel will be watching him since he signed the warrant. Jorge is called in by Miguel who asks him to put a tap on Gilberto's phone in prison and then invites him to stay for food, preventing him from being outside as planned. The raid team arrives and the warrant officer objects to the building being a residence, delaying the team. Local police arrives and attempts to take jurisdiction. The DEA agents begin taking measurements in the apartments and discover a discrepancy, leading them to uncover Miguel's hiding place. The Cali attorney general arrives and stops them before they can retrieve him. Jorge pleads with Feistl not to leave without taking his family, but the DEA agents have been called back to Bogota. Miguel tells Gilberto that he will not follow Gilberto's policy of non-violence. Cali attacks the North Valley controlled Buenaventura port to take control of it. Jorge returns home to find Paolo and his girls gone. He loads a gun.

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