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  • A group of friends with Down Syndrome have been attending the same school for 40 years, they have passed all the courses, all the teachers and, even their parents who were with them, are now gone. They must now fight to get a better job, to make money like any other person, to learn to take care of themselves and to make it to their 50's. No one looks at them as children. They will do everything to prevent anyone from interfering with their adult dreams.


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  • A group of friends with Down Syndrome have attended the same school for over 40 years, and they don't want to continue complying with school obligations. Most of their parents are dead, and none of them thought their kids would outlive them. They always believed that when their parents died, they would be able to do those things they weren't allowed to do before, like living on their own, having sex, being parents, getting married, and having a real job. But things are not changing for them, and they have to deal with the frustration of living as if they were still ten-years-old, although they are almost fifty.

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