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Deception, Jealousy, and Lies

As the Carringtons make the ultimate decision, allegiances are tested as dark secrets resurface.

Season 2

12 Oct. 2018
Twenty-Three Skidoo
The Carringtons rise to redefine themselves as the fate of the family's legacy falls squarely on Fallon.
19 Oct. 2018
Ship of Vipers
Fallon goes to desperate measures to sell Carrington Atlantic to the Van Kirks; Kirby befriends the Colbys.
26 Oct. 2018
The Butler Did It
Fallon gets in over her head; Kirby digs into her past; Blake wines and dines a new guest.
2 Nov. 2018
Snowflakes in Hell
After an earth-shattering reveal, the Carringtons scramble to stay together on an expedition abroad.
9 Nov. 2018
Queen of Cups
A psychic comes to dinner with unsettling news; Jeff and Culhane forge an unlikely friendship.
16 Nov. 2018
That Witch
A tornado brings everyone together for a dark and stormy Thanksgiving.
30 Nov. 2018
A Temporary Infestation
Alexis indulges in some master manipulation; Fallon pursues a passion project.
7 Dec. 2018
A Real Instinct for the Jugular
Fallon recruits Alexis for wedding planning; Culhane discovers his dark side.
21 Dec. 2018
Crazy Lady
Unresolved grievances stir up as the Carringtons track down a dangerous enemy on Christmas Eve.
18 Jan. 2019
A Champagne Mood
Culhane desperately needs Fallon's help; Cristal is reluctant to reveal big news to Blake.
25 Jan. 2019
The Sight of You
As Fallon plans a restorative "girls' trip" to Idaho, her hidden agenda quickly reveals itself.
1 Feb. 2019
Filthy Games
Fallon tries to prove she's still got game; Alexis drives a wedge between Blake and Cristal.
8 Feb. 2019
Even Worms Can Procreate
A surprise visitor threatens Cristal and Blake's relationship; Fallon goes to war with Culhane.
15 Mar. 2019
Parisian Legend Has It...
Blake seeks justice in the wake of tragedy; Fallon and Sam fly to Paris to search for Steven.
22 Mar. 2019
Motherly Overprotectiveness
Fallon and Sam's attempt to keep a secret are complicated by the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
29 Mar. 2019
Miserably Ungrateful Men
A damaging article threatens the Carringtons' reputation; Sam chaperones an intimidating visitor.
19 Apr. 2019
How Two-Faced Can You Get?
Fallon's acquisition brings Liam into the fold; Cristal fears her family will seek revenge on her new one.
26 Apr. 2019
Life Is a Masquerade Party
Romantic issues surface between Fallon and Liam; Adam unveils the "new" Alexis to the family.
3 May 2019
This Illness of Mine
Liam's mother makes a shocking announcement; Blake and Cristal pursue a nefarious new scheme.
10 May 2019
New Lady in Town
Fallon and Liam exact revenge on Adam; Jeff's recovery is complicated by the arrival of his mother.
17 May 2019
Thicker Than Money
Fallon's pursuit of a game-changing deal becomes complicated; A rift arises between Blake and Cristal.
24 May 2019
Deception, Jealousy, and Lies
As the Carringtons make the ultimate decision, allegiances are tested as dark secrets resurface.

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