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Decent Recap
nomis9418 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this TV special very much. It was nice to get some background information and thoughts of some actors. Even producers and directors had the chance to take the viewers on a nostalgic journey.

When it comes to the recap of season 2, however, I really missed the whole Rick-Shane conflict as well as the Lori-is-pregnant situation. In my opinion these were BIG and exciting story arcs and in this special episode they either mention it only briefly or ... simply not. It's the same thing with Rick's insanity in season 3 and his hallucinations. Why isn't it mentioned? It was a very important and shaping time for his character.

Especially the season 1-3 recaps made me really nostalgic. I feel like this show felt a little bit different back then - in a good way. Anyway, I like every season equally. To me TWD is one big story.

All in all it was nice to dive into the TWD universe once again. It's a fascinating journey and a roller-coaster of emotions. I enjoyed it!
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