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Another stereotypical-enforcing piece of junk
ssra_2520 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First, I have to say this is the first time I've given a grade under 5 to a movie on IMDb. I'd give it even less than one star if I could. Why I did that? Because I'm sick of movies showing the same type of stereotypes presented in 90% of teenage movies:

1. Stereotype no. 1: the pretty girl absolutely has to be mean. Like being mean is reserved only to pretty girls... At least they didn't make her blond and dumb anymore (usually she's that as well);

2. Stereotype no. 2: the protagonist absolutely has to be this humble, plain, naive, good-hearted, boring, no-personality person who wants to help her society more than anything else. I guess I should be thankful she's wasn't a modern-day Virgin Mary (I know, that's blasphemous);

3. Stereotype no. 3: the antagonist (namely the pretty, mean girl) loses. That always happens in movies like this one and, to be honest, by now it has become really boring. Not to mention that it's completely unimaginative.

Even the lines are pretty much the same I've seen countless other similar movies.

Movies like this one do nothing but harm, especially since it repeats the above described stereotypes over and over again.
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simranaujla19 January 2018
It was so cringe I had to pause and contain myself at times. Terrible movie.
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Couldn't wait till it was over!
georgialindsey10 September 2017
Corny, but not in a funny or good way. Predictable with a terrible story line and annoyingly clique characters. Time I am never going to get back. The best part of the whole movie was the cute little sister, but unfortunately she wasn't in it much. I literally had one 5 second laugh in the whole movie.
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Awful just awful
erosadocautin12 September 2017
The most basic film I've ever watched this year. If you wanna watch this film when you are bored, then you are going to be double bored. The story is so predictable that I didn't need to see the end, because it's like some various teenage films that are good for TV but not for a streaming service like Netflix, I was really disappointed with the acting.
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Tries to be mean girls, fails
mariellealien12 September 2017
It's your regular over the top, run of the mill young people movie. It tries very hard to be Mean Girls 2017 edition, and it fails spectacularly.

There is some warmth in it, but not enough to buy it. It's like a TV- movie about (cyber)bullying that also wants to be a comedy. The balance is off.

The actors aren't bad, but also not fantastic. It was OK,fine - but that was all it was.
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I would have given 0 stars, if possible.
elizaroseforever24 September 2017
I literally just made an account to write this review because this film was so bad. The story line is predictable, it is filmed like a commercial and just not authentic at all. Even the characters are so boring. Just another nerdy, behaved protagonist who gets bullied from the mean girls of high school. WHY Netflix? WHY?
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Basic and predictable
bozopauk29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I will keep it as simple as this movie is. It is a classic, basic teen high school comedy. If it can be called comedy since it has no humor throughout the whole movie. It has all the classics: bitchy queen of school, superstar athlete, nerdy girl turning out to be prettiest girl and her nerdier friend that is in love with her. Only thing that I didn't predict was the gay moment, but it was my mistake, it is 2017, and well, you need something pro-LGBTQ to get better critics. So to conclude, I have no idea as why I've watched this movie other than the extreme boredom. I got what I expected, a very, very bad movie.
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#RealityHigh leaves you with the impression that Netflix might be back to focusing on quantity over quality when it comes to their releases.
Amari-Sali17 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Black Love

It's increasingly rare for a Black character's parents to not be interracial or for them to not pursue an interracial relationship. Which isn't to imply I have anything against those who are in or pursue such. More so, it has usually come at the cost of getting to see Black Love and all of its delights. So with seeing Dani's parents being Black and she attracted to the Black guy over Duckie, I mean Freddie, it warmed my heart a little bit. For despite culture not being written into either Dani and Cameron's characters, just seeing the rare depiction of two Black "teens" together was nice.


Dani's 180-degree Turn

Can someone explain how Dani goes from someone who is focused and perhaps introverted to someone who would get drunk at school? I get there is supposed to be this weak reasoning about how popularity played a hand, but am I supposed to take that seriously? This does claim to be a comedy.

Yet, being that Dani just quickly becomes self-absorbed and a bit of an ass, it really makes me wonder if I missed something? Yeah, Dani notes she was jealous of Alexa's life but how does that lead to a character who was trying to use social media to support the animal shelter she works at to being egocentric and ruining all she has ever worked for? I mean, we are led to believe Dani is a smart girl, right? Surely, someone who has tortured her consistently for years suddenly coming to her house talking about being friends has to raise a red flag right? Especially after you started dating their ex.

It could be perhaps I've seen too many movies similar to this, but come on!

It's Just a Sorry Excuse For A Comedy

#RealityHigh reminds me of the sad attempt that was Death Note to represent what it is like to be a teenager. Something just feels off, condescending, and out of touch about how everyone is written. Even if you are supposed to look at it through the lens of this being a comedy. Take Broussard (Peter Gilroy) for instance. He clearly is supposed to be a comedic character but it just never clicked who is he supposed to be funny to? I don't believe my sense of humor is mature so shouldn't jokes about the principal's last name be funny? Shouldn't Broussard's antics make me laugh vs. make me roll my eyes? Could it be I have finally become an adult?!

Nope, it is just between being cringey and so bad you can't even call it campy, those tasked with making the film funny try too hard or not enough. Making the writing, and their performances, seem like something they should be embarrassed about. Especially John Michael Higgins as Principal Dixon. Though, similar to Eugene Levy, arguably he doesn't seem that choosy when he picks roles. He just so happens to luck into a good one every dozen or so.

Last Minute Inclusion of a Gay Couple

Similar to Paranorman, a character we are given the total impression that they are straight, are discovered to be gay. Which I'm only criticizing since it was done for shock value, if not a joke. Which, with it being 2017, it makes me hope that one day, we will do better.

On The Fence

The Little People

Be it Shannon (Michael Provost) and Holly (Anne Winters), Freddie to a certain degree, among the rest of the supporting cast, there are times you really do want to invest in them. However, in the case of Freddie, you are giving a severely watered down version of Duckie from Pretty in Pink. Then, with everyone else, it really seems #RealityHigh only wants to go so far to show how complacent people get about bullies when they aren't the one being teased or harassed. Which is a shame for, at least when it comes to Shannon and Holly, there is a cute romance and story there. However, sadly they are barely given enough screen time for it to have some oomph.

Overall: Negative (Skip It)

Cameron and Dani's relationship is cute, but that's about it. Dani's transformation into an Alexa type does not click as something that can or should make sense what so ever. Add on a lot of moments which seem like they should have been funny fall flat, and it leaves you with the impression that Netflix might be back to focusing on quantity over quality.
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Over-acted and filmed like a commercial. Garbage
beezzarro11 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A bunch of other reviews have stated that this movie portrays the expectations placed on the shoulders of girls in high school to be cool and hot. BS! Yeah, if you'd gone to a high school like this where everyone is 30 years old, apparently high on drugs, has a car, and is super rich sure, then the expectation would be to be like them. This movie really suffers from that special case of what-40-year-olds-think-high-school-is.

Let me be clear, there is not a single high school on the planet that even remotely resembles this SUNNY-D commercial of a movie. That is how this whole movie is filmed, especially the scene at the pool. The acting is unbearably over the top and consistently fails to deliver any funny or memorable lines. Oh wait, I lied.. I actually burst out laughing when the main character started gazing into the camera with her face perfectly framed only to have it cut to a shot of her love interest floating in the pool in the same manner, I could practically see a brand name floating next to their heads with a catch-phrase. Actually, if you do end up seeing this monstrosity (I'd have given it no stars if possible) just play a game with yourself: see how many different logos fit with the current scene. Is someone getting out of bed and walking into the kitchen to have the most perfect looking day that California has ever seen? Folgers. Over enthusiastic father showing up and showing the signs of a perfectly happy and promiscuous marriage only to have his 20- year-old hot wife show up and hold his hand? Trojan.

I digress. Don't see this pap! Especially if you're someone like me who can actually get really worked up after considering that the experience of watching this movie was basically theft, IE; this movie stole 30 minutes of my life. I didn't watch the entire thing because I didn't want to feel my time being wasted any longer.
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Not too bad
nspence0018 September 2018
Sometimes you need a super cheesy movie. This movie was incredibly predictable but honestly we all need a movie like this sometimes. It shows cyber bullying, what popularity can do, teenage parties, and dogs.
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Steaming Hot Garbage
cierawhat8 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen a lot of bad movies, but none have moved me to make an IMDb page. This movie finally broke me down.

I can't feel bad for Dani. Going from the girl in the beginning who doesn't care what she wears and is dedicated to the shelter and her school to someone who day drinks and blows people off is unrealistic. Not even her sudden rise to 'popularity' can explain that. The only reason for her sudden change is to further the terrible plot. She doesn't feel like a real person at all, and I can't sympathize with her because everything feels so forced. She was 'relatable' and quirkily awkward in the beginning, and once she was thrown away by her new friends she went right back to that as if everything that happened in the middle meant nothing.

Her best friend had a crush on her, which was totally unnecessary and didn't further the plot at all. It didn't get tidied up at the end, they never talked it out, he was just there to show how downhill she was going. Even if he was super significant to the plot, him having a crush did nothing for the movie besides make it even more cliché. His character was watered down and apparently had a grandma that made him alcoholic drinks (???).

That leads me into the other characters that are there for comedic value but aren't executed well. The immature kid that makes stupid jokes, the principal who smokes weed at the end of the movie, the sister who was basically what 40 year olds think kids these days are, the lady who went to a super prestigious school but wound up at a dead-end shelter and was weird and zany. It all felt forced.

Dani's relationship with Cam is a big part of the movie. It was cute and I really enjoyed Cam's character (which is a big part of why the rating is higher than one), but it was never explained. We didn't find out when he started to crush on her, or why he asked her out while he still had a girlfriend (who conveniently broke up with him so that he could date Dani.) He took her back for no reason at the end.

Everything was predictable and nothing mattered. It was the copy and paste plot of a million other movies and books. Girl discovers new things, girl messes up, girl fixes everything. All of her loose ends were tied up, and she had next to no lasting repercussions. Everyone forgave her, she didn't get in trouble for using her dad's credit card to buy 400 dollar shoes, and the whole stalker thing blew over.

Speed round of things I disliked: Her 'friendship' with Kid Ink that was only there to help her fix her problems. How she couldn't afford her dream school but still splurged on a whole new wardrobe. How she was so 'smart' but took back Alexa right away. How the gay couple at the end was played off as a joke with no foreshadowing besides how one of the men was overly masculine and one was overly feminine, which is a common stereotype.

The directing was decent, despite how most of the shots were like high school on cocaine. Real life isn't like that. The acting was actually really good, and Dani did what she could with the bad script. Cam did super well and I really enjoyed his character, and although all of the background characters were written badly the actors managed to pull it off.

TD:LR: Good acting, terrible plot that is predictable yet makes no sense, bad characters, overall garbage.
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koalaelephant13 September 2017
SO I was worried about watching this because sometimes movies with a designated bad girl are very frustrating and infuriating, but this was great. I think it really did a good job representing the millennial generation. The main character was so adorable and so was her romantic counterpart, both were completely unproblematic individuals and it was fun to root for them. I liked how they didn't show the male characters as stereotypical douchebags like they usually do. Yes some things were kind of cliché and corny but thats inevitable with chick flicks, overall it was well executed. I gave it a 10 mainly because I felt the score it has now is really unfair. Really it probably should be a 9 because 10 should be saved for more life changing movies. Anyway I have never wrote a review before but I always read reviews before watching movies, this time I watched the movie first then checked out the reviews and saw it only had 5 stars. I thought, how unfair! I may have been kept from this wonderful movie if I had seen the reviews first. So I want to prevent that from happening to other people.
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Was this a joke cause I didn't get it...
be_like_water11 September 2017
Who thought this movie was a good idea in 2017?? I mean, how many times has this kind of storyline been done not just in movies but in TV shows, books, etc.?? I just couldn't take it seriously at all and I hope that whoever else watches this movie has enough sense not to either (& especially if you're a kid or teen...for the love of God do not let movies like these - or any for that matter - tell you how your high school experience is/isn't supposed to be)

Edit: I just realized that Dani "I'm not like the other girls" Barnes' friend who's supposed to play the quintessential sidekick who gets friendzoned for the popular jock is wearing a fedora...a FEDORA. If the person who wrote this movie sees this (and i mean this in the nicest way) please re-evaluate your life choices. Do it for the kids.
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Predictable High School Drama With Heart
MJL_Uncensored25 March 2018
#REALITYHIGH, while predictable in every single way, is a surprisingly quaint and endearing high school drama starring Nesta Cooper as Dani Barnes-a young black girl whose bullied in grade school, which results in her banishing herself from social media. Flashforward to high school and she is the awkward geek girl that exists in real life but surprisingly seems to annoy this generation of movie geeks who feel they are being represented unfairly. To that, I say, "Shut-up! Be a geek and be proud!"

Dani's character is not nuanced in any way-her role is a carbon copy of any number of pretty geek girls seen throughout film history who are just one make-over away from underappreciated darling to video vixen. Dani just happens to be caramel colored supposedly ugly-duckling who happens to be pretty. So black audiences are treated to a rare treat: a good, young black male with good intentions towards the protagonists. Netflix, what are you doing? How dare you do something positive in the name of diversity. Okay, I'm being facetious to make a point: it is nice to see black kids shown in a light that's not tragic, demeaning, or violent. So for that alone, I was willing to give it a try.

As the movie progresses, it hits all the right plot points, and the characters are relatively good-natured, except the antagonist-Alexa: the narcissistic social media star that ruined Dani's childhood. When Alexa's ex-boyfriend, Cameron (played by the charming Keith Powers) starts dating Dani, it sets Dani and Alexa on an inevitable collision course. Now, doesn't that play into the trope of girls fighting one another over a guy? Sure it does. Does that happen in real life? Hell yeah! So, what are crying about people? Lighten up. #REALITYHIGH delivers a wholesome love story about two decent kids trying to navigate a vicious, social media culture. The same culture that's trashing this movie on IMDB as if it were ever trying to be anything more than a fluffy high school film.

#REALITYHIGH suffers from some choppy transitions scenes, and a lack of onscreen time for her bratty sister Taylor, but it's not enough to hamper the movie in any kind of way. If anything, the on-screen chemistry of Nesta Cooper and Keith Powers make this movie a pleasure to watch and left me hoping to see more of these young actors in the future.
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CRINGY, Can't wait for it to end
iloverain-3252723 December 2017
This "MOVIE" is movie is so bad I created an IMDb account just to rate it. It's plain boring , over acted, unnecessary , and just plainly bad. Don't waste your time.
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Boring and predictable
snowyprecipice29 April 2019
Just another 'realistic' high school movie full of insanely gorgeous high school kids having first world problems. The protagonist is already gorgeous dressed as a nerd, so her 'transition' is laughable. The conflict, climax and resolution were all tried tropes and were incredibly boring. The only reason this gets a 3 is because the acting wasn't bad, and I liked the random weird dude who kept antagonizing the principal.
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Please make a #RealityHigh2 or turn it into a series
rhodeslinzey1 February 2019
This movie was great hands down and if you say otherwise you're obviously a negative individual all I have to say is if a movie made me go find where to write a review about it ...it was good and hopefully there is more to come of this with the same cast. Just Great!
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Good movie that deals with high school bullying in social media generation
josephsaroufim15 September 2017
Netflix originals have been super strong and they continue their hit streak with #RealityHigh. This is a throwback to teen movies from the 80s, with a real modern sensibility. It's refreshing to see a diverse cast in this type of film. I love the way the filmmakers address bullying in high school while still making this a fun and enjoyable film. The characters are strong and I could imagine they would be very relatable to the social media generation.
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Cutie .would watch again
poohhicks10 September 2017
This movie was the cutest. I was apprehensive about watching since I could not see previous reviews. Perfect for a Sunday morning in bed.I am almost 50 and enjoyed this film. Nothing vulgar or violent. Just a cute movie about a young lady, her dog and love. It looks like sometimes good girls do win.
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Started watching with low expectations
bigrxremixn8 September 2017
Great movie great cast great story line awesome cameos perfect movie teens will love it imagine mean girls if they are all intagramer's anyway this is one of the "better" Netflix original movies i hope you enjoy it as much as i did it was funny it has drama everything your looking for in a teen movie nowadays.
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Very good film
stormxhunter22 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
#realityhigh is a movie which any teen girl can relate to in many ways. It is god as it shows off what popularity can and is likely to do.

The plot is very funny but also cringe in a good way. The start was really good. The shopping trip bit at around 52 minutes in was extremely cringe. The party was very cringe as well. The smoking bit was over the top too. Round 1:05:00 was super cringe when Cameron and Dani had their talk. Round 1:07:00 when they have their argument was good as it shows off what can happen when popularity gets to you too much.

The music is done well. Its loud enough to hear the difference but not enough that it's too much and overpowering. There is emotional music when there need to be. And normal background music when it needs to be.

The characters dress and hair is done very well. At 25:30 the accessories are a little overdone with the earring thing but suit the situation the film brings up. The characters dress and hair is done so that the time in their life they are it suits them.

In conclusion, this film is done well it cute funny cringe all at the same time but all in a good way. I would recommend this film to any teenage girl.
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Such a torture
shukri_rahmat23 June 2018
My girlfriend turned this on netflix and its the most boring cringiest moment in my life
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Great Movie - Don't listen to the Bad Reviews Trust Me
cmlplaya23 July 2019
Don't listen to all of the bad reviews on this film. Trust me this is a great film and most would enjoy it. I have never left a review before and I did so because of the unfair rating.. 10/10i
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abhasbhargava12 July 2019
This movie may be predictable, but movies like this are the ones people should watch and try to learn some things from.
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I think the director was high.
sara-caroline15 January 2019
I think the director was high.

All the time.

Even when casting for the main roles.

I mean.

Cliche teen movies will forever stay the same. But this. This was written, filmed and directed while high on weed. No doubt.
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