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Season 1

5 Apr. 2017
Canine Cage Match
A new mother calls Billy after a wild canine snatches her dog and is hunting her other pets.
12 Apr. 2017
Henhouse of Horrors
Billy stakes out a northern farm where a predator is creating a horror show at a chicken coop.
12 Apr. 2017
Snakes on a Boat
Billy heads to cottage country where a houseboat rental company finds a nest of snakes inside one of their boats.
19 Apr. 2017
Paranormal Extermination
Billy responds to a construction site where a vicious varmint has the tradespeople running scared.
19 Apr. 2017
Wild Wedding Party
With a gang of wild turkeys tearing apart a country wedding venue, a stressed-out wedding planner calls on Billy to puts the bride's big day back on track.
26 Apr. 2017
Sting Operation
Billy gets a call from a terrified family with three young children. There's a honey bee nest inside their house!
26 Apr. 2017
Reptile Rampage
Billy gets called to a quiet suburban neighborhood where an unassuming home has been converted into a reptile rooming house.
3 May 2017
I Smell a Rat Infestation
An unseasoned farmhand plants his head in the sand after his herd of ostrich makes a break for it.
3 May 2017
Later, Alligator
A nature-lover finds an unwanted reptilian guest lounging in her pool and sends for Billy's gator expertise.
11 Nov. 2016
Magic Show Mayhem
Billy comes to the rescue of a magician whose presentation has gone awry: his weird animal menagerie is on the loose in a retirement home and terrorizing the residents.
18 Nov. 2016
Horns Up
A young man with a post-party hangover calls Billy when he wakes up to the ultimate fraternity prank: a goat in the house.

 Season 1 

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