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A great concept with frustrating choices
CharlesAncelle10 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Anyone who lives in the world and follows movies has a pretty good idea of the main concept behind a quiet place: there are beings that will kill you if you make a noise. The film does very little to try to explain where these beings come from, all we know is how long they've been there for and that they have change the face of the planet in a pretty radical way.

We follow the Abbot family, who lives in a remote country house with an elaborate system to keep each other safe, but the main thing is that they have become very skilled at being very quiet.

The incredible result of that premise is that the film has very little dialogue and instead, makes great use of visuals and sound. And there are truly stunning set pieces in this film, and without spoiling anything, Emily Blunt gives a stellar performance, as usual.

Frustratingly, because the film chooses to concentrate on the action and the premise, it failed to give real substance to its characters and their relationships. A very artificial conflict is created between the dad and his daughter, and it truly feels like it was added into a later version of the script to give some sort of emotional arc to the characters, but the result is clumsy at best, a bit ridiculous at worst.

Additionally, the film fails to create very clear rules on what the creatures can and cannot hear, how they function, how they are able to detect obstacles in their path, how many there are, or how fast they move, are all animals dead, and the list probably goes on. The result is that whatever is established at one point inevitably changes later on to fit the dramatic needs of the story, but it undermines our ability to suspend disbelief. Repeatedly, it feels like the film is doing its best to thrill, even if that means going against the film's internal logic.

On a similar note, around the middle of the film John Krasinski takes his son hunting. At some point, they stop by a waterfall, next to which Krasinski starts yelling, casually explaining to his son that as long as there is a louder sound next to them, they are absolutely safe. I was thinking the same thing during the first half of the film, namely - if these creatures follow sounds, then, wouldn't it be simple to constantly distract them with sounds everywhere? We certainly have the technology to do that. Also, shouldn't there be sound proof shelters? Couldn't all humanity focus on sound proofing all of their homes??

But even if we accept for one second that these solutions are impossible, then, why not move next to a waterfall or any other natural place that is always very loud?? Plus, it doesn't look like they are able to shower at all, a waterfall would make a lot of sense hygiene wise.

I understand that this is a movie and sometimes internal logic needs to be sacrificed, but this became a tough sell after that moment and it felt like the film did very little to address that glaring problem.
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Great Movie if you turn off your Brain
kccatfish9315 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is a good movie if one is willing to overlook the hundreds, literally hundreds, of logical fallacies in this movie. Other reviews give a good overview of the plot, I'm not looking to do that here. I just want to point out some plot inconsistencies and/or the lack of critical thinking that the characters demonstrate. I will list a few of my observations below.

1. They go to a waterfall where they can scream as loud as they want and the monsters can't hear them. Why not live there? They could fish and collect drinking water near the river. The monsters would probably stay away from the area since the sound of the falls would impede their hunting ability.

2. When taking a walk, does anyone seriously let the youngest child of the group walk behind them. Why on earth would they let a young boy walk a hundred yards behind the adults in such a dangerous situation. They can't even correct the boy if he makes any mistakes, and indeed this results in his death.

3. How on earth did they get the corn planted? By hand? After 400+ days you wouldn't see corn in nice little neat rows like it was planted by farm equipment.

4. Since the monsters can't hear you if there is a loud sound nearby, why not bring out one of the downstairs speakers and blast something 24/7 on one of the nearby trees or on top of the house? The monsters would get used to the sound and leave the area alone, leaving the family to talk in peace.

5. What human with a brain wouldn't consider making a soundproof room. They could go to the city, get a bunch of foam, blankets, pillows, whatever, and plaster it around one of the larger rooms until they created an effective sound barrier. In the movie, a single mattress pulled over a walkway is an effective sound shield. Imagine how effective they could be if they put some ACTUAL effort into soundproofing the room.

6. Apparently the monsters can be killed by shotguns? The entire military was wiped out, with all the weaponry of the finest military in the world rendered useless against the monsters, but Emily Blunt shoots one in the head and kills it? Right.

7. The mother, Emily Blunt, is pregnant. Why would you bring a newborn child into this world, when the child will surely jeopardize the safety of the entire family. You know that babies cry right? Pull out or use a condom.

8. If the monsters can hear the faintest sound from far way, why do they have trouble hearing sounds that even humans can decipher at close range. A baby crying, a mother's heavy breathing, a persons heartbeat. All of these things would be loud to a creature that hear can hear footstep from a half mile away.

9. The mother's water breaks and she starts having the baby. She tries to contain her gasps and walks downstairs only to step on a nail on the stairway. She lets out a sound and falls, causing the monsters to hunt her down and nearly kill her and the newborn child. However, just in time, she is saved by fireworks designed to distract the monsters. Instead of removing the nail like any sane person, they just ignore it and leave it sticking up on the stairs for someone else to step on. Dumb.

This movie isn't terrible, with great acting and a pretty unique backstory. But the glaring logical fallacies and the idiocracy of the characters made the movie completely unwatchable for me. The monsters don't really seem that formidable after further inspection, and if the family followed any of the tips I mention, they could live with little difficulty.
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I am speechless ... at how others can give this film 9 and 10 stars
andrewjens-336-9757627 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a classic case of "we just have to make a film about that premise", however what the people involved didn't do well is figure out how to cover all the plot holes the premise was always going to introduce.

The introduction is moving and sets up the premise well, however I started to realise the lack of care that would be taken later in the film when I realised that I was being asked to believe that a four-year-old (left to walk by himself at the rear of a family in a dangerous situation) could get two batteries inserted in a toy. Even if the kid could do it, the chances would be only one in four of getting the batteries oriented correctly. Why didn't the creature come back to hunt the father based on the sound of his running footsteps?

So it's possible to kill the creatures with a gun? Okay, then ... with gun ownership in the US being about one per capita, surely the creatures would have been wiped out long ago by having provided the population with the target practice they must secretly crave?

So a family with kids survived whatever (unexplained) apocalypse occurred prior to the film's beginning, but the army didn't?

So the creatures have no vision and super-sensitive hearing? What about a sense of smell?

So no one talks in their sleep or snores (or has farts)? Do toilets flush?

So the creatures can rip though a metal grain silo, but not instantly get into a truck to get at the two kids inside? And out of interest, how do you harvest a field of corn without making a sound? How do you remove the kernels of corn from the cobs and get them into the silo?

So they have to play Monopoly with crocheted pieces (to avoid noise), but the sound of a truck rolling down a hillside is okay?

I think that would be shortest labour in history. I'm pretty sure the timeline in the movie is continuous enough to prove that she only had three or four contractions. None of that annoying 30-hour stuff for her!

Would the hearing aid really have broadcast with enough power in the right frequencies to affect the creatures that much? Would those frequencies have been reproduced by the microphone system? Who knows? Perhaps. To be honest, I find the similar resolution based on the playing of Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" in the film "Mars Attacks!" to be almost as believable.

Why not spend most of your time living behind the waterfall? Why not set up a remote-control noise maker on the lawn and set up position on the porch with a shotgun? And I'm sure that I'm only scratching the surface when it comes to solutions.

And there were too many horror-movie clichés: intensely irritating sounds at crucial moments and terror originating just outside of shots tightly centered on actors.

The cocking of a shotgun just prior to the credits screams sequel. That really would leave me speechless.

I will say that I thought the actors did a fine job. No problems there. If you want to suspend disbelief entirely and just let horror clichés wash over you for ninety minutes ... this is the film for you.
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Had amazing potential, makes absolutely no sense
prehartwork9 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First, I enjoyed some parts of this film. The suspense was on point. Acting was good. It wasn't totally unwatchable but for me, it fell short of what it could have been. I'm just going to list why I disappointed and confused.

Spoilers below:
  • are they really aliens? How did they get here? They look and act like violent creatures with only one purpose to kill everything that makes noise, how would that attitude and intellect allow for interstellar travel?
  • how does a shot gun to the head kill it if it's indestructible, come on now we have weapons on earth that would crush these things in seconds.
  • of course ultrasonic sound is gonna freak it out if small sound attracts it, it really takes over a year to figure that out?
  • where's the beginning ? And ending? It Just dumps us in the middle.
  • why would you have a baby in this post apocalyptic world? And what do you do when the kid starts screaming? A box?
  • they could have lived by the waterfall if they could scream by it.
  • lastly everything on this planet makes noise, trees falling in the woods, rain on the ground, the damn wind. But these things can hear a picture drop on the floor and immediately show up to kill you? Ridiculous.

Would have been a great movie with more thought behind it. But I did feel robbed leaving the theater.
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Nicely done horror + thriller, quite recommendable but has many flaws .
NpMoviez17 July 2018
"A Quiet Place" directed by John Krasinski is a genuine and tensed horror/thriller. It has a unique premise and backstory. The setup for the story has been done well. The performances by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, along with the child actors is awesome. The direction of Krasinski is "awesomer". The tension and the thrills were genuinely great. That's something I have not seen in a horror/thriller for a long time. Speaking of horror, what we take as "scary" is totally subjective. If you're watching this to get some jumpscares or to see a ghost, this ain't your movie. There are many moments that give us the feeling of getting into the jaws of death, unexpectedly. Those were some real thrills. And, the characters know what's gonna kill them and why. So, whenever such things take place, the tension is amplified (no pun intended) and whether or not they are gonna succeed at the particular moment keeps you terrified. For me, anything that keeps you terrified is real horror than some ghosts and jumpscares, so I got my "horror" part in this movie, after a long time. It's not that it doesn't have any false scares, just one or two though. Whenever something goes wrong, you can feel the s**t happening. That's some incredible directing. It's just an awesome thrill ride until we reach the third act, where things just turn into the same old "daddy loves you" things and the final moments were a bit less satisfying for a thrill ride we witnessed for the majority of the movie. There are some notable plot holes regarding a "better" place they should've lived on, some sounds making no significance in the context of the movie's own rules, the way a lot of food, medicines don't get used up after such a long time, the crops being harvested (without any noise?) etc. The movie also shows certain stuff as if it was trying to say "see this is a plot device, see see SEE!" and it actually is so. One plotline with Emily Blunt and her "youngest child" was something that made no sense to be honest as per the movie's own rules and was obvious to play out in the later part of the movie. The way it was playing out was damn good, but we knew that something was up regarding this. That's all I can say and have to say about this movie, without spoiling anything. If you watch the movie, you'll know what I am pointing at. On the whole, I cannot overlook the flaws but man, I had a great time watching the movie. It's flawed but intriguing. It's probably the first Krasinski movie I liked so much. I have seen one or two other movies he made, some years ago. They were forgettable to say the least. This was, at least, unforgettable and nice.

Score : 8.3/10

Grade : A-

Label : Entertaining enough to watch it multiple times (i.e. rewatchable)
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A Quiet Place: As good as they say
Platypuschow12 November 2018
A Quiet Place was critically acclaimed and for some reason that tends to mean I won't like it. No idea why I just don't tend to follow the unwashed masses when it comes to movies, I am however mistaken sometimes.

Starring real life married couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, also directed by the latter this highly original horror got my attention from the get go and held it throughout.

It tells the story of a post apocalyptic world that has been torn apart by mysterious creatures that find their prey exclusively through sound. It follows one family as they try to survive in absolute silence.

The fact there is such little dialogue or really any form of audio is how A Quiet Place finds its identity. I'm not saying it hasn't been done before but it hasn't on quite this scale and it works considerably better than you'd imagine.

The cast are great, the cinematography is fantastic and the story is really well put together. To add to this I think A Quiet Place is genuinely one of the most tension filled movies I've ever seen, I squinted, I cringed, I clenched my fist, on sat on the edge of my seat multiple times throughout.

A Quiet Place deserves the critical acclaim, though it's not perfect it is however an absolute triumph and a real spectacle. Certainly one of those "Movies to see before you die" types.

If you haven't seen it yet, do something about that.

The Good:

Very engrossing

Well acted

Highly original

So incredibly tense in places

The Bad:

Just a couple of poorly thought out moments

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Kids are a liability

Kids shouldn't be trusted with anything ever

Kids suck
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Another movie with characters making stupid decisions. Warning! Spoiler alert!
stuprum1 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
*Warning* Spoiler Alert! There are a lot of things I did not like about this movie. The main one is what my title suggests, lots of stupid, bad decisions.

1. Why would the girl give that toy to the kid? Clearly the dangers around them are not made aware to them. (this will be a theme) 2. Why are the parents already out the door and gone? They just watched this kid making horrible mistakes that could get them all killed and then they just turn their back on him. Don't get it. 3. Why, if walking single file, would you have your 4 year old bringing up the rear? Dad should be in the rear so as to watch the whole family. 4. Clearly this 4 year old was not made aware of the actual dangers around them. Bad idea kid. Only 5 minutes into the movie so far. 5. Why would a woman allow herself to get pregant in a situation like that? Clearly the dangers have not been made clear. 6. Why is a child who is deaf not under a little more control? Just for the benefit of herself and all around her? Clearly the dangers have not been made clear. 7. Why does dad and son go for food so close to her having the baby? You would think he would have been prepared so as not to have to be gone during this time. Clearly the dangers around them are not clear. 8. Why are they sealing the entrance underground with a mattress? This is the best you have? With all the other stuff they have done around there I would have expected them to be underground more. And with more than just a mattress for a "door". 9. Why not live near the river/waterfall so noises you make around the house won't be heard as much? 10. Why are the kids using a lantern? They have electricity. And why do you let kids sit that close to a lantern on the floor? Clearly the dangers around them have not been made clear. 11. Why show all the other people lighting their signal fires just to not mention them in any other scene for any reason at all? 12. Why was the scene with the old man so stupid? 13. Why show that creepy old house if not including any other scenes explaining it? 14. Why was the top of the babies crib off? How did that happen? 15. Why did the dad not just be quiet when he realized the creature was above him? They all move about without being heard all the time so why now? 16. Why did the kid scream out? Clearly the dangers around them have not been made clear. 17. Why end it that way? 18. Why? Ugh, I can't go on any longer.
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Why was the nail left in the stair tread ?
devargo20035 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER: Cliched and predictable , why was the nail Emily Blunts character trod on in the stair tread in the first place, and after she trod on it why was it still there ? could have bent back and forwards until it broke , silently. Before she trod on it . How did the monster literally break out of a grain silo , but couldn't rip the roof of a small truck ? Why not wear slippers or soft soled shoes ? Who in the right mind falls pregnant in a post apocalyptic world , where the monsters kill by noise, hint , babies scream... a lot. Finally the military might of the worlds collective might and intelligence couldn't work out high pitches frequency's killed the rather cliched looking aliens.. really ? This was as bad as Titan with Sam Worthington , an insult to the voters intelligence in my humble opinion .
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Slow, boring, and full of plot holes
jake-17913 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Don't believe the hype on this movie. This is an example of extremely lazy script writing. I'm kind of shocked that so many people are saying this movie was great. I saw Chris Pratt on Instagram raving about this movie and urging his followers to go see it. As I sat in the theater, I was so distracted by the constant glaring plot holes that I found the movie extremely frustrating and boring. If you are paying attention to the movie as you watch it, you will find it impossible to take serious. SPOILERS AHEAD! The monsters key on sound, right? But we learn about halfway through the movie that there is a nearby waterfall, the sound of which is sufficient to mask the sounds that the monsters would normally key on. Uh, so, why not just move the family right next to the waterfall (where is also where they fish for food) and just camp out there? Pretty stupid. OK, next, the dad has the farm rigged with tons of lights. Just, lights strung up all over the fields. Where does he get the electricity for all those lights? Not to mention his little technology lab down in the basement. No generator? Is there a generator? If there is, how does he keep it fueled and how does he keep it from making noise? The monsters can be easily fooled with a kitchen timer, right? So, seems to me that it would be pretty easy to set traps for these things. Or, at the very least, how about rigging up noise makers? You know, you could power them with the apparently endless electricity they have? I could go on and on, but lets talk about the nail scene. I found this particularly frustrating. The nail is nailed DOWN in to the step, but the HEAD of the nail gets caught on Emily Blunt's laundry bag, and gets pulled up. The makes sense. But then, suddenly, the SHARP end of the nail is pointing UP. That makes no sense. Nails are not pounded UP in to the steps. The head of the nail would be up, which would probably hurt if you stepped on it in your bare feet, but it would penetrate. That nail scenario made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

These and many other glaring plot holes made this movie impossible to enjoy. Perhaps the biggest problem of course is the very essence of the title: they are in a world where it is essential to make no noise, so, despite having two healthy children to look after, they decide to have a baby. Pretty much the only things babies do is poop and make noise. So their plan is to put it in a sound proof box? For how long? The next 4 years of it's miserable life? That's their plan???This movie was just stupid. I hated it. It is nothing but bad, lazy writing with setups and scenarios that do not make sense and do not make sense. Save yourself from this movie. Don't believe the hype. Don't bother. Read my review and know that this movie sucks.
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Love it!
zechpetersen7 April 2018
I am Deaf. I realllllly enjoy it!! So it good for people who know sign Langurge and deaf. For deaf people have to watch that movie!!! So action and drama!!!
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Way way overrated
maxmanthedon24 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Look, everything people are saying about this movie is true. To an extent. The first two acts of this film are indeed spectacular. Suspenseful, subtle, and genuinely a scary film. It loses this in its third act. The ending of this film is ridiculous. A blatant cop out because another ending couldn't be thought up. Horror is based on its impact it leaves. This ending left me caring nothing for any of the surviving characters, especially since, logically speaking, they are doomed to die anyway. Some movies are set up to go on without an ending, because they were made to do so. This is not one of them
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For all the bashers of this movie
shaneandamy-196294 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1) The actress who is deaf in the movie is deaf in real life 2) The aliens are BLIND 3) The father couldn't shoot the aliens because he was DEAD when they figured out they could shoot them because their armour peeled back only when they got close to the sound from the hearing aid. 4) For all the people bashing the movie because they didn't live next to the waterfall. How would they get all the materials to live and build there? Walk it in? Can't make noise getting there. Ok 5) This is an interesting, intense movie that is science fiction people. These one star reviews from people are so irritating because it's like they wanted a documentary. I suggest all the people saying they are to smart and couldn't like it because of the things mentioned in the reviews need to stick to the discovery and history channel.
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Absurd and thus, boring
sruggeri-2445714 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I also can't understand the fuzz about this absurd movie. The list of stupid, impossible things in this post apocaliptic world is endless.

Full electricity power in a devastated world without any generator at sight that would make noise and attract the aliens A couple that decides to have a baby who will cry, attract the aliens and have all the family killed in seconds A house sorrounded by acres of corn, an annual crop. Who cultivated it within the last 6 months? A nail in a step pointing up. How that happened? Aliens that could beat all the armies in the world but are killed by a single shotgun of a smiling mother that has just lost his husband? This husband that only thinks about shouting loud to attract the alien that is about to kill his children instead of making a diverting noise like throwing a stone? Emily looking sharp, blonde dyed hair, hands done, for months and months? Sending your child to light fireworks in the open instead of switching on a radio or else? All imaginable cliches. Everything so dumb and stupid. Not worth it.
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A whole new type of horror film
kwaters-3954410 August 2018
This movie is brilliantly done. This is the definition of horror suspense film. I was intrigued to watch this due to the limited talking and it didnt disappoint. Im not big on horror films, i feel like most if not all of them are cliches, this one is something truly profound and unique and id love to see more like this. The concept of limiting one of the senses is a great way to both engage rhe audience, but also to think outside the box in terms of what a horror film can do; and what we think of as scary or suspenseful.
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lynseylinzlu2 April 2018
A Quiet Place starts with racking up the tension which doesn't let up in a nerve shredding 1hr 25. The premise is simple, we get no back story as to why the family have to stay silent, but within 5 minutes with an unexpected moment we can see what the consequence of making noise is. From then on our focus is on this one family as they strive to stay safe in what seems like a helpless situation. I enjoyed this film immensely. I found it to be nerve shredding and so tense to watch i had to try catch my breath a few occasions as i had been holding it so long. It is the silence for a majority of the film that makes this work and i was grateful for a silent cinema hall (this i will go back to) I found myself caring for the characters (rare in horror) and hoping for a positive outcome. It also doesn't suffer from an overlong run time and imo is not for the mostpart predictable.Those who like a decent movie monster i feel will be pleasantly surprised i believe as well. Those who are looking for gory in your face horror may struggle to engage and i think coming back to my point earlier if you end up in a hall full of restless noisy people filling the silence the tension will somewhat be lost. A solid 8/10
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I don't understand how people like this movie
danstelzer13 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First, why is the young kid left in the store and following the family home 30 ft behind everyone? Why if you can talk and live normal at the waterfall and lake are you inland at your house? You mean to tell me that the entire world is wiped out and nobody thought to themselves let's crank up the volume on radio waves? Dumb movie.
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Boring, dull, completely nonsensical
farooqq-279556 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly have no idea how this movie reviewed so well, as I was sitting there I was absolutely dumbfounded by the actions of the characters and how these 'aliens' could even beat an organised human army of the middle ages. They wouldn't even need swords, I reckon they could have gotten the job done with sticks and rocks.

We are seriously meant to believe that aliens, with seemingly no sense of site or smell but incredibly hyperacuity of sound, beat humans? That is the first and primary stupid premise of this film. Sound is the easiest thing to manipulate, can be matched with opposing noise to cover and as we found out later they have an intensely disabling reaction to high pitched sound. SERIOUSLY? If we met creatures like that on an opposing planet, we would make them extinct. Set up a sound box, bring them in blow them up/shoot them when they get near. Put DOG WHISTLES on humans to disable them when routing the few stragglers, have loud speakers on an armoured vehicle whilst patrolling so they would attack that and the men could walk up close, change the pitch to very high and place his gun on its head for an easy kill. I mean honestly, the most manipulable sensation is the only one they have? And to add insult to injury, a shotgun blast clearly blows it's head open (so their armour or not so tough) and they emit electromagnetic pulses when getting near? There is no believable scenario in which these things would triumph over humans. I thought maybe these creatures had sonar capability, but no they are even more useless than bats.

Secondly, the humans in this are so utterly stupid its not funny. So the backup plan to scatter the aliens away if they are on the farm..... light 5- fireworks to distract them for about 20 seconds. Something much easier- a remote speaker activated with an ipod? A FREAKING RADIO with remote switch? They have power in this film, yet this is the best thing they can think of?

His death was contrived nonsense too. The only thing he could think of was to scream to draw the alien away from his kid? How about throwing rocks/the pick he was holding AT THE GIANT METAL SHED BESIDE HIM? Also, WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD YOU DO ANYTHING BUT GO TO AN OPEN FIELD WHEN THE CREATURES ARE CLOSE? You have a distinct advantage in site- running to a closed car COMPLETELY DISABLES this. Common sense would dictate when you think its close, crouch down, breath into your sleeve to reduce sound and keep eyes open. The alien will neither smell nor see you, and if you need to move that you can see it and go slowly, whilst trying to throw an object somewhere to make noise for a distraction.

She is heavily pregnant and they build a soundproof room that's NOT EVEN SEALED properly. They have a mattress that goes over the trap door? Ultra dumb and tries to set tension later in the film. It just screams laziness when a horror film has to build tension through dumb and pretentious means that no human would ever do.

I could go on and on. This film is terribly lazy in building drama, uses jump scares all the time, cliched in the family 'unit' (there are seriously people here talking about the great dialogue??? This film had decisively little dialogue in it, and was utterly vanilla. They were all stereotypical family members, I bet not one person can name a quirk or unique character trait of any of them). The humans are stupid and the aliens are an incredibly flawed invader- Arnold from Predator could make a whole bunch of traps in the trees like he did in that film and wipe them all out in an afternoon. Overall, one of the worst movies I have seen in a while.
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Illogical... Flawed and quite stupid.
majoreasy7 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert...

Don't read before watching... Or read if not planning to watch... I'd recommend the second option...

The family knows that higher sound levels will hide the lower sounds... And the father actually showed the son how they can yell and shout beside a waterfall... Any sane group of people would immediately think... Hey... What a wonderful place to live at... We can talk and do normal things as long as the waterfall sound can mask it...

The father has a whole range of electronics and showed he knows how to make them work... Maybe it's just me... But I'd have my fun with the aliens by hooking up a hundred speakers all over the place on top of trees and under rocks etc... and then sit on the silo making each one make a sound alternately... By making some sound on one, then a minute later sound another a few miles away and on and on...the entertainment would be watching the aliens rush to one and then to the other until they run themselves dizzy... When the entertainment is over... They can all go back to their waterfall home and laugh themselves silly...

If the movie followed this plan... It'd be done in 20 minutes... Assuming the first 15 minutes are needed to set up the story... And even we can only handle watching aliens run around in circles for no more than 2-3 minutes... The last 2 minutes are the family back at their waterfall laughing and joshing about the day's entertainment and eating as loudly as they please...

So there... Was going to give this movie a zero... But I like Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow...so it gets a 2...(in that one, she kicked arse... In this one... Not so much...)
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This movie was an insult to the viewers!!
roncell21 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Brilliant idea. I had very high hopes for this movie. The more I watched it, the quicker I realized that I (and the three other patrons in the theater) had been duped. I'm not going to beat this movie to death by going into details... everyone else has already done that. The movie came with a message: women and girls are smart and brave and men and boys are short-sighted (stupid), cowardly, and bumbling idiots. Case in point: the father had in his possession a shotgun which (as we learn late in the movie) was perfectly capable of killing the monsters. Why he had never attempted this, we'll never know. Why the military wasn't brought in, we'll also never know. I agree with everyone else about stupidity of bringing a baby into such a world, especially knowing that it would be impossible to defend him against such a murderous creature, while also endangering the health of the mother during the birth of the baby. I also couldn't get past the young boy who essentially grew up in this silent, dangerous world but acts like he was just dropped in from a happier time and place. And the nail... stair treads get hammered down from above, not up from underneath! Unbelievable. Equally unbelievable are some of these reviews. Totally fake. They all read very similar. Pretty sad.
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Great idea but so so stupid
mujohaso8 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the tension, the aliens, the whole premise of sound. But man it was illogical and poorly concieved not to mention so overly hollywood and american it almost made me vomit. I mean come on, they had the time to place sand for miles and miles, had everything laid out and constructed to adapt to this life and yet lived in the open. Are you kidding me, couldnt they have sound proofed the basement or found a bunker,whatever and lived there in peace and with the baby. We've seen the limits of alien's ability, they couldve easily sound proofed it enough for normal life. And the aliens could not be beat by armies of the world bacuse of no weakness and impressive armor but a shotgun kills them. Some armor. Not to mention if they were sound sensitive the FIRST solution the military would have tried would be variable frequencies and their effect. In general any move they made seemed contrary to what they wouldve learned over the years to do. And those american/hollywood scenes at the and, "if nothing works a shotgun blast will". And lets not forget the shotgun pump and the angry look in the camera, twice even in the wife's hands ( of course it had to be the wife), she was such a badS. All was missing was an eagle on the shelf and an american flag in the back. Cliche after cliche. All in all, the idea was great, and the quality of the film as a visual product was top notch but it was so dumb. Is this the new standard?
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Boring, forgettable, and insultingly stupid
baratheveggie9 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So many questions and so many illogical and nonsensical things in this movie. If the sound is so important and if the batteries for the toy are so important, why leave the batteries on a table next to the toy and leave the room, dear GOD!!! Of course a 3-year old doesn't know any better. Why did earth get conquered by creatures whose weakness is high-frequency sounds and who can get killed by a shotgun blast to the head? Why does dad think a mattress is enough a fortification for the basement and why are there freaking apples on a mattress xD? Why did dad have to die screaming instead of, oh I don't know, throw his axe in a metal shack 5 feet away from him and silently walk away with his kids?? Why do they decide to have a baby in this hideous apocalypse, a baby that has to scream when it's born so all of you get killed instantly? Why is there a nail stuck in the middle of the damned stairs?????

Characters are so stereotypical and so forgettable it's painful. A good caring dad and a good caring mom, a rebellious teenage daughter and a coward younger son. Cinematography is nothing to write home about and the music in some places was unnecessary, pulling you away from the usually silent experience. Movie also additionally salts the wound by blatant jump scares.

As I'm writing this the grade stands at 8,2, disgusting and unfathomable. Open your eyes people and use your brains. This is an appalinglly bad mystery thriller movie.
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Unnerving silence
TheLittleSongbird3 May 2018
'A Quiet Place' very quickly became one of my most anticipated films of the year. Have liked Emily Blunt a lot in other things, have a lot of appreciation for the genre and absolutely adored the concept. One of the year's best concepts and one of the most brilliant and unique for any film.

Seeing it, 'A Quiet Place' turned out to be one of my favourites of the year too, its positive critical reception more than deserved. Can understand though if it doesn't work for others, it is not a film that everybody will enjoy with its deliberate pace, very sparse use of music and dialogue and heavy reliance on atmosphere. Have seen many films recently that have wasted good potential and ideas or not quite fulfilling them. So it was refreshing and a blessing to have such a brilliant and unique concept executed in a way that was equally brilliant and as a film unlike any other seen by me.

Was far too transfixed by the atmosphere and mood to criticise 'A Quiet Place' for lack of logic, plot holes (have never criticised a film for plot holes, find it a lazy and unfair criticism especially when it's the only thing mentioned in reviews that list them and say nothing about the film's overall quality) or not making complete sense. When a film doesn't transfix or engage me it is less forgivable, but 'A Quiet Place' was utterly transfixing from start to finish from personal view.

It's a beautifully made film with a lot of style and atmosphere. Not everybody will like that the use of dialogue and music is sparse. That wasn't a problem for me, in fact it was appreciated and it worked really well. Actually think it was the right thing to do. Without constant music, the concept and atmosphere came through stronger, if the music was intrusive, obvious or repetitive they would not have worked anywhere near as well.

Without constant dialogue, it let the actors' expressions and body language do all the talking, have seen horror/sci-fi films, and films in general actually, recently that have suffered from too much talk and exposition that it bogs the pace down and it's even more of a problem when the dialogue isn't good or interesting. Appreciated hugely that 'A Quiet Place' didn't go down that route.

Luckily the acting benefits from having little dialogue, here it's a masterclass of expressions speaking louder than words. Emily Blunt is simply sensational in a very moving and expressive performance that is among her best. Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe also impress in beyond their years performances that one doesn't actually expect from actors so young. So does John Krasinki in a performance just as expressive, in a subtle way, and charismatic. In the director's chair, he shows a lot of confidence and great talent for mood and storytelling.

Especially good about 'A Quiet Place' is the atmosphere, which smoulders from every frame and shapes every part of the story. The pace is a deliberate slow-burn but for me it was never dull. Parts of 'A Quiet Place' are heartfelt, others are quirky. But above all it's genuinely scary and unnerving, enhanced by tremendous use of sound design that generates unbearable tension. The monsters are incredibly nightmarish, actually takes a lot for me to feel unsettled after watching a film since getting older, 'A Quiet Place' did that for me.

Overall, a superb film and one of my favourites of the year so far. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Yawn.. jump.. yawn
Wittyknickname12 April 2018
Positives.. Acting was good, premise was good and it was the perfect runtime for a movie like this.

Negatives.. Typical horror movie mistakes made by main characters who ultimately have themselves to blame for each jeopardy moment. Plot holes and cliches every 10 minutes. Relies only on the now unoriginal and outdated scare methods of all other modern horrors, signalled by the usual suspense building music and silence break before RAWR monster nearly got you. Boo jump yawn. No explanation for the creatures' existence, no background for the characters.

All in all there's nothing new here, if you like simple Boo Jump movies you can munch popcorn through you'll find this worth a watch. If you like a bit of depth and thought then this isn't for you
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Bothers you the more you think about it.
jef_olsen7 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The premise is that if you make a sound, monsters will get you. I am fine with a film creating whatever rules or framework it wants. You want a film with Magic, fine. Supernatural powers, fine. Or a film where If any sound is made, the monsters attack in seconds and make lighting quick work of their prey, fine.

There is a lot I like about the film, but when you routinely break the very rules you create, the movie becomes frustrating and unenjoyable.

In this film the creators establish that sounds of a beeping space shuttle toy bring monsters in under 10 seconds. And they kill the living thing holding the toy so fast you barely see it. That's fast. Also, the sound of a falling silo door brings a monster, also in a very fast time. A scream will bring a monster in a matter of seconds. And kill you just as fast. Normal talking will also bring a monster so you must use sign language. Also, the sound of a raccoon just making normal night time noises will bring a monster to kill the raccoon.

So, how is it the loud sound of the same raccoon falling on the roof one minute before not bring the monster? How is it that the same raccoon, a full raccoon size, did not get killed every single day before the scene shown? Is he using raccoon sign language and forgot that night? The silo door falling brings the monster but the roof noise from the raccoon does not? The roof noise was louder and the monster was clearly in the area because the monster killed the raccoon a moment later.

How is they show birds in the sky making noises early in the film, but no monster attack? Do the birds only make noise when flying? Do they ever nest? Of course they must land. Do they always stay quiet when they nest or land? How did the creatures not attack then? Birds are noisy but they survive. They monsters can easily and swiftly get to the top of a silo, why not a tree? They can cut through a silo wall, so why not a tree or whatever the birds are in?

They establish that non-living things making noise bring the monster. The afore mentioned door, and also a gun, fireworks, etc. also, there is an object that falls that nearly hits the ground and the family shows their collective relief when it is caught before hitting the ground. Obviously, they are afraid a falling object will bring the monster.

But, a river or waterfall does not bring the monster. Maybe they attacked the river and gave up? If so, why not live a bit closer to the water. The rustling of leaves of a tree or corn stalks does not bring the monster, apparently? Leaves are alive. Why do they ignore that? The family can't make a creaking sound in the house because it will bring a monster, so they walk around barefoot. But, anyone who has lived in a home knows that homes make a random, creaking sound on their own from time to time. What happens then?. And the wind would make sounds against the house frequently. Of course, they have to live in a house with wood floors and no carpets or rugs to help muffle any sound, but take serious care to make the paths outside sound resistant to their feet.

Also, did no one cough during the last year? Does no one snore? What about flatulance? Surely someone must have had a good sneeze. These sounds are louder than a whisper and often louder than normal talking. Yet, they avoided the monster for over a year. And, why do they have to keep reminding people to be quiet by putting their finger over their mouths? You'd think after a year the people alive would have figured that one out.

Why do monsters ignore the creaking, rusted swing during the walk home with the dad and son? Because a creaking, rusted swing sounds erie and adds to tension? They also ignore the newspaper blowing in the wind at the beginning of the film, because why again? Is it Becasue a newspaper blowing in the wind sets a mood?

The monsters move incredibly fast, faster than any animal, but then move as slow as a sloth, painfully slow, when moving against the people the director does not want killed.

There are so many ways this movie could have been better. The concept is not bad, but the execution is frustrating. It's not a bad movie, and I enjoyed parts, but you must turn off your brain and ignore facts to give this anything more than a mild recommendation.

I liked the actors and thought they did well with the material. I liked the family concept. You felt like everyone mattered and no one was expendable, except the old dude of course.

There are plenty of other things buggy about the movie but the lack of consistency is what really bothered me. I wanted the film to succeed and I found myself trying to make excuses for the story, making assumptions to try and explain how the story could work and be believable, but the inconsistencies were too much. I liked the premise but the film felt incomplete. Partially baked idea and I think the director knew it. But he will make money and move on, even if his art was a mediocre, incomplete effort.
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8.3 !! Your kidding me !!
jencliff9 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Three out of three of us found this film b o r I n g and pretty poor. A simple premise, alien creatures, looking very familiar ( which film set were they borrowed from ? ) hunt by sound, they cannot be heard if there is background noise I.e a river or waterfall. So why not live by the river and have a normal conversation ? But no ? Repetitive killings ensue. Why I ask myself would anyone get pregnant and produce a screaming baby, when you know certain death awaits you ? Really ? ( bad enough giving birth under normal circumstances ! ) Quite honestly, I am appalled at the low quality of films of late that are given good write ups by all the media. O Another wasted evening, not to talk about the money, mercifully not too long ! Sticking to Sky Atlantic & Netflix for the time being.
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