"Timeless" Public Enemy No. 1 (TV Episode 2017) Poster

(TV Series)


Sakina Jaffrey: Denise Christopher


  • Rufus Carlin : The Lifeboat's battery is drained after two jumps. It'll need four hour to recharge, if it even can, and that's...

    Wyatt Logan : Okay. Okay! It's all right. One step at a time. First step: let's go get your sister back.

    Lucy Preston : What?

    Denise Christopher : I think that's reckless. Flynn is still out there.

    Wyatt Logan : With all due respect, ma'am, we don't work for the government anymore. I think Lucy deserves a shot.

  • Rufus Carlin : What the hell are we supposed to do?

    Wyatt Logan : It's one problem at a time. And right now, that is Flynn taking the Mothership to 1931.

    Rufus Carlin : Except now Rittenhouse has taken over Mason Industries, and they might be ten times worse than Flynn. Maybe we're fighting the wrong battle.

    Denise Christopher : You're the one who said we can't let Flynn take a wrecking ball to everyone and everything.

    Rufus Carlin : That was before we stole a time machine, became fugitives, and Jiya was forced to work next to a bunch of homicidal dicks!

  • Denise Christopher : Rufus, like it or not, we're the only ones who can stop Flynn from hurting people.

    Lucy Preston : And what about my sister, huh? I mean, this was my last shot. If we don't do this now, I may never see my sister again. They track us down after we get back from Chicago, it is over. My sister will be gone forever.

    Wyatt Logan : Okay, look, I get it. None of us should have to give up our families. I know. I'm the last person that should be saying that, because I'm the selfish ass that went after my wife, but still. Letting Flynn murder through time, that's madness. And I thinks somewhere deep down, we all can admit that. Rittenhouse or not, Flynn's not gonna stop until we stop him. So why us? There's nobody else but us.

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