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Monsieur docteur knows best, saves the town (and the movie)
djrw21 November 2017
Witty story, adapted from the book by Jules Romains, about a small French town that meets its new doctor. Monsieur docteur knows best and most citizens love him for whatever he does. A bit of action, a little tear, and plenty of safe humor. The tempo is low, the story is not too exciting but Omar Sy (The Intouchables, Monsieur Chocolat) is holding the movie together with his signature mimics and fast body motion. The scenery is sweet, the music score (Cyrille Aufort) reminded me, with the bittersweet melody, of both Danny Elfman and Yann Tiersen.
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Did Lorraine Lévy read the book ???
franbelle1016 February 2018
While I understand movies adapted from books can take some liberties, there is something fundamentaly wrong in this film : the message is nothing but the opposite. Where Jules Romans finely depicted the excesses of medicine and modern sales technics, the scriptwriter of this mill turns the affair into a glorification of medicine. Where Jules Romain presents an unscrupulous crook, our scriptwriter presents a humanist almost honest, philanthropic. Incidentally, the scriptwriter slips into history with heavy insistence a continual mockery of the priest of the village totally absent from Jules Romain's novel. Finally, it remains a modern comedy, without finesse, very unappetizing, adapted to the decrepit masses who, in any case, will never have the idea to read the original. And whose only quality is the relatively correct game of Omar Sy. Three stars for the acting game ; otherwise would be one star.
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