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A surprisingly fantastic anime with deep emotional themes and three-dimensional, rich, and colorful characters.
r-362605 December 2016
A surprisingly phenomenal anime with deep emotional themes and three-dimensional, rich, and colorful characters.

Yuri on Ice starts out seeming like a regular anime that is meant to appeal to the regular anime fan base. At first, the main three characters come across as fairly one-dimensional characters; Yuri is an introverted young man without a lot of friends, Viktor is a pretty boy who can charm basically anyone, and Yurio is an angry and victory obsessed kid.

However, it takes a turn as we are shown each of the characters' thoughts. Especially when the skaters go on the ice, we get to explore the characters mind and their reason for choosing their music and programs. Often times, their programs are related to something that is important to them, and while skating, most of the show's character development takes place. A truly enchanting show that is sure to capture your attention.

*Side note: The show's figure skating animation is quite impressive.
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Beautiful and life changing.
zombieslayingfangirl5 January 2017
This is an absolutely beautiful anime. Ever since episode one, I felt attached to the characters. Every episode blew me away. Its amazing how perfectly they showed a gay relationship, and how no one in the show was homophobic. As well as the fans. This show is a must watch. The music was beautiful and so was the animation. Everything caught my attention and changed my life for the better. If you're contemplating on watching it, believe me when I say... Watch it! You will adore it and love it. Just like I did. Yuri!!! On Ice is an excellent show if you want romance, drama, and sports. Its absolutely stunning and breath taking. Almost every episode had me in tears. You have to watch it! You will fall in love, over and over again.
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dragonsrule-8178110 January 2017
This was such a wonderful anime. Showing beautiful and realistic figure skating (all were choreographed by actual figure skaters), a wonderful original soundtrack and also managing to show a realistic queer relationship without it being the main story line makes this one of my absolute favourites. The story focuses on Yuri, a figure skater who has hit a low in his carrier. Whilst sulking back home his figure skating idol, Victor, turns up and offers to become his coach and help him win the Grand Prix Final (where he was previously disgraced). The relationship between Yuri and Victor is wonderfully built up and explained through out the story and you're also introduced to many other memorable characters, each with distinctive traits and styles of skating or influence. The story follows Yuri's progress and interactions with the other skaters ending in the Grand Prix Final. Nail biting to the end and wonderfully written, I thoroughly enjoyed this an would recommend to anyone who likes adorable beautiful stories.
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The Best Anime I Have Ever Watched
kaitlynalyssaclaire26 June 2019
I just finished this anime and i absolutely loved it, it was extremely well done! I can't recommend it enough. The characters are absolutely adorable and the overall story is so wholesome and heartwarming!!!!!!! The relationship between Victor and Yuri is pure gold.
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Met EVERY expectation unlike other cliché animes
javeriatalha9 February 2017
Wonderful anime that beats down usual anime tropes seen in both romance and sport anime.

The animation at times was a little wonky but given their less time for airing episodes its easily forgiven by some splendid references and places, ethnic sensibility, diversity of characters, excellent music, beautiful character developments and choreography of all free programs. Mitsuuro Kubo has done a wonderful job in creating this world of skaters where feelings come as natural as they would in real life. Also Kubo has represented anxiety and how it can ruin a perfect competitive person who is generally good at what he does.
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sebastianmicfabulous10 March 2017
Beautiful artwork, absolutely stunning graphics and amazing plot. This anime is surely one of my favourites ever along with Black Butler and Free!, and Yuri!!! On Ice is definitely one of the best out there. So excited to see if there will be a second series? All in all, ten out of ten would 100% recommend, it kept me hooked from the very start. Amazing series.
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This Show Insipred Me
libertyprime-1671312 June 2019
This show has changed my life in so many ways. Back in 2016 after first watching this show I went to fight for the Houthi rebels because of it. Also yurio is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.
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im not homophobic but this shit is cheesy af
maddiemillz-9223914 January 2018
Everything is annoying about this anime, how cheesy and how both how the man characters act like their always in lewd situations
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Beautiful Anime, Fun, Entertaining and Quintessential
mayank0987628 December 2017
I didn't expect I would enjoy a series based on figure skating so much, just started watching seeing its high rating on an anime site and I was hooked. Initial episodes won me over with its innocence and charming humor, the funny take on the world of skating was hilarious to watch. The animation itself is very good, more like a work of art. Professional Ice skating scoring is done both on technicality and presentation, this meant the skating presented in the animation was beautifully choreography along with great background music. The characters present in the anime are fun, loving and entertaining, only the positive side of people are shown without one negative or bad thought, unrealistic in the real world but a beautiful take on an ideal world.

I did feel the show kind of got repetitive with the skating in the last 1/3rd of the 12 episode series, by now we had seen the same performances on the same music many time overs. Still, the final performances were special. I did feel the ending was perfect.

The show is not for everyone, its male themed and there seems to be clear sexual tension between the guys, the gay theme was unrealistic as the world shown here is discrimination free. I took it as hilarious as it was kept ambiguous till the end, no clear scene, just emotions, but don't know how it would sit with others.
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my opinion for this movie
sanazjamali7 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A great anime with a great animation . good characters . Good dancing . Good shunen i .
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A charming underdog story with an admirable twist
capricornmoon7 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Plot: It's a Sports/Romantic Comedy about a young man named Yuri Katsuki. He's a 23 year old professional figure skater who thinks he sucks, and is therefore contemplating retiring. However, his idol Victor Nikiforov, a 27 year old enigmatic goofball and five time world champion, shows up out of nowhere and offers to coach him. He's up against severe anxiety, other well trained skaters, and Yuri (Yurio) Plisetsky a 15 year old skating prodigy. You've seen this story before, but as the cliché goes it's not the destination but the journey. Also an adult cast and no high school setting?! What have I done to deserve this bounty?


Pros-Yuri is our protagonist and main (unreliable) narrator. He's very relatable and adorably innocent. His anxiety was frustrating but realistic. The struggle with it was a constant battle the entire series. It's the biggest enemy in the show, and his journey is to manage that and become the great skater that's hidden within him.

Cons-Yuri is to codependent on Victor. It got to the point that I was asking does he even like skating or does he only like it because Victor does?

Pros-Victor is the deuteragonist, Yuri's coach, and love interest. He has a silly personality. We get nuggets of seriousness, but his default is to be a child in a man's body. It's impossible to dislike him.

Cons- As far as overall depth goes we get crumbs but no real meat. Victor is just not a fully realized character. His sole purpose is to seduce the pork cutlet bowl out of Yuri's pants. If other people didn't see and interact with him I would be convinced he was a figment of Yuri's imagination.

Pros-Yurio rounds out the mains as the tritagonist. He's the next Victor of the skating world. He can be funny, and I like watching him skate.

Cons- His personality is violent and angry. His disgusting behavior is either ignored or played for laughs.

Pros- The side characters were likable in their own right.

Cons-They took away screen time from Yuri and Victor. I just didn't care about them. Yet, I had to watch long, boring, and repetitive skating sequences.

Romance: Pros-Shh, don't tell anyone but our main couple they're ….two guys. Let's be real this is the strongest reason this show was watched. Their romance was charming, tender, heartwarming and funny. I rooted for them to get their happy ending. Their story was a nice template.

Cons-The overall execution of the romance is timidly done. There's unnecessary censorship and important moments being played for laughs etc. The moments that happened in view were executed teasingly or were severely mired in skater rhetoric. There's no frank discussion on their feelings toward each other. Their relationship exists in a weird bubble. No one explicitly acknowledges its existence. Not even them. Victor and Yuri's romantic and professional relationship is treated like they're one and the same, and the writers seem afraid to detangle the two. They won't fully commit to this utopia. The pair should be able to do these default couple things without the twilight zoning of their relationship. A utopia doesn't mean push things under the rug. It's fine that the negatives about their relationship don't exist in this world. However, why are the positives being hidden, denied or ignored? Their romance is being executed like a vague, childish fan-fiction. The biggest outrage is it doesn't have to be. There's no network/media suppression despite thoughts to the contrary. The odd censorship is creator- inflicted. Why?


Pros- The more adult looking art style worked well for the show. I also liked most of the character designs. Also when the show didn't look like it was a having a budget crisis it could be very pretty and smooth looking. Characters would look really well drawn, and the choreography for the skating wouldn't look like a bunch of choppy arms and legs flailing about like a deformed baby walrus.

Cons- I sometimes asked myself where the budget was going. There were a good helping of off model shots for the characters and skating routines and also frame rate issues. Basically too much general ineptness plagued this series. The graphical abilities of the overall show were very inconsistent both on and off the ice.

Diversity: It's an international stage and yet everyone is white. Yuri and his his 'Japanese' family, friends, and peers all look white as well. Every anime has this problem. There's a word for it, but I'll leave it to myself.

Music: The skating and background pieces are nice. Standouts would be Yuri on Ice and Agape. On Ice is Yuri's character in music form, and it's a very beautiful, regal piece. Agape is lyrical innocence. History Maker is the opening, and it goes well with the theme of the show, but I personally didn't like it. You Only Live Once is the ending theme. It has a catchy electronic beat to it.

Comedy: The show is very comedic in nature, and it fit the overall sunny tone, but I do wish it was a bit more serious than what was presented.

Voice Work: I watched Funimation's dub. They did some brilliant work here. The cast all had very good voices that fit them. I adored Yuri's voice. It was perfect. He carried the show. Yurio's Russian accented voice fit him to a tee. Victor also has a Russian accent, and it was this pleasing mixture of sensual and silly.

Ending: There was a lot of deus ex machina, character regressions, pacing issues, and miscommunication melodrama etc. Basically the last two episodes (12 especially) felt like they were narratively disconnected from the episodes that came before it. Instead of making a strong series finale they decided to milkage bait a second season.
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So pleasantly gay
icecream74725 April 2017
I chose Yuri! On Ice as my entrance to the world of anime and I probably couldn't have chosen better. It was a bit weird for me at the beginning, but weirdly hilarious and interesting. It's true that there were probably too many not so memorable characters, but the development of the main two was amazing. What I really loved was that the show somehow managed to be very sexual, yet so innocent at the same time. Besides that, the music is amazing, the opening is stuck in my head probably forever and so is the ending. I'm looking forward to season 2 and would recommend this to anyone - although I'm not sure if straight guys would even be able to watch this, it's really, really gay.
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Beautiful anime with attractive men
platorepublic10 January 2017
For someone who doesn't watch a lot of anime, I found this a gem. There were many things that drew me into this anime, and I won't lie, it was because I found Victor super attractive.

But everything else also tie this together into a consistent quality watch.


+ BL/Yaoi/gay content if you are into that kind of thing + character development of the main character + relationship development + introduces you to the world of figure skating + pleasing art style and animations + amazing music, especially the opening, the ending, and songs for the main character's short and free programs

  • support characters are a bit boring (imo) - choreography can be a bit repetitive - not enough introduction to the various jumps (I have no idea what they are talking about when they say things like toe loop or quad flips)

But I am being spoiled, the +'s outweigh the -'s.
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A heartwarming and visually superb anime
Falcon_of_Light15 October 2018
I was not sure whether I should give Yuri!!! on ICE a try. But because of its praise I thought I had to watch it to convince myself of whether or not this anime truly merits its high ratings. And it totally does!

We get to know 23 y/o Yuri Katsuki, a highly skilled figure skater who has just suffered a terrible blow to his career as he lands the last place in the Grand Prix Final competition and travels home to his hometown Hasetsu to see his family for the first time in a long time. Because of this crushing defeat he is unsure whether he should continue figure skating or leave it for good. He is a shy but kind person and highly insecure about his skills, especially after the incident at the Grand Prix Final. His greatest idol since early childhood, 27 y/o Victor Nikiforov, scored once again the first place and is internationally highly acclaimed. It seems that he is the complete opposite of Yuri K. with his cool attitude, his easy charms and exceptional talent and flair when dancing on the ice. However, he seems to lack the understanding of personal space and his bluntness sometimes borders rudeness.

Meanwhile in Hasetsu, Yuri tries to rekindle his love for figure skating by flawlessly copying one of Nikiforov's choreographies, unaware that his childhood friend has been filming his performance and uploaded it to the net. Since it was tagged with Nikiforov's name and because Yuri himself is quite well known among figure skaters, the video goes viral and eventually reaches Victor Nikiforov himself, whose interest is peaked. Because he has reached the very top of his career and it gets harder and harder to surprise the public with a new and exciting choreography, he decides to leave Russia and travel all the way to Hasetsu (Japan) to train Yuri. While this decision is of course not at all what Victor's trainer had in mind, it is absolutely something that Victor would do, because he seems to be this impulsive, careless type for whom everything somehow just works out.

And so Yuri is surprised at his home by Victor, barging in and declaring he'll train him IF he manages to get back in shape. Yuri feels very uncomfortable at first, because it's not everyday that your idol shows up at your doorstep wanting to train you while exclaiming that you have gotten fat (yes, Victor is very direct). When Yuri Nr. 2 (henceforth Yuri P.) shows up in Yuri K.'s hometown, because Victor promised him (and obviously forgot) to develop a choreography for his figure skating debut in the older age class, Yuri K. and Yuri P. become rivals. Although Yuri K. would prefer to be friends, the always angry and immature 15 y/o Yuri P. makes this impossible. Victor, realizing that he messed up, decides to host a mini competition between Yuri K. and Yuri P. and the winner would then be trained by Victor for the upcoming Grand Prix competition. He assigns each of them a choreography he developed, intentionally choosing the theme that seems less suiting for the individual to provide them with a challenge and to broaden their skillset.

While both Yuris perform wonderfully, Yuri K. makes the cut, as he convinces with his passion more than Yuri P. who is undeniably superior when it comes to technical skill. And so Victor trains Yuri for the new season. While one might assume that the story focuses on the implied romance between Yuri and Victor, this is not at all the case! Instead, it focuses on the plot, which is quite believable, while still exploring the individual characters (various figure skaters, their backgrounds, troubles and joys). It showcases a variety of choreographies with original music tracks and the hard trainings of the participants, the suspense at the competitions and the mixed feelings when cheering for a friends all the while hoping that it will be you who's moving up. As a former dancer having experienced the pressure of competitions and hard trainings taking up all of your free time, leaving you with blisters and bruises, I felt very nostalgic, remembering those hardships and the immense happiness.

Of course, aside from the main plot and the competitions, we get to see the difficulties in the relationship between an inexperienced coach and an insecure figure skater but also follow their journey of mutual personal growth. It is easy to like the characters, because most of time, the anime feels like a slice of life, despite it clearly being a sports anime. There is resolve for every character, with Yuri P. finding his strength in family and getting more mature, Yuri K. finally learning what it means to be supported and pushed by someone you love and discovering his confidence, and Victor finding out that people require patience and care and that it takes more than sheer skill to be a good coach. There is humor, sadness, happiness, anger and pain. But none of it is over the top or over exploited.

This is clearly a feel-good anime and the visuals are gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous!! The animation of the choreographies is meticulous and fluid. I enjoyed every second of it. The only negative aspect that one could point out is the focus on too many minor characters and sometimes over-indulging in choreographies of people we are not that interested in. Despite some moments of second-hand embarrassment (the early Yuri K. is sometimes so clumsy that we want to avert our gaze in shame), the anime is touching and believable, making it one of my favorites so far. I therefore give Yuri!!! on ICE 9/10.
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Absolutely loved it
shereen_khan4912 July 2018
Honestly,this anime was way better than my expectations. One of my favourite quality about this anime is the amazing animation it has. The ice skating scenes are truly enjoyable. I loved every moment of this anime. The story and the characters are really good.
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Great and now my favourite
Irishchatter11 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I found it really interesting that this show is different from gay anime films or tv shows I've seen. The music was brilliant and the animation of the skaters doing their moves was impressive. However the relationship between Yuri K and Victor needed more spice in my opinion. I think they should've shown more love to each other as a couple like i didn't feel that "kiss" scene was enough as from I've seen, it was like a kiss in the cheek. Also they were saying the gold rings they were wearing were for engagement or wedding, like seriously, there wasn't really much about them on the series since it was concentrated solely on the other skaters. Not that I'm bashing the anime because it was good at the same time regardless! It's just my personal opinion guys!

The characters were good, funny and cute. I definately give this a 9/10 as I like to watch skating on television myself!
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