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Season 1

24 Jul. 2017
For One to Live
Laura and Tom Price lead a dream life in San Francisco with their 8-year-old daughter Serena. Laura is a TV news producer, Tom is the city's D.A, and both are devoted loving parents. Laura and Serena meet charismatic P.I Niko Jackson, who is an ex-cop with a tragic past: he was the star witness against his brother Danny, now on death row for murdering Nico's girlfriend. Out of an inauspicious beginning, Laura and Nico learn their fates are wrapped together when Laura experiences a devastating loss - and a mysterious opportunity to rewrite the future when they both ...
25 Jul. 2017
Intent on preventing a murder, Laura joins forces with Nico - an ex cop - to look for the killer's next victim.
1 Aug. 2017
The Hunter and the Hunted
Laura and Nico, devastated by their failure in stopping the city's serial killer, set a trap for him that puts both of them in danger. Grace drops off a personal letter to the Price's home, and sees Serena playing with evidence from the murder scene that put her son Danny on death row. Tom becomes worried about Nico and Laura's partnership, since Tom was the attorney who convicted Nico's brother Danny. When it seems the killer may go free, Laura takes desperate measures.
8 Aug. 2017
Fate Takes a Holiday
While working with Nico to try to stop the serial killer she believes is trying to kill Serena, Laura learns more about Nico's disturbing past; Tom worries Laura will discover his secrets.
15 Aug. 2017
Into the Fire
Suspicious that her husband is lying to her, Laura enlists Nico's help to follow Tom, when he goes to a secret rendezvous with a woman who harbors dark intentions towards Laura and her family. After a tense standoff, Laura and Nico also discover that Tom is being blackmailed by the mysterious killer with a wrist tattoo. An old photograph turns up, showing Nico's murdered girlfriend posing with four men -- all with the same tattoo -- but which one is the killer? Nico and Laura decide to go back to Spanish Harbor to investigate how their fates are intertwined.
22 Aug. 2017
Nico and Laura learn the police are looking for them. Disguised, they go back to Spanish Harbor and learn the identity of one of the men in the tattoo photo, Jason Rydell -- though he's currently locked up in a psychiatric facility and impossible to reach. But Laura has a surprising contact within the institution, and manages to question Jason.... until she and Nico are attacked by military muscle. As they fight for their lives, Jason gives them a clue that leads to a shocking truth about who really killed Susanna.
29 Aug. 2017
The Fourth Man
While searching for the tattooed fourth man in the photo, Laura and Nico learn about a 10 year old case against Danny. Laura gives Tom a chance to come clean.
5 Sep. 2017
Destiny's Child
From inside the psych ward where Tom has committed her against her will, Laura learns that Serena is at the TV station, and fears that her daughter will suffer the same fate if she can't get out. Nico fails to stop the killer from snatching Serena, and pursues the him but he evades capture. Laura escapes and goes to the station, where Tom is both devastated and furious that she didn't bring him the jewels so he could have stopped this. Laura asks Nico to pick up the jewels from the DNA lab, where Nico learns that this evidence could help save his brother.
12 Sep. 2017
Tom shares his plan but a double-cross turns deadly after the identity of the killer is revealed. The race is on to save Danny and Serena.
19 Sep. 2017
One Must Die
The vast conspiracy leading to Danny's execution is exposed but it is a race against time for Laura and Nico to save Danny's life.

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