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Season 3

28 Nov. 2016
O Mundo dos Cães (The World of Dogs)
Luna wonders why Dogs are so good at sniffing.
5 Dec. 2016
Brincando na Lama (Playing in the Mud)
Luna wonders why Pigs are obsessed with mud.
14 Nov. 2016
Atchim! (Sneeze!)
Luna wants to know why Clyde is sneezing.
21 Nov. 2016
Dentro ou Fora? (Inside or Outside?)
Clyde must make his big decision to choose the rest of his life, should he live in the house with Luna and Jupiter, or in The Valley?
9 Jan. 2017
Um Passeio no Céu (A Ride in the Sky)
Watching Grandma flying her plane gets Luna wondering... How do airplanes fly, what's happening here? After building their own little plane, they conclude that simply having wings just isn't enough to fly. It's time for another terrific make-believe to get the answers to this puzzle.

 Season 3 

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