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Everything is not what it seems! You have to think deeper!
jdpmd-8298323 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I fell for the trap that everyone fell for when they first saw this movie. It took me hours to really dissect what had happened and to really get Mel's complete point of view. After seeing the movie, I read the description of the movie and it said that it was a woman manipulated and betrayed by her husband. Of course, I totally disagreed with the description because I said "But Robert Tried to get back with his wife", "She is the one who divorced him" and "He paid her back everything she lost and More".

It took hours after seeing the movie to really get what happened. Let's be clear. Robert began manipulating Mel from the beginning of their courtship. He got her to buy him a car and then cheated on her. They get back together after her craziness and proceeded to drain her dry through 18 years of marriage. On top of that, she worked TWO jobs throughout their marriage when he did not hold One. He was also distant and cold to her throughout until he was sleeping on the couch in the end. Her sister finds this girl's wallet who happens to be the girl he cheated on her with 18 yrs ago. He also ruined the business of her siblings without a back wards glance. Mel kicks him out. His battery makes it and he comes to her and says he is sorry but glad that she stood by him. He gives her a check for ten million dollars and keys to her mother's house that she lost trying to help him. He stated the house was in slight disrepair( which reminded me of the line in "Why did I marry you"). Mel goes crazy and looks irrational to the judge, her therapist and her family until the end.

Now, I am an attorney and I am ashamed that it took hours afterwards to finally realize that I had been "HoodWink" , "Bamboozled" and "Lead Astray".

Here is my analyses. In the beginning, the girl he cheated on Mel with was really the girl he wanted. He got with her immediately after getting the car from Mel. However, Mel messed that up with the turning over of the trailer. You have to keep in mind that Robert had Nothing! No major family support and No financial support but he was smart! Had Mel not told him about the inheritance, he would have left her but he needed her to survive. He later tells her that he is a Felon. Something that he tells her AFTER they are married and she supports him through school. He manipulated all of financial independence from her. Instead of helping her with holding down at least one job, he is comfortable with seeing her struggle with two. But yet he loves her.

Now skip ahead 18 years. He finds out that his old cheating mate is in the company that he has tried to infiltrate with his design for close to two decades. He sets up a meeting with her but get this. HE DOES NOT TELL MEL ANY OF IT even though the girl suggested it. Now after Mel has suffered, she would not cared if a monkey helped them so keeping it a secret made no sense. The house is about to be lost and Mel's siblings come up with a plan. He gets a call from the company about the battery, instead of telling his brother in laws to come and meet him so that can take the delivery to where it needs to go, he sidetracks with no concern about their warfare or livelihood. In the meantime, her sisters found a red wallet of the girl's in the truck. Any normal person would have thought he was cheating. I believe the girl left her wallet on purpose. What was the girl doing inside the truck? How did she not realize her wallet was missing before then? She knew the potential of his battery and she knew his wife was crazy. All she did was plant the seed for herself to move on in the door.

But that was not the only thing that was slight of hand. Robert came to Mel after the divorce and gave her payment for all of her suffering. But all he did was counteract a future lawsuit. Had he not given her that money, She would have probably received close to halve of his battery revenue. It is the equivalent of giving somebody a $1 so that could not break the will. When they went to court, what did the judge say? He said that Robert gave her money when he did not have to and paid her back more then she shelled out. BINGO! Lawsuit was squashed for a fraction of the cost. You forget that he was under an attorney during the time he gave her the money and was probably advised to do so. He manipulated her AGAIN!

The reason why Mel kept saying he did not love her was because he knew Why she divorced him. She was just plain tired. It was not because she did not love him but she could not do it anymore. It also was not her sisters fault because Mel made the decision to marry him and divorce him of her own free will. I would have given my sister the same advice. If he had loved her and I mean truly loved her, he would have gotten on his knees and said "Let's get married again and live the way we had planned". Many men have done that after they messed up (cheated) with their wives and wanted another chance. They understood why she left but they kept fighting until they got her back.

That girl took him in for What! A few months but she gets pub for picking him up when his wife held him up for over 18 years before putting him down? He only fought to get back with his wife because he was waiting for a bigger check to come in and he needed her to keep supporting him until then. When he got on his own, he held a job and kept it. He gave to his new wife the yacht he promised Mel and had he cared for her, he could have created new dreams with the second wife.

What Mel was upset about was not the money which people said that she had enough for herself. Her sacrifice was not just about Money. She gave EVERYTHING to him. Her ability to carry a child, her self esteem, the respect of her family, her physical health and well beng, her soul, her heart, her patience , her tolerance and her future! She had nothing left. If you truly LOVE a women, you do not break her and walk away. Even before she knew about the money she missed him and could not gel with the new guy. She really loved him and if he loved her, he should have ached as well. However, he didn't. He got his dream life with an EDUCATED women. We forgot about that didn't we? Not once did he ask her what she wanted to do with her life since college did not work out. Did she want to go back for another degree or open her own business or get a technical degree. That would have been another ground for the judge to rule in her favor for half the money had he not made a preemptive strike.

What I think muddied the waters was the inclusion of mental illness. She was ill but it did not show itself unless she thought she was being used. He saw it only a couple of times in 18 years. Everyone just wanted to say she was crazy and they dismissed the point she was trying to make.

I also want to defend the family. The family did not turn against her and take Robert's side. They saw the spiral and they could not stop her. She had completely lost her mind and perspective and they wanted to protected her from being totally lost from them. I have to give it to Tyler. If you only see what the surface shows, you come out thinking just another crazy black women. But what everyone fails to get is that Robert was EXTREMELY smart. He could not have create a battery otherwise. He benefited from the beginning to the end. Mel felt like she was screaming in a vacant forest. No one SAW what he did! But I did! Well played Tyler. Well Played.
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Ignore the rating!! See it for yourself!!
jlife-9316217 June 2018
Great Great GREAT Movie. Although it is just a movie it really embodies real life dreams and sacrifice seen from both parties perspectives. Awesome Movie. I was really surprised.
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Is it the most underrated movie of 2018 ?
MplusA9223 June 2018
Did you ever wonder how your life gonna be after university years ? Will you live the life you ever wondered ? Will your partner be your supporter or your depressor ? Will you believe in each other till the end ? What will happen if you did ? or you didn't ?

Kindly watch that movie if you want answers for the previous questions, and you will be amazed with the much of mixed feelings you will have throughout the movie.

The movie has a really nice start and finale with "Nina Simone" songs, it follows a lovely rhythm and the best story telling style i saw in a while. You will be involved in the story with your heart and soul easily, you will support different parties throughout the movie, and the good thing that you will have the freedom to choose the side you prefer.

Finally, it's a great drama,thriller and murder movie, about the story of a couple of fighters in life that worth watching,you will enjoy the acting, the story, the songs in the background, the feelings , the division of the chapters of the movie and you will definitely not feel bored at any moment.
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Not What I Was Expecting...
allen-coatesjr9 April 2018
Went on Date Night with Wifey to see something else and ended up seeing this. After reading the synopsis I was not feeling to see another 'Scorned woman due to abusive husband' movie. As the movie opens that's the feel you get, but as the movie goes on, your thoughts of how the movie will continue will actually divide; as my ideas and my wife's did. Tyler really did a Fantastic job with this movie. Makes one think, Is it HER fault, is it HIS fault, is it the FAMILIES fault. After the movie it will lead many to converse about it afterwards.
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Great Flick. Two Thumbs Up, high.
KATO-SUBZERO2 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1 April 3018. Two Thumbs Up. I like a lot of Tyler's films, but this is one of his best. Taraji deserves an award and she is great in this role. Lyriq Bent as "Robert" is great as a man who has a dream, but keeps failing and failing time and time and no one believes in him. From the beginning to the middle, it seems like Robert is a lazy good for nothing con man who sweets talks his pretty faithful wife out of all of her money to follow his pipe dream. His only mistake is that he cheated on his wife, once and the woman who he cheated with still likes him and believes in him and his get rich dream.

I totally understand how any loyal woman would feel after years of mental anguish at supporting a man who shows No potential. I love the twist when finally, he held out for his dream and he finally won. I could personally relate to that part of his character to want a dream to become a reality when all you get is No, no, no, rejection and more rejection. He proved to be a good man after all who even after she understandably divorced him, he still loved her and went to do the honorable thing by giving her a large amount of money and her mom's house back that she lost for all her emotional pain and suffering that she went through. The woman he cheated also believed in him and his dream and she helped him see his dream into reality.

I will see this one again. Two Thumbs up, way up high.
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justinenyman30 March 2018
I was expecting a cheesy lifetime like movie, but all I can say is phenomenal. Taraji deserves an Oscar for her performance. Well done Tyler Perry, well done.
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I loved it
cindyeve2 April 2018
At first I was not all thrilled to see this movie. I just went because the girls wanted to go. Tyler Perry has definitely redeemed himself as the Drama/writer/Director He is. He really draws you in to the frustrations of the main character, and then He goes in for the kill. The kill of what many people do in real life but then regret Later. A must see, very entertaining.
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LadyLestat2329 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie wasn't anything we haven't seen already before. I'm happy that Taraji P. Henson finally got her "Glenn Close" moment here, and she's not a half-bad psychopath, if I do say so myself. The rest of the movie was just underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, Taraji, definitely outdid herself, so she was not my problem at all. So, what is my problem?

Well... It appears that black women just can't seem to catch a break in Hollywood, nor can we seem to distance ourselves from these stereotypes, and Tyler Perry should know better. Come on now... A man can get with a woman, use her for everything she's worth, leech off her for 18 years while he accomplishes nothing, and somehow he walks away smelling like roses and looking like the victim of another crazy and "bitter" black woman. I'm sorry, was he misunderstood the whole time? I THINK NOT! Let me explain further....

This movie is about Melinda and Robert Gayle (Taraji P. Henson and Lyriq Bent). The story starts out as an unconventional love story, where the two meet in college, and right from the start you can see that this is a match made in HELL. The relationship is toxic from the very beginning. Robert swoops in after Melinda's mother dies, and right when she needs a shoulder to cry on the most. Of course, we learn that Melinda's mother willed her a beautiful home and a rather substantial amount of money. And Robert is her "Prince Charming?" Yeah, right! Some "Mr. Wonderful" he was. Robert was a bum who uses Melinda to buy him a car, which she does, and then he stops calling her completely after that. Later on, she finds out that he's hooked up with another girl, and needless to say, she doesn't handle it well at all. This is the first time you realize that Melinda is clearly not wrapped too tight in the head, especially since her own inability to properly channel her rage would be the reason she ends up irreparably damaging her own body. Now, why this man would even press his luck by messing with someone as unhinged as she started out, is beyond me. By the same token, why she would forgive a lying, cheating, user of a man and move forward with him, is also beyond me. At any rate, the two continue the relationship against her sisters' advice.

Naturally, after learning that Melinda has some money, Robert falls on hard times. Never mind the fact that he claimed he was paying for school through student loans and scholarships. What's coming next? You guessed it! Robert, proceeds to use Melinda to pay for the remainder of his schooling, which includes his rather expensive tuition, books, and all other fees for the next year. Mind you, they aren't even married yet! At this point, Melinda was still completely oblivious to the fact that she was this man's cash cow. Against her better judgment, she decides to marry him. I say "against her better judgment" because we could actually hear her thoughts as she was walking down the aisle, but she still chose to go through with a marriage that was doomed before it began. Why get married?

After they get married, for the next 18 years, he proceeds to sit around and leech off his supportive wife, while she slaves and works two jobs to pay all of their bills. Meanwhile, he plays around with his toys and some sort of light/energy machine that he's invented. Actually, let me back up a little bit... Finally, his graduation is upon us, so you think things are about to get better for these two, right? WRONG! Keep in mind that we also learn at this point WHY he hasn't been able to get/keep a job. He's actually a felon, who was a youthful offender, and he served jail-time for his crime, which he assumed his record would be expunged or sealed due to his status. Now, how much of that story is true, we never got to see. And of course, he chose to withhold this information until AFTER they got married.

Anyways, fast-forward 18 years into their marriage, and you'll see he's running through all of his wife's money, and he is definitely more trouble than he's worth. Not only that, he's emotionally detached, physically cold, and not very loving or affectionate toward Melinda at all the whole time she's working like a dog. Can you imagine why ANY woman would want to put up with a man like this for 18 whole years?

For me, this part of the story becomes problematic because it was presented to the audience one way, but I guess the "coup de gras" was supposed to be that this man was simply misunderstood the WHOLE time, or perhaps this was all apart of Melinda's descension into madness?

As the story progresses, there's complete reversal of fortune in Robert's favor. Done intentionally? Maybe, maybe not. At this point, Melinda is not the same trusting fool she was when she married him, and is tired of him, quite frankly. And really, who can blame her at this point? Either way, she jumps to conclusions, completely emasculates her husband in front of her siblings and their husbands, in only a way that only a true "angry black woman" can, and she DUMPS HIM!

This part of the story is also problematic for me because after all she's been through, we're supposed to sympathize with him as someone who's being done wrong and mistreated unfairly... I THINK NOT! They completely flipped the script on us and had this man redeem himself. Now, I'm all for redemption, but let's not present it this way, not at the risk of making him look like a swell guy who tried to do the right thing for the right reasons, he just had a run of bad luck. Because from where I sat, he looked like a bum who was too lazy to work and was free-loading off his wife. Only to turn it all around, and present him to us like he was a decent man who was actually trying to do the right thing, and was STILL dogged out and dismissed by his uncaring wife, who refused to stand by her husband when he needed her the most.

Again, what exactly is Mr. Perry trying to sell us here? Was this stuff all in her mind or what? Well, the fact that he tried to atone for all he did does suggest to me that she wasn't crazy the entire time. And if that's true, he's no victim any more than she is a saint. I mean, he caked it on real thick with the undying declarations of love and everything, which was the complete antithesis of who we saw. My point? Robert's whole character was just as mess, and quite frankly, I don't know what happened. I think Tyler Perry himself forgot what the hell he was doing and couldn't figure out in which direction he wanted to take this man.

However, he did do exactly what we (the black female audience) expected him to do, which was make the black woman appear to be completely irrational, vindictive and deranged, and him the innocent victim who tried to make amends and move on with his life with a new woman after his ungrateful and insecure wife left him. Did I mention the fact that the new "wifey" is the same girl he cheated on her with BEFORE they got married? Knowing that, what woman wouldn't have thought the same thing Melinda did?

All in all, I've said way more than I intended to say, but I won't be watching this movie a second time, which is unfortunate because I adore Taraji P. Henson. I just find myself liking Tyler Perry's movies less and less these days. He needs to learn to write for black women instead of pushing this same old "mad black woman" narrative. Don't do it! We get enough of that in society with having people trying to paint us as lunatics. Don't discard your core audience the way a lot of people tend to do when people feel they have arrived and they no longer need us. We were with you when you were on the "chittlin' circuit." And before people claim that this isn't the case, review his body of work and then revisit this review and talk to me.

Let's see... "Tyler Perry's Temptation", black cheating wife, who cheats on and dogs out a good man for a bad boy and regrets it. "Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman," the name says it all, a black woman gets mad and wants revenge from her husband cheating and leaving her for a non-black woman, and proceeds to allow her "bitterness" to turn her into a raging lunatic. "Daddy's Little Girls," another angry black "baby mama" who is literally using her new boyfriend to make her daughters' father's life a living hell. "Why Did I Get Married Too?" Completely ruined the whole female cast from the first film and made them all into the same stereotype. I mean, he DESTROYED Patricia's character completely, and made Angela's loud-mouth worse, which we didn't think was possible. "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," a selfish black woman, who only cares about herself, has extremely low standards in men, very little self-worth, with a horrible attitude and outlook on life. "Madea Goes to Jail," a manipulative, deceitful, successful black woman who couldn't handle competition, and a black woman as a prostitute AND junkie. He doubled-down there! "The Family That Preys," another black cheating wife who's "swirling" on her husband, who's shallow and obsessed with money, and also emasculates her man every chance she gets, and makes stupid choices the ENTIRE movie. I could keep going on and on! His movies are FULL of these stereotypical black women. We got the same formula here with "Acrimony," only with a lot less humor, and he dialed up the CRAZY black woman a few notches.

I mean, black women just can't catch a break with Tyler Perry. Don't be that guy, Tyler. It's not a good look! This movie was in no way a psychological "thriller." I get that the audience themselves were supposed to walk away feeling emotionally drained, and pretty much the same way Melinda felt, which is what you were aiming for. I'm sorry, this just didn't work for me!
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Best Tyler Perry movie-to-date
dynver30 March 2018
This movie stands out from all the other Tyler Perry movies. Taraji P. Henson's acting was outstanding as usual and the plot was very well-written. Taraji did a great job as portraying the fed up wife that decided it's time to fight back. Going into the theater, I thought this was going to be another sappy love story gone bad. But, this movie proved me wrong. I definitely recommend seeing this movie.
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Great Movie
cjtmills4 April 2018
This movie really makes you think about life, and how things can go from good to bad really quick. TP Henson is a wonderful actress, she played her role. This movie will probably suck for those of you with no real life experience. It was unfortunate they she gave so much of herself away, to someone that didn't love himself or her. The movie is a must see.
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A One-way Ticket To Hell.
ChipperX31 March 2018
Tyler Perry's Acrimony (2018).

A One-way Ticket To Hell.

  • Chipper F. Xavier, Esq.

Melinda Moore (Ajiona Alexus & Taraji P. Henson) tries to fulfill her parent's dream of obtaining a college education. On her way home from studying, Melinda runs into Robert Gayle (Antonio Madison & Lyriq Bent), and the two develop a fast friendship. As their relationship develops at the dismay of Melinda's meddling family, will the couple live happily ever after, or will their behavior tear them apart?

Writer-director Tyler Perry (Good Deeds, For Colored Girls, The Family That Preys) delivers a surprisingly nuanced thriller with Acrimony. The cinematography, script and story are all first rate, which allows the actors to shine and deliver outstanding performances.

Ajiona Alexus lights up the screen as the younger version of Melinda, while Taraji P. Henson delivers a true descent into madness with her portrayal of the older, present-day Melinda. Lyriq Bent as the mature Robert becomes more of a sympathetic character than the viewer might have expected due to his excellent ability to embody Robert's humanity.

Make no mistake - the film is not high art, nor does it pretend to be. We are treated to a bleak depiction of human nature as well as an honest portrayal of mental illness. Fortunately, Mr. Perry has an excellent sense of humor - even at their most depraved, the characters manage to make us guffaw with laughter.

As thrillers go, Acrimony officially enters the Hollywood hall of fame as one of the slickest, nastiest, and most hilarious films of 2018 - quite an achievement for a movie filmed in only eight days.
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A Great Film
Thynight31 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First off know that the plot summary on the first page is incorrect.

Overall well acted film with a great story and plot.
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Trailer didn't tell a bit of the whole story
supbericw5 April 2018
More then I expected from it's trailer. The story is really deeper than anything I can imagine base on the reality... Love is a powerful tool...
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Good movie!!
larry711-926-4169813 April 2018
Not sure why all the hate for this movie... it was entertaining, and just a good movie night out. I didn't expect an Oscar winner... I expected some cool suspenseful entertainment with a couple of cool twists and that's what I got.
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Please give this movie a chance!!!
Hachina15 June 2018
I don't understand all the bad reviews. This movie is brilliant, I've never seen anything like it so for me that's reason enough to give it 10/10.
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Don't just watch this once
cortez111817 July 2018
Great FILM with opposing viewpoints between the female and male perspectives! Being able to see the film from both angles of the husband and wife forces the viewer to chose a side of sympathy/empathy or a side of logic. I personally can't watch this movie without experiences multiple emotions due to the great plot twists intensity of the story line! Well done Tyler Perry.
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mutisyandunda-8707613 June 2018
Wifey decided to put this on, and I followed suit to nap as I usually do during 'chick flicks'...I threw a few glances here and there, because the beginning was just like any other 'scorned woman movie'. Halfway through the movie I was seated up and hooked. The plot twists were too intense. By far the best drama I've watched in a while!! Pure genius!
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Solid movie. She always delivers a solid performance
raquel_pompey31 March 2018
This movie to me was good because it kept my attention and I never thought "is it over yet?" Taraji was perfect for this role. She played her character well. It was good to me because there was so many different points of view you could see things from. She had her side, he had his and you could see different things from both point of views. I'm not saying it was the best movie in the world lol but it was a descent movie. Can you wait for it to come on Redbox? I mean yeah but you can wait for anything to come to redbox.... depends on how bad you want to see it. I don't regret going tonight theatre for this release. Good just Taraji!
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Great movie
baaghiminds13 June 2018
Honestly, at first I thought this movie could not be that good but as the story unfolded and my opinion started changing along with my perceptions of the characters. As soon as Taraji's scene with the psychiatrist came, I was blown away by the turn the movie had taken. Good job Mr. Perry. I haven't seen your other movies yet but I will look into them now.
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This is not THAT movie...
LindsayFlim24 November 2018
I had the same time-wasting fears of stereotypical nonsense you did. Give it a chance and you'll see something else.

Some of the acting is dry and yeah the chroma key is less than perfect but the plot becomes engaging enough to forgive these things. In this film, the plot is everything. It's fresh, original and thought-provoking.

I find it hard to see how anyone who truly watched the film from start to finish could anticipate all the character twists in the story. This movie sparked a lot of passionate discussion after we watched it.
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Tyler Perry's Best Movie Ever!!!
zardoz-135 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"For Colored Girls" writer & director Tyler Perry has surpassed himself with "Acrimony," a taut, first-rate matrimonial melodrama about a guy and a gal who meet in college, wind up getting married, and then suffer because the guy cannot create a battery that recharges itself. The gal spends every dime of her money, her inheritance, and mortgages her mother's house on the assumption that her husband will create this fabled battery. Ultimately, all the years of false assurances takes a toll on their marriage, and the gal decides to divorce him. No sooner has their mortgage become final than he is able to sell his genius of an idea, and he is sitting pretty with millions of dollars at his fingertips. "Proud Mary" star Taraji P. Henson plays Melinda Moore who has worked herself to the bone financing her husband's dream. Now that they are apart, he achieves success that he has promised her when they were still in college. As it turns out, the only time that Robert Gayle (Lyriq Bent of "Four Brothers") cheated on her was with a coed, Diana (Crystle Stewart of "Good Deeds"), and Melinda was so furious that she smashed her car into his small trailer and tipped it over. "Acrimony" isn't your usual, run-of-the-mill, Tyler Perry comedies. Indeed, this movie is straightforward and strictly business, and Melinda suffers from Border Personality Disorder, an affliction that drives her to want to kill both Robert and Diana, despite the fact that a judge has imposed a restraining order that is supposed to keep Melinda 300 yards away from Robert and Diana. Furthermore, nobody quotes scripture in this melodrama, and Jesus is never invoked. Mind you, there is some nudity, and "Acrimony" has an R-rating, so no kids please unless you want to answer some curious but embarrassing question. Altogether, "Acrimony" ranks as Tyler Perry's best movie. No, he doesn't show up in drag as Madea. In a sense, this movie reminded me of the Michael Douglas movie "Fatal Attraction."
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Acrimony (2018)
rockman18231 March 2018
Yes, I know. Tyler Perry films kind of suck. I liked one or two here and there but by no means were they films that I would see myself going back to or giving an afterthought to. I didn't see any trailers for Acrimony and decided it was best to go in blind and not knowing thing. I am glad I did, although I don't think it would have had an effect on my opinion of the film. The film boasts a powerhouse performance from Taraji P. Henson and was actually a very entertaining time.

Melinda (Henson) narrates the story of her snake of an ex-husband. We see her young days as she meets Robert, her future husband. He seems to be a con artist and even cheats on her, yet despite her sisters' objections and her own anger she gets back with him. Fast forward, 18 or so years he is still a deadbeat with no job and only seems to cost her money as he focuses on one project that has been his only drive for decades. She also starts thinking that he may be cheating again and must assess the tolls that he is taking on her.

I tried very hard to summarize a general but vague plot for the film because the film has many twists and turns and its best to just experience them. Character's turn on their heads and you have no idea whose side you are on. Who is even good or bad? Finally, Perry gives me a film I felt very satisfied with and one I felt deserves praise. Some of the events may seem illogical but are there any limits to crazy? Its insane, and at times over the top but its the kind of theater entertainment I needed with heavy drama and thrills.

Taraji is utilized well here, which is good. I feel like Proud Mary really failed her talents and attempt to branch into a bad ass hero type role but she puts in a good performance here nonetheless. She's likable and then unlikable, she thrives in the role. I'm still not sure if its because the film is fresh on my mind. I mean, the personal rating and reflection of the film may go down with time but for now I'm impressed that Tyler Perry was able to write and direct a wholly entertaining film.

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Powerful performance from Taraji Henson and Lyriq Bent
stavrosalo6 November 2018
It's been a while since I wrote a review, but I had to do it. This movie is so underrated, the movie is amazing all the way, the performances by all the cast special Taraji and Lyriq were so powerful, the plot is amazing and the flow of the movie since it's very first few seconds till the start of the end credits will keep you on your toes. Such a wonderful movie, I recommend everyone to watch it, you won't regret it. *perception is reality!
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Typical Tyler Perry
SaritaLaurin3 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I can't lie, I went in with low expectations of the movie but secretly hoping that it surprised me. And it did. I loved the plot and I haven't really seen a movie that focused on the actual emotions and steps of hurt and damaged people. Especially women. The only thing that bugged me was the ending. Too fast and it didn't really add up to me. Which is why I titled this review Typical Tyler Perry and exactly why I gave it 7 stars. Overall, Taraji and the other actors were great. Job well done!
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On point!
mllatour238 July 2018
This movie was awesome!!! From start to finish- executed amazingly well. Cast & storyline were great.
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