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A review not full of irrelevance and bias.
martinjames-muzo18 November 2016
Firstly, I have to mention the previous two reviewers.

The one star review by Adams5905 isn't to be taken seriously by anybody- absolutely all but one of his/her reviews on comedy gets a single star, and the phrase "stool water" gets used more than once. Maybe makes sense, as they're not flushed by any comedy they watch. For pretending to think Natalie Cassidy was Adele with a different wig shows they are effectively trolling a review. The ten star review by Jon Jacobs who calls Adams5905 a Brexiter and UKIP supporter simply out of anger for the bad review is nearly as bad for bringing something up so irrelevant. He seemed to join the site just to post that, and kills his good review by coming across as a bitter (I hate the word) Remoaner, and helps justify the use of the word. At no point that I've seen has Adams5905 brought it up, and one review even suggests they may be anything but Brexit/UKIP. Sorry, I felt strongly enough to mention them.

Onto the show, "I LAAV IT-AH!!!", in the words of Greg Wallace. Great fun, and probably needs no mention that Morgana's impressions are not just good, but amazing. Her Fearne Cotton is more like Fearne Cotton than Fearne Cotton. The male celebrities where she can't replicate an actual male voice are still great, spot-on accents and inflections. The sole Natalie Cassidy episode was very entertaining, I initially thought it might not work, but it did.

Morgana can make me laugh out loud, which doesn't happen to me a lot in new comedy. I loved House of Fools too, which is where I first saw her, and noticed she was able to vary her voice quite considerably.

Some good and fun writing, though I dropped a star for the odd skit that fell a little flat for me. There weren't many though, and heck, every comedy has them, even Python. Also, it's nice she wasn't resorting to heavy smut and swearing so prevalent in today's writing. It seems to be what too many writers think they need to do to get a laugh in today's PC-restricted comedy. As is often the case with most new comedy these days, it may not get recommissioned, but I know Morgana Robinson will be in demand and we'll see plenty more of her talent.
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Great, hilarious, over far too quickly
jonbjake1 November 2016
Do yourself a favor and ignore the previous review by some Brexiter. Morgana Robinson has been stealing scenes in cutting edge UK comedy like "Toast of London" and "Vic and Bob" for some time now, and "Agency" is her best work yet. You'd have to be UKIP not to appreciate her spot-on impressions of B, C, and D-list Brit celebs, or understand the overall social commentary. No, it's not as obvious and terrible as Ricky Gervais making fun of disabled people, so it's not surprising the previous reviewer didn't quite get it. "Agency" isn't for people who think Peter Kay is the gold standard. It's for people who can't stand people who think Peter Kay is the gold standard.

You don't even have to be up on UK celeb culture to enjoy this show. I had no idea who Danny Dyer, Natalie Cassidy, or Cheryl Cole were before watching the first episode, but it didn't matter at all, you know who these people are 10 seconds into Morgana Robinson's first bit. They are archetypes, found in every country and every culture, which is why this show travels so well across the pond.

Honestly, this is one of the best new shows I've seen in years, and it's reviews like Farage Jr.'s here that make me understand why England is in such a mess right now. Ignore this narrow-minded nonsense and treat yourself to one of the most talented, hilarious comedians the UK's produced in quite awhile. Here's hoping for a second series ASAP.
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lucasheap20 January 2019
Absolutely hilarious, we need a series 2! And put series 1 on netflix please!
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Take this rubbish off the air at once!
Adams590511 October 2016
Well, she's back (not that I was subjected to this torture the first time around), and, it would seem, worse than ever!.. Morgana Robinson's The Agency just finished (thank God) on BBC2. Another series of skits and sketches featuring characters mainly appealing to the flotsam and jetsam who consider the Sun or, more likely, the Daily Mail a cracking good read... Who commissions this drivel (I know who pays for it-we do)?.. I'd hoped with the demise of BBC3 that we'd seen the last of this sort of puerile rubbish, but unfortunately not-and once they've commissioned it, do these brain-dead idiots ever actually watch the finished product, as they expect their audience to do?.. She's supposed to be an impressionist, but neither sounds nor looks like any of the characters she assassinates-Danny Dyer, Adele, Mel & Sue, Joanna Lumley (absolute sacrilege), Miranda Hart and Cheryl Cole are only identifiable through the props, costumes, dialogue references and accents (not voices) used, and I only recognized Natalie Cassidy because her 'father' named her (she's just Adele with a different wig)... There were a slew of other characters that were a complete mystery to me, although I think she may still be doing her Fearne Cotton impression-which says it all really-she's not moved on in six years... Others have called her 'supremely talented' and 'one of the best mimics today', well all I can say is you must all be blind and deaf-as a comic actress she may have some potential (emphasis on the some), she did raise some wry smiles in Vic & Bob's 'House of Fools', but as an impersonator, I could do better myself... She's also credited as a writer on this show, which classically illustrates her utter lack of talent (Vic and Bob can write, hence my earlier comment), but also reveals, rather worryingly, a complete lack of supervisory control at the production company-it's not as if she's a well-established megastar with a diva complex to match, so why was she (obviously) allowed editorial control?.. Take her off air at once and bring back somebody who can actually do the job-even Catherine Tate is better than this brand of stool-water...
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