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It could have been so much more...
paul_haakonsen9 June 2018
I had not heard about this movie prior to getting the chance to sit down and watch it. And being a lifelong fan of horror movies, of course I took the time to sit down to watch it.

I will say that the acting in the movie was really good, and that was definitely what carried the movie most of the way.

The story, well, let's just say that it was mundane and generic, and something that has been used countless times before in the horror genre. So you shouldn't expect anything groundbreaking or innovative here.

The special effects in the movie were good, although there weren't used in an abundance.

This was more of a psychological take on the mother's mental state than it was an actual horror movie.

I had hoped for more focus on the Lammashtu, but that wasn't the case.

All in all, an average foray into the horror genre, but this is hardly a movie that I will watch a second time.
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Not bad but falls apart towards the end
michaelant55511 February 2018
A woman is having twins and the second one is still-born. When she gets home strange things begin happening and this turns into a quite a good horror film with subtle flavours of Paranormal Activity and The Grudge. So why then only a five star rating? It's the third act! Unfortunately, a few things happened which just made me shut off emotionally and shake my head in disbelief.

The first and second act I would give a six and the third act a three or four so I've given it an overall five stars.

I don't regret sitting through this and it has quite a lot to offer horror fans. The acting is good and it's pretty creepy all the way through so I would definitely recommend it - just remember it has five stars and not six or seven.
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Nothing special here
deloudelouvain15 March 2018
Let's put it like this, the beginning of Still/Born was promising but the second part of the movie was just a letdown. In the end it's just an average soft horror movie. They could clearly have done something much creepier and scarier with all those ingredients. The creepy parts were not bad but there were just not enough of them to make this a horror movie to remember. The cast was just about okay I guess. I'm not a big fan of some parts of the acting from Christie Burke. It didn't look real at some points. The story wasn't bad, at least for the beginning, but towards the end I was losing my interest. It's one of those horror movies where you look at the cover and you think it's going to be great but then you end up disappointed.
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Beware of the Lamashtu...And Beware of This Film!
lavatch2 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The Lamashtu was an invasive deity from ancient Mesopotamina who disrupted childbirth, stealing newborn children from their mothers. The goddess was the bloodsucker daughter of the Sky God Anu. Obviously, she needed a lot of company in the vast spaces of the sky, and she preferred her company to be young.

"Still/Born" approaches this mythological topic more from a clinical psychological perspective than as a mythical archetype. After Mary and Jack lose one of their babies, who is a stillborn, Mary comes to believe that her healthy baby Adam is also in danger of being gobbled up by the the voracious Lamashtu.

The main problem with the film is that it avoids examination of the mythical question and manipulates the viewer with the question of whether Mary is suffering from what the generic psychiatrist in the film calls "postpartum psychosis," or the loss of the woman's ability to discern reality after childbirth.

The flimsy plot did not deliver many chills, and the lead character Mary was helpless and pathetic in confronting the challenge of Lamashtu. The reason why successful horror films like "The Exorcist" work is that characters put up a battle against the paranormal and unseen forces of evil. In the case of "Still/Born," Mary is the quintessential victim.

Sadly, there were too many plot holes, such as the inexplicable escape of Mary from the psych ward and the puzzling ending that explains nothing about the true nature of Lamashtu. Overall, this was a direct-to-viewer film that added nothing new to the horror genre.
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No sense
sufiasousa29 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie makes no sense. After all the things happening with the baby, why does the mother still leave him alone in another room? Also very predictable.
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Born Dead
kosmasp19 October 2017
Not just a song title from the Band Bodycount (though they have a different social message attached to that song of course), but also the premise for this movie. Well the starting point you could argue. You can say that this ticks all the right boxes (something the previous reviewer did, and that is not wrong in itself). You can also say that it goes by the numbers.

That's not always a bad thing, if executed well. And this is decent enough with enough scares to keep you interested and make you wonder what is going on, or rather what is real and what not. So if you have love for horror movies and empathize easily this will float your boat all the way through ...
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This film did not deserve an R-rating
manuelasaez12 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is awkward for so many reasons; teh female lead was annoying and her acting ability was severely limited, the story took a long time to get going, and the reasoning behind the events were half-baked at best and sophomoric at worst, and the lack of any serious scares really makes you wonder if the people responsible were actually setting out to make a horror film, or if they were making a drama and got caught up? It was just such an uneven mess in every possible regard, and I kept asking myself, what made this movie R-rated? Was it the excessive violence, of which there was none? Was it the nudity, of which there was none? Was it the graphic depictions of blood and gore, or which there were none? The salty language, which was tame compared to most cable networks? Nope. The sole reason this movie warranted an R-rating was for a 2 second scene where the mother looks into teh crib of her dead baby and sees a bloody mass of red blood soup with a fetus crawling around. You would have to pause the scene to really make out any details, but other than that, this movie is as teenage as it comes. It was written for and by teens, it seems, as there is nothing mature or even clever about it.

It could have been a Rosemary's Baby clone, and it would have fared better. Hell, if it was a Rumpelstiltskin film, it probably would have been tolerable. But there is no rhyme or reason to the events of this film other than, "Something wants my baby!". Please save your money, time and energy and skip this travesty of cinema. Don't make the same mistake I did.
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You have to make a choice to save your son.
nogodnomasters17 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mary (Christie Burke) gives birth to Adam and a stillborn child. She lives in a big new house with a husband Jack (Jesse Moss) who sometimes travels. Mary has been hearing and seeing things and Jack doubts her sanity as Mary believes a demon is after her infant. We the audience have some doubts as Mary acts Winona Ryder crazy.

This is a run of the mill type horror film. Mary was convincing while support characters were not well developed. Did I miss the build up to the Halloween block party? Not overly scary...unless you just gave birth to a child and a surprise stillborn.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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I enjoyed this movie
adriianna-4029914 June 2018
I don't see why this movie got such bad ratings. I found the plot to be somewhat different than most horror these days. I found myself on edge and genuinely frightened throughout most of the movie. One of the only probalems I had was the fact they didn't fully explain why the events that took place were happening. I would recommend this movie!
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How much of what is happening is real?
S_Soma18 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Opening Scenes Preview:

STILL/BORN opens with a scene of a woman giving birth in a traditional hospital setting. She's surrounded by medical personnel and her obviously attentive, caring husband. After much effort, a baby is born and all appears to be well. All smiles all around. And then, suddenly, the mother goes back into labor. It's going to be twins.

But something isn't right. Looks of concern and distress. The second baby is stillborn.

The movie soon turns to domestic life with Mary, the new mother and Jack, Mary's loving and attentive but very busy husband. Clearly their opulent home in an opulent neighborhood is new to them, and while Jack goes to work every day, Mary stays at home and works at the process of moving in and setting up the home. On the surface, everything looks very domestic, very loving, very happy. There is even a next-door neighbor who is also a brand-new mom who is very friendly and quite lovely.

But something isn't right. At first it's just little things. There's that light hanging over the first landing on the stairs that seems to turn itself on and off, slowly and creepily, as Mary approaches it or moves away. And then Adam, the new baby, won't take milk directly from Mary. Mary has plenty of milk and uses a pump to fill bottles, but Adam won't respond to her, increasing her sense of alienation.

And then Mary hears two baby voices on the baby monitor. In happy anticipation, Mary goes rushing into the nursery, apparently expecting to see the second crib with Thomas, the stillborn baby, crying within it. We sense that Mary is slipping.

The sense of unease grows. Jack tries to convince Mary to let him break down and remove the second crib for obvious reasons. Having it there with Thomas's name over it can't be a positive influence for Mary's mental health. Vehemently, Mary refuses.

And then Mary sees some other woman reaching for her baby in the video monitor, but when she runs to the nursery, everything is fine. But Mary is convinced there's someone else in the house and tells Jack so. Jack comforts Mary, but we see the unease and concern in his face.

The emotional distance between Jack and Mary increases. Jack can tell there's something wrong, but can't identify what it is. And Mary is pulling back from Jack and won't really talk to him.

And then one night, that creepy hanging light on the stairs slowly turns itself on, and soon we hear Adam crying in the baby monitor. Mary, obviously tired, gets out of bed and goes to the nursery, and picking Adam up, comforts him in the traditional motherly way. When it works, she puts Adam back in his crib. But before she can turn to leave, she hears another baby, very clearly, crying from the crib behind her. Stunned, without turning around, she slowly backs towards the other crib. Thomas' crib. Thomas who died at birth.

Suddenly, she wheels around and looks into the crib and sees a literal pond of blood in which lies the remains of a destroyed baby. Horrified, she turns away, and when she looks again... It's just an empty crib.

And then Mary goes back to bed, and when Jack asks her if everything is all right, she calmly replies that everything is fine. And we wonder... Is something horrific actually happening or has losing a child addled Mary's mind?


The best word that describes STILL/BORN is "professional". The music is professional, the acting is professional, the cinematography and the camera trucks and the pacing and the actors are all professional, professional, professional.

As others have observed, there is nothing new or original in STILL/BORN. I deduct no points for this, however, because no sensible person can possibly have a reasonable expectation of genuine novelty in a supernatural horror picture given the fact that countless thousands of them have been made at this point. Any real novelty is, perforce, ultra-rare. Deducting points from a movie for failing to do the nearly impossible doesn't seem right to me. Fortunately, like great roller coasters, well done fireworks and true love, supernatural horror pictures don't need to really have novelty or originality, they only have to be well made in order to be enjoyable. Novelty and newness is the purview of toddlers and teenagers. There are other legitimate pleasures. The experience of happy anticipation that is positively resolved with "living again the age-old joys that passing time endears" can hold its own against novelty any day. On those rare occasions when I encounter actual novelty, that's just finding an extra cherry on top.

Mostly, a quality horror flick is created by writers and directors that turn to The Big Recipe Book of Horror Tropes and, being careful to select only the best ingredients and strongest flavors, whip up a dish of pure, terrifying delight.

Sad to say, the writer and director of STILL/BORN picked only the cheapest, moldy old ingredients. In fact, they picked stuff that was NEVER any good even decades ago when it was actually novel.

1. Primary protagonist begins to experience odd events. 2. Primary protagonist establishes him/her self as mentally brittle and emotionally unstable. All other characters begin suspecting the sanity of the primary protagonist. Mix in a healthy dollop of absolutely-no-communication from the primary protagonist. 3. Pick your ending from the following possibilities: A. Primary protagonist dies/gets locked up and we discover it was all in their head. B. Primary protagonist dies/gets locked up and we discover they were right all along; remaining characters filled with regret/horror. C. Primary protagonist dies/gets locked up and we discover they were BOTH crazy AND they were right all along; remaining characters filled with regret/horror.

For STILL/BORN, it was 3C. Yes, 3C was the correct answer.

While there is no need to forgive the lack of originality or novelty in a horror picture, it still has to have a good story. Diluting the focus and effectiveness of the horror experience with a primary character that's brittle, unstable and stupid is just not a good story. I found myself wondering who was going to do more damage to the Adam, the unstable Mary or the supernatural "entity". I wound up not being scared, just annoyed.

If you'd like to see a picture with many of the same plot elements that actually works where STILL/BORN fails (although from a science-fiction rather than supernatural context), I recommend THE FORGOTTEN (2004). In THE FORGOTTEN we encounter an entity threatening a mother's child who finds out how a determined mother can be a far more formidable opponent than might be expected. It gives you some context regarding all the things that STILL/BORN really lacks. STILL/BORN is a very professionally made but very meh movie.
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Boring and cliched. Nothing new here, ending terrible.
goods11627 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
How many times can a door slam behind you and then you can't open the door? This must have happened at least 3 times in this movie. I just watched another horror movie the next day and the same thing happened. The demon/ghost in the photo that moves to look at you is also getting tired. Also, if you feel your baby is in danger in the other room, like at risk of being stolen by a demon, wouldn't you move the crib into your bedroom? How many nights of running to the room in fear would it take you? While the movie is watchable, a better first half than second, it adds nothing new to the horror genre, by the end you're bored. Average watch at best.
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tiskec26 January 2019
I have still to understand the title of this movie. It has nothing to do with the actual plot. That being said, it wasn't too terrible of a movie. I think its good for a one time watch.
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A very good horror movie with non-stop tension!
kevinmendiboure15 May 2018
This movie is really awesome, very original story, great acting and great cinematography & sound design. One of the best since years!
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Very scary and a must-see!
stormychel18 February 2018
I wasn't expecting too much because of the low rating on IMDB, but I'll watch anything of and above 5 stars anyway, and I'm happy I did.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. After the first 15 minutes, there are no 'breaks', no 'happy moments' and it brings a really eerie atmosphere to the room.

Watch this, despite the low rating, you'll be amazed by it's ending!
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awful movie
f-rabit12 March 2018
I can't imagine the reason why Michael Ironside accepted being part of this bad excuse for a movie. Its awful. The plot is riddiculous. The acting is so very bad. The tension is almost "0". The ending was totally predictable. The final part, where the mother tries to invert the situation with the other babe is histerical, horrible, almost comic. I really can't imagine the reason why someone would wanna make such a bad movie like this one. I swear I could do better than this; and I never did it, not even once. But worse than this, I think it's not possible...
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Nice Horror Flick
v2767830 April 2018
I was surprised by all of the negative reviews. Although at times it seemed somewhat predictable, I thought the movie was well-acted and that it had a lot of truly scary moments. It was also a true supernatural horror movie instead of the gory over-the top violent kind. My only real complaint was that the depiction of the demon was too computer-generated and a little cheesy. I think it would have been scarier if it had been depicted by a real person instead of what looks like a haunted house projection prop. I liked the little twist at the very end which seemed to set up a sequel.
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ewgers3 May 2019
Not very good acting , especially from the Mother I'm angry with myself for watching this too the end
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Pleasantly surprised
shaffer_jamie30 December 2018
I went into this movie with low expectations, and it surprised me. Has a few scares that actually gave me goosebumps. The story keeps you guessing. A must watch for a horror fan
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Annoying mother
MikialUK16 October 2018
I loved Grave Encounters, so when I saw this movie is from the same creators/producers I immediately wanted to watch it. The first act was kind of slow yet intriguing but the actress playing the mother is incredibly annoying and I was rooting for the father who really looks like Christian Bale. There are dumb moments especially with the baby and his cot. After all the drama why was the baby still left alone in his room? Naturally you would put your baby in your room if there's any signs of danger. But nope baby was alone despite all the facts presented. There were other odd moments that didn't make any sense or added no action to the plot. The acting was good though and quite believable. The villian had little screening time which was another negative point to add. Overall, a very forgettable movie that could've been executed much better.

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No chemistry, hard to believe anything.
no_vampires_here28 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea why would someone put those two actors together. The entire movie feels like two friends trying to act as a couple.

The scary part of the movie is not so scary as I jumped once (the windows breaking, didn't expect that) - hence the 4 star rating. That ghost/demon whatever it is looks really weak and not much background story.

The thing is I couldn't care a second for any of the characters. The husband simply doesn't care for his wife - he never believes her, not even try talking to her and looked cold and uninterested. The wife had something in the first 20 mins of the movie but then something happened and she looks insane. I couldn't believe her either lol. The rest of the actors are useless.

In the end I am simply sorry to have wasted my time on this. I was like meh...whatever.
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typical cheap horror you could pick up at a supermarket
trashgang17 June 2019
It's a typical horror movie that you can find cheap in your supermarket. You know them, great creepy cover but the movie itself is terrible.

I picked this up only because Michael Ironside was in it. Legendary actor who did some amazing horrors himself. But here he's just in it for his name. Was it scary, never, was it believable , never. The ghost itself was a cheap rip-off of The Ring girl. Get it, long black hair and crazy moves.

Some do say, wow, the ax and the door, looks like The Shining (1980). Ahum, don't made me say a thing about that.

Overall, way under mediocre.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 1/5 Story 1,5/5 Comedy 0/5
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Pretty Good
greg-5368228 April 2019
I went in with no expectations and came out thinking it was a pretty good movie. Have no idea where the title came from. It really has nothing to do with the movie. Pretty good acting and kept my attention throughout. Really makes you think what a woman goes through after child birth. I wouldn't say its great, but definately above average and worth the watch.
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Mediocre at best
Stevieboy66617 March 2019
As others have said Still/Born starts off reasonably interesting but then sadly descends into mediocrity during its second half. And I found myself having to rewatch the ending as I didn't find it very clear. Michael Ironside's part is no more than a cameo and Christie Burke, the lead female, is guilty of some seriously unconvincing acting as her character starts to fall apart. This movie is quite typical of the stuff being churned out and streamed these days. Sadly.
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mashawn-8523311 March 2018
Only rated one star because that's the highest I could rate, story line sucked, graphics sucked.. just a horrible movie all together. One of the worst movies that I've ever saw
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Domestic chiller hits all the right (albeit predictable) tropes and notes
george.schmidt21 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
STILL/BORN (2017) **1/2 Christie Burke, Jesse Moss, Rebecca Olson, Jenn Griffin, Sheila McCarthy, Michael Ironside. Domestic chiller about a young couple who deal with the loss of one of their twins face quite a bargain they didn't anticipate in their beautiful new home: a wraith-like demon hellbent on kidnapping their infant son for nefarious reasons aplenty. Well-produced and directed by Brandon Christensen (who co-wrote the clear-eyed and scary screenplay with Colin Minihan) touches on every parent's nightmare in spades with prickpoint accuracy. The only problem is the tropes are predictable in spite of a very convincing turn by Burke as a mother in a downward spiral fighting every urge to protect her innocent baby despite the overwhelming odds of mixing the supernatural with postpartum depression.
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