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Season 2

2 Jan. 2020
The Great Spidero
When Spider won't stop doing magic tricks in class, his teacher Mrs. Mulch has him stay after school. But instead of being punished, Mrs. Mulch takes him on a fieldtrip and shows him the magic of nature. Meanwhile, not finding Spider in the classroom, Fly and Worm thinking he's finally mastered his magic trick and turned himself into a jellybean.
2 Jan. 2020
A Nightcrawler to Remember
Encouraged by Mrs. Mulch to observe something "big" in their lives, Fly and Spider pick Lucas, and Worm picks his moms. When Worm joins Mama at work that night in the garden, Spider and Fly see Lucas capture them--along with Cricket and Centipede--and launch an urgent rescue mission to get into the house and rescue their bug bugs!
Spider's Tire Trouble
Lucas puts a tire swing on the Bug Tree, disrupting the lives of all the bugs who live there.
2 Jan. 2020
Fly Baby Blues
Because of her hundreds of little brothers and sisters, Fly is not getting the attention she craves -- and now there's a new baby on the way. When a strange light going on and off creates even more chaos in her home, Fly sets out to solve the problem, but it's only with the help of her siblings (and of Worm and Spider, of course) that she succeeds in her mission. Fly gets home just in time to see her new sister hatch out, and she realizes that being part of a big family can have its advantages.
Worm, Play Ball!
On the day of their big tee-ball game, Worm, Fly and Spider find themselves unexpectedly caught in a big storm, and try to seek shelter from it.

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