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NOT the wrong clothes
dagnykight20 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
****Contains specific plot details*****

gkeith, you need to watch again. They were originally sent to 1962 before they hijacked the machine. They are alerted to Flynn in 1931 Chicago so they follow him. When they arrive, they talk about how they "stand out like sore thumbs" and Rufus jokes they should "embrace our fashion forwardness." Eliot Ness notices their clothes are unusual.
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The wrong clothes.
gkeith_115 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Lucy has on the wrong clothes. When you are in an Al Capone episode, you don't wear clothes and high heels from a Mad Men 1962 era. Was she also wearing a Jacqueline Kennedy pillbox hat? What was up with that, anyway?

Rufus and company are now rogues who have stolen the lifeboat. It is so cool that Mason can't reach Rufus. Rufus sends a message to Mason: Eat Me. Twice. Knucklehead Mason can't figure anything out.

Rufus has messaged Jiya to help out the group. She gets outed to the new supervisor, who promptly puts her in solitary (cleaning closet?). She can't even be granted a bathroom break. Rufus has told Jiya to delay any and all discovery of where he and his people are. Finally, Jiya pulls a power outage. The whole place goes black. She is now in worse trouble than ever. Does she care? No, she doesn't.

Flynn, that consistent baddie, has jumped/voyaged to visit Al Capone in 1931 Chicago. Flynn is working for Capone. Capone's cop/agent brother has been found, who gets goaded into trying to off Al.

Meanwhile, Al is standing there, getting his Louisville Slugger ready to strike.

Mason definitely has a personality like the weak wizard behind the curtain. Mason is a weasly little mouse who needs to get a life.

Ah, there is no life. Evil Rittenhouse rules everything and everybody.
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