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Absolute Musical Perfection
ymyuseda26 May 2019
Aladdin truly is magical. Aladdin has a long and illustrious legacy. As usual, the plot of beggar Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fighting for their love is incredible. This movie was great !! It has comedy,action,romance,adventure and everything else including in all genres of all movie. The acting from everyone was great. Good acting performance by Will Smith a.k.a Genie, Mena Massoud a.k.a Aladdin & Naomi Scott a.k.a Jasmine. For all of you, go see it you wont regret it !! Absolute musical perfection.
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Very Enjoyable!
miy6624 May 2019
I know everyone wants to compare this to the Animated version, but don't. Take it as it comes and you will thoroughly enjoy it. It does stay pretty faithful to the animated version I think. Will Smith as the genie could never be the Robyn Williams genie, but I don't think he tries to. He does fantastically well in his own right. Absolutely loved the Prince Ali song where Aladdin enters the city as the prince. Brilliantly colorful spectacle captured really well. Jafar missed a little for me as had lost the smarmy-ness of the animated version. The songs were great and the Aladdin and Jasmine characterization was pretty spot on. I think kids would love this and I would definitely recommend it.
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A whole new (different, but familiar) world....
Chalice_Of_Evil23 May 2019
As soon as this live action version of Aladdin was first announced, it seems certain people were against it. While I too have fond memories of seeing the original animated version at the theatre, I was at least willing to give this one a chance. I'm glad I did. Firstly, people need to realise an animated film and live-action film are two different things. Some things that work in animation just won't translate too well into live-action. The other thing to accept is that, short of resurrecting Robin Williams, there was no way they were ever going to be able to replicate his unique take on the character of the Genie. Once you open your mind to the possibility that something can be 'different' but also *good*; then you'll have a more pleasant experience. That's what we get here: a movie that is familiar, but at the same time new/different (and that's not a bad thing).

From the very beginning, the movie is somewhat different to what we might be expecting when we're introduced to who is telling the story. While it was immediately evident to me what was going on, it wasn't a 'bad' addition. After sweeping shots set to the song 'Arabian Nights', we're introduced to the 'street rat' named Aladdin. Although much fuss has been made about the Genie casting, if Aladdin had been miscast, then the whole film would've suffered. Thankfully, I can say that I almost immediately liked Mena Massoud in the role. He's funny, got moves/charm, makes for a likeable 'thief' and his relationship with his pet monkey, Abu, is as good as I'd hoped it'd be. Speaking of, although people think of CGI characters badly a lot of the time, it must be made clear the animal companions in this are all wonderfully brought to life/fully-realised characters. Abu is expressive, funny, and helpful (despite sometimes getting them both into trouble).

Not before long Aladdin encounters Princess Jasmine (a well-cast Naomi Scott, who does a lot with the character and should make most Jasmine fans proud), who's undercover among the people. I was afraid that the movie would rush through their first meeting, but was happy with the amount of time devoted to them developing an interest in each other. I could instantly tell that the beloved character of Jasmine was in safe hands as portrayed by Naomi Scott and that she had nice chemistry with Massoud's Aladdin. Although not given as much to do as Abu, Jasmine's loyal tiger companion, Rajah, is another lovely animal created with CGI, who I appreciated wasn't largely ignored. Jasmine's other loyal friend, her handmaiden named Dalia, is actually a stand-out character in the movie. Nasim Pedrad has excellent comic timing, as does Naomi Scott, which is on full display in a fun scene where Aladdin comes to the palace and Jasmine attempts to maintain her cover.

The one 'miss' in the casting department is that of Marwan Kenzari as villainous Jafar. While others had pre-judged him based on the trailers alone, I was willing to give him a chance to make up for his lack of sinister voice with what would hopefully be at least a menacing performance. Sadly, he lacks even that. There's nothing particularly memorable about his portrayal (even near the end when he's given every opportunity to unleash in full-on villain mode, he falls way short). About the only 'positive' I could find regarding his character is his animal companion of Iago. The red parrot might not be quite as talkative as the animated version, but he *does* talk (and in a much more bird-like way), getting a few funny lines here and there (I'd expect nothing less from Alan Tudyk providing the voice). It's just disappointing that Jafar's miscast, and thus the 'weak link' in the film.

What most people are probably wondering about is Will Smith as the Genie. I actually thought he was pretty good here (and I found him more likeable in this role than I have in any movie I've seen him in since probably the first Men In Black). There are just one or two instances where I felt he tried to emulate Robin Williams' version and it didn't quite work, but on the whole I felt he brought his own energy/style to the character of Genie and it (mostly) worked. The most important thing was the friendship that he formed with Aladdin. While Smith's Genie may seem a bit more snarky than you might expect, when it comes to the emotional beats, his performance hits the right notes (especially near the end).

Speaking of notes, "What about the songs?" you may ask. I was pretty happy with them, there were just the right amount and they didn't feel particularly intrusive in any of the scenes they were featured. Even the new song, 'Speechless', isn't too bad (though there are those who'll no doubt complain). Massoud and Scott have really nice singing voices and did their songs justice, I thought. Will Smith's also decent with his main songs in the movie (the end credits one I could've done without, though).

I must also praise the costumes (Jasmine's are all stunning, as is Jasmine herself), the use of vibrant colours is quite impressive and the overall look of the film feels like something new/different to what we've seen time and time again in films (especially Disney ones). Things I forgot to mention: the Magic Carpet has as much 'character' as in the original (I especially appreciated seeing how close friends Carpet and Abu became by the end), and even the Sultan's head guard, Hakim, is given some depth.

In conclusion, if you go into the theatre already disliking/hating the film based on just the trailers, then you're probably going to leave the same way you entered: bitter and thinking things like "It ruined my childhood!" (such a rubbish statement). Just try accepting this is a different thing and hopefully you'll enjoy it.
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It's funny! It's rhythmic!! It's spectacular!!!
FrenchEddieFelson24 May 2019
Although this remake might seem less accomplished than the eponymous cartoon directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, in 1992, the film is objectively well done. The actors, the songs, the sets, the costumes, the Computer-Generated Imagery (tiger, monkey, flying carpet, genie), ... everything is excellent!
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Seriously what is wrong with critics I loved this retailing
lisafordeay25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Aladdin is the latest Disney remake based on the 1992 animated film starring the late Robin Williams. This 2019 retailing stars Will Smith, Mena Masound and Naomi Scott and follows the tale of a young man named Aladdin(Massound) who meets a young woman at the marketplace unaware that she is the Princess Jasmine in incongito(Scott)and wants to win her over. With help from a charming Genie(Will Smith),Aladdin disguises himself as a Prince. But when an evil sultan named Jafar wants the lamp,can Aladdin win the Princesses heart.

Now I'm not gonna lie I was so nervous watching this film as I thought Will Smith would ruin it with his singing style and the other actors,but to my surprise along with my mom and my brother,we all loved it. Will Smith was great in this film with his comedic timing,Naomi Scott was excellent as Jasmine(And boy can she sing so good). The villian was decent I thought he was different compare to the 1992 version.

The cinematography was gorgeous, the music was very good especially the new song Speechless. The costumes were stunning too.

I loved how it wasn't a beat by beat of the original. For instance in the One Jump Ahead song Aladdin and Jasmine meet first thing while she is in incognito and near the end Jasmine didn't say I choose you Aladdin/call me Al.

Guy Richie thank you for making this film. Would definetly put it in my top 5 favourite Disney Live Action movies of all time now. Definetly buying this movie and may watch it in the cinemas again.


Ps Mena Masound was handsome and likeable. His chemistry with Naomi Scott was perfect.
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I don't understand why the critics are bashing on this one.
talajano24 May 2019
I honestly didn't know what I was going into and it was such a delightful surprise! It really exceeded my expectations and I had fun during the whole movie. Critics are really being harsh and I can't believe that beauty and the beast was more critically praised. The movie was so bland and boring while this one has so much energy and life to it. The characters had amazing chemistry with each other and the lines were delivered smoothly. The two things I was worried about that subsided as soon as the movie started are: 1- Jafar's character: Marwan tries his best to make but the material he's given isn't strong enough. I wish they developed his character more. However, I didn't mind the change they did it with his character as it fits more with this version. 2- Cultural representation: The trailers made the movie look like a production from bollywood. Not hating on the Indian culture, but it really annoyed me as Arab to see a Middle Eastern/Arabic folk tale that we all know long before Disney introduced it to the world to be represented in a fully different culture. Fortunately, the movie looks and feels way more Arabian such Arabic writings here and there, hearing some people speaking Arabic briefly, the names and appearance of the people of Agrabah and of course the amazing score! Although there are some slight hints of India/South Asia in the clothing and dancing, but I didn't mind that at all.

I would've give it a 10 if the cinematography was better. This is my only issue with movie as it looked like high budget TV soap opera in some scenes.

Don't miss on this one! You'll have fun.
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So good
themastergaming19 May 2019
I didnt have high hopes for this film but honestly it surprised me, i found the cgi to be tolerable and that it wasnt as bad in the trailers. The music in this film was just amazing it was the perfect mix of the original with some new elements and it just gave me chills everytime specifically "friend like me". The actors all did a phenomenal job and will was ofcourse the stand out performance. Namoi scott also did a great job aswell. The one problem i have with this film is that jafar looks way too young he doesnt have the same effect when he looks like that
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amandaebert28 May 2019
I'm shocked at how many high reviews this movie has. It was honestly..just really disappointing. The actors had no chemistry and did not engage me at all. Will Smith as the genie was the only good part. No point comparing him to Robin Williams, there is no living up to how amazing he was. Will Smith brought his own spin to it and without him the movie would have been almost unwatchable.

Jafar, the Sultan, Jasmine, Aladdin, they were not captivating and fell flat. I'm sorry to have to write this review as Aladdin was one of my favourite Disney movies. The original cartoon will still always be the best. I think a better choice of actors would have improved this movie drastically. I wouldn't watch it again, but a lot of people will probably like it.
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ameerz-696859 May 2019
THE HATERS ARE JUST JUGDING FROM THE TRAILERS! This movie has so much heart, it's beautiful, spectacular and the songs brings back so much nostalgia! This characters are explored in much more depth in this re-telling and Naomi Scott does an incredible job as Princess Jasmine. Will Smith makes the Genie his own with hilarious jokes and his connection Aladdin is so heart-warming. Not everyone will come around liking this new Jafar as there are some scenes where his presence is not as itimidating as the original. However, Beautiful movie and one of Disney's best live action remake.
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This is about Jasmine not Aladdin
aakarshhealthcare30 May 2019
Poor choice of actors, especially Aladdin and genie(poor cgi)! Will Smith should stop singing, no screen presence of Aladdin, which makes his character fade away like a supporting role to Jasmine..You will be forced to like the movie just because you've grown up watching it.
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franciscoyahe27 May 2019
I was genuinelly excited, Guy Richie has a great library of titles completely worth his reputation. But this... it just does not make sense, Will Smith is absolutely trapped between his role in Hitch and what I can only asume is admiration for Robin Williams iconic role, and the result is a horrible mismatch of him being unnecesarily rude and mean to aladdin, and then in a matter of minutes jumping to save him as per him considering Al his "friend" with no honest answer as to why. Aladdin comes as just sort of a dork, which can't even speak a full sentence without being ridiculed, but we are somehow expected to believe that he is motivated by being a Prince, but then we are never shown that this is the case, he even says he doesnt want it, so one cant really relate as to his intentions. And finally, stop it with the feminista agenda, the ending does a great job of promoting that women can be great sultans, and that in itself would have made an amazing ending, but that scene in which she randomly bursts into song with everyone else disappearing, only to confront the guards (by the way completely overturning the rules of the magic wishes, in which if jafar wished to be sultan, the Princess speech should not be able to modify that), and ultimately being an empty gesture as it does nothing to the plot. And finally, whats with all the singing, this is supposed to be a live action re telling, not a politically corrected cgi dependent version of the original, I cant understand why they couldnt make a sort of more "realistic" retelling of the story when on paper they had all the elements for doing so. Different media, in this case animation vs live films, should have different ways of telling stories. Do yourself a favor, catch the broadway one (you can see it on YouTube) for a proper adaptation that knows what it is and is far more enjoyable than this mess, or just stick with 1994 animated masterpiece.
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I "wish" this movie was never made
paskudniak412902 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. I wish I could say I only feel this way because it sodomizes one of my favorites, but it genuinely has so many elements that make it a terrible movie regardless of the source material.

Will Smith's singing sounds exactly like someone who's just there for the paycheck. Jasmine's character gets the full Hollywood treatment- songs are fabricated/forced and her arc is altered and streamlined to suit the modern feminist agenda. Aladdin is played about as boring as you can imagine. Jafar is no longer an intimidating, memorable movie villain but instead a whiny moron with absolutely cringe-y dialogue....and they couldn't even give him a legit beard!!

The movie is absolutely devoid of any humor; there are scenes that try so hard to make you laugh but instead made everyone in the theater groan out of discomfort.

There is no chemistry between any of the characters/actors (and honestly I think that was the single biggest issue with the whole thing). Whether it's Will Smith acting like he's got about 1,000 better things to do than be in the movie, or Sultan looking lobotomized the whole time, or Jasmine/Aladdin's weak scenes together that are devoid of passion, everything feels completely mailed-in. How would you ever feel or relate to a scene of friends having a fall out if you never believe they're friends in the first place?

"Oh well, maybe at least the old songs will give some nostalgia, at least," I think to myself. Nope, they make completely unnecessary lyric changes and nothing "feels" right for the entire movie.

The rotten cherry on this crap sundae? Roll credits..."DJ Khalid!!!" Yup, we're done here.
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jamesmckew2 June 2019
From start to finish this is a complete mess and strays so far from the original. I don't mind enhancing the story and putting a new spin on it, but Guy Richie butchered it by changing it in every possible way.

The dialogue is painful and unnatural and the musical scenes are a mess.

Aside from Naomi Scott, the casting was terrible. The old wise character of Jafar was totally destroyed by Marwan Kenzari. One of the best characters in the original, Jafar's sidekick Iago, could barely talk and for some reason was turned into a monster in one of the many completely unnecessary scenes.

Basically unrecognisable from one of Disney's great original movies and a real shame. No idea why Disney allowed this mess to happen.
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MortyDK25 May 2019
As a guy who loved and loves the animated movie from 1992 - this movie disappoints. Will smith, plays a blue version of will smith (with horrible CGI) and jafar........ what happened there. A true "meh" experience
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They Did Good On This One
stevendbeard25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Aladdin", starring Will Smith-the Bad Boys movies, Suicide Squad; Mena Massoud-Strange But True, Tom Clacy's Jack Ryan_tv; Naomi Scott-Power Rangers_2017, The 33 and Marwan Kenzari-Murder on the Orient Express_2017, Ben_Hur_2016. This is another of Disney's live action remakes of one of their classic animated movies. It's been a while since I've seen the original 1992 movie but they did good on this one. Mena plays Aladdin, an extraordinary street thief that falls in love with Naomi/Jasmine, the princess. Will plays the genie that grants 3 wishes to whomever rubs the lamp. Marwan is the king's chief advisor, who has plans to take over the kingdom for his own-that's the way villains think-by getting Mena to steal the magic lamp. Things change when Mena decides to keep it and use it to win the beautiful Naomi. Will does not just impersonate the great performance of the late great Robin Williams. He puts his own spin on it just enough so that it is different but it also reminds you of Robin Williams, too. FYI: Just in case you did not know it, this movie is a musical with lots of singing and dancing. I did recognize a few of the songs so they did use at least some from the earlier incarnation. This movie is directed by Guy Ritchie, who directed the new Sherlock Holmes movies and RocknRolla. It's rated "PG" for some action/peril and has a running time of 2 hours & 6 minutes. I enjoyed it and would probably buy it on DVD.
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An astonishing failure
GoUSN26 May 2019
It is now a trend. The big budget segment of the film industry is so full of CGI and (in this case) making sure that just the right kind of diversity (and nothing else) dominated, they forget how to write literate, funny scripts.

This was a strictly connect-the-dots production. Both leading roles were oddly hollow. The genie not believable. Jafar as threatening as an aggressive usher. I read the press materials about the triumph of making it a point to cast people who look like they're from the region. But then what? Put San Fernando Valley English into their mouths?

And what English? Every scene was predictable. Sometimes even the next line was predictable. For all that production money, they should have hired a literate someone to fix the script.

A grievous waste.
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Not a whole new world. Just a big green screen location of dissapointments.
lan-7583126 May 2019
A cacophonous, frivolous adaptation of Ubisoft's Arabian Nights, Disposable family entertainment. I couldn't help but think of other films such as "The Mummy" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" films, which covered the same material, but "Aladdin" paled in comparison. It's an insufficient mayhem.
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Terrible movie
petit_jeremy27 May 2019
Embarrassing to the original should have taken more time and not adding new songs because the actors can't act or sing that well to begin with.
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Worst movie
souravsaini-8783124 May 2019
Waste of money ...worst acting...only will smith has done it's part of the actors sucks. They make the movie worst by adding songs after every interval. Believe me that sucks
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Why even bother?
JamesTheDude29 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you're going to make a LIVE ACTION remake, make it a live action remake! The complete OBSESSION with adding in pointless filler and going out of their way to drag out scenes completely ruined the entire film! Hollywood listen closely here; There is NOTHING WRONG with an hour and 45 minute movie! There is no reason this had to be drawn out into 128 minutes! And why change the story at all? If you had done a shot for shot remake everyone would be happy because that's what we came to see! And going out of your way to change lines JUST to be different even though the new lines are worse! For example, when Jafar says in the original "I'm giving you your reward. Your ETERNAL reward!" before he pushes Aladdin back in the cave it is chilling! In this one he says "how bout my foot?"... why?? There's nothing wrong with keeping every single line the exact same, it would have done nothing but please the fans. But instead of giving us what we want you have to sit around and scheme about how change every little thing and annoy us so you can try to prove to Disney you're "creative".

The biggest offense and change of all is the ending climax, which wasn't climactic in the slightest. In the original from the time Jafar gets the lamp to the Genie being free it is an intense and chaotic whirlwind of action, never slowing down and keeping up great suspense. Here we have Jafar just LOUNGING around in the sultans chair without seemingly any good plans to use his power, an extremely painful and out of nowhere Jasmine ballad, an impromptu wedding, and a stupid carpet chase with IAGO. Which, by the way, IAGOs character in the original was full of life and wit and arguably one of the main characters... here he is just unfunny background noise.

So our "climax" is drawn out to excruciating minutia of slow events with no suspense at all. Not to mention no snake, no Jasmine drowning in the hourglass, nothin, nada, zip. It was almost like they just gave up when they got near the end of the script. I guarantee if you had just done a perfect shot for shot remake, audiences would have praised and loved it. Although Will Smith and his auto tune would still ruin most his scenes. Thanks to the blind sheep of the masses, Disney will continue to get away with these travesties time and time again, because they monopolize the film industry and no one will stand up to them or stop them which is why someday they will have a new release every weekend of the year, giving no chance to smaller films to shine and turning the entire film industry into one big Corporate wasteland. Negative stars.
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Bitter disappointment
mojarradali-217852 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It starts slowly , Becomes enjoyable to watch but no where near as good as the original animation And ends so bad it ruins the whole movie.

Here are the exact things wrong with the movie

1. Jaffar actor didn't even look the part and Ben Kingsley could have been a far better choice 2. Princess Jasmin was terrible 3. Original songs are added that neither match the theme or the flow of the story 4. Dances were in style of Bollywood and break dancing or 18th century royalty where middle East has many styles of dance they could have used to stay authentic 5. The cgi was mediocre specially for when genie was in it's true blue form 6. The worst part of it all the song that was played when the cast was shown had to be from dj Khaled and he had to scream his name. This is alladin not a rap video , not a dj Khaled music video , not hip hop or anything close to it. It was suppose to be a work of Disney
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Disney has ruined yet another classic
zbernie1231 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The CGI version of Will Smith playing the genie was very disproportionate looking. And was that Will Smith singing? It was absolutely horrible! The actor that played Aladdin was "hapless", and without emotion for most of the entire movie. But that's what Disney does now -- Hapless males and dominant females. Then there was the fanatical feminist twist where Jasmine wants to be Sultan. Just ridiculous compared to the original movie. So the fanatical feminists at Disney have ruined yet another movie. Great job Disney.
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Believable Sights, Describable Feeling
katharineshowalter27 May 2019
Another in Disney's factory line of nostalgia cash grabs, this dull, forced production wastes the talent of Will Smith in what is basically an ill-conceived riff on Robin Williams' excellent voice work from the original. The lines ad-libbed in the original, frenetic and freewheeling, are spoken here by Smith, but now sound rehearsed and flat. Why not let Smith put his own spin? I guess Jada Pinkett won't try to shame Hollywood into giving her husband an Oscar for this performance next year. One high point of the film is that it does not feature Dev Patel, Hollywood's go-to Indian actor, broadly mugging his way into mall-bred hearts.
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Worse than the trailers said
devlisalliam25 May 2019
Will Smith as the genie blows serious chunks. Genie def didn't need that flava smfh. Give up trying to actually sing wow that was god awful. Don't know which hurts more my eyes, my ears, or my wallet.
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tried but failed
destenyday24 May 2019
No need to try to repeat what was done something new. Actors play is weak. the cartoon was wonderful and the movie came out weak
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