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Prismark1020 November 2017
Globalreach was a below par episode. A lot of things the characters do just do not make sense from the president downwards. Worse yet, the storyline is clearly inspired by the classic movie, Seven Days in May, but is nowhere near as good.

Clay Haas is shown up as someone who not fit to lead the task-force. He is a policy hack not an agent.

Claire Haas in all this time has not appointed a vice president leaving the way for the House Speaker Roarke to take over the presidency on some trumped up impeachment charges. Any president fit to lace President Nixon's shoes would had dug up the dirt on Roarke by now and not waited until the last minute. Claire Haas is certainly not the ambitious conniver that she was portrayed as in the first series.

Alex has gone over to the dark-side with the collaborators and at least she has Keyes convinced but Alex herself is being used to cause an explosion at the FBI office.

The team look defeated, most of them have lost the focus for the greater good, Nimah cares more for her sister than what Roarke would do when he comes to power. It is the kind of holes in the plot the show does not need.
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Crashed, and now burning. Warning: Spoilers
So in the previous episode, Ryan recorded the Alice Winter's character admitting to the murder of at least two people and her collaboration with the other terrorists they're chasing, he gets her to sign a plea deal wherein she turns over evidence to sink the others. She tricks him and sets him up instead, so that whole shtick now becomes useless, why? So she burned him instead, but he should still have the recording of her admitting to murder and treason -- why isn't it being used in a different way? Why are these agents (writers) so dumb? It seems like they couldn't devise and follow a plan if everyone's lives depended upon it. Yeah, yeah, Alex has to be the great non white hope and save the day, but c'mon, you're beleaguering the point and only losing her the support of the show's watchers.

Two members of the task force are now considered outed because of the Ryan-is-a-moron non deal, and can't continue their work because they'll be recognized? I'm sorry, but neither the FBI nor the CIA don't know anything about disguises? The Ryan character couldn't shave his beard, let his hair grow out, dye it, wear a wig until it grows out, change his eye colour with contact lenses... the same for Shelby, okay minus maybe shaving the beard part...? I'm sure they'll still be purdy as can be. So lame. There's suspension of belief, and well then there's this show this season.

I too liked the first season, despite the heavy "models romancing the FBI" angle, but started having problems with the second. The constant flashing between the present and the past was getting annoying. Yes, I understand it is an efficient format by which you can provide context to the present without using up multiple episodes, but... I stopped watching How to Get Away With Murder in the third season for the same reason. It's like yah been there and yah done that, so move on. Quantico did tune it down midway of this second season so I continued, but the loopholes and shoddy plot development are now completely driving me away. Right now, I feel like just skipping to the end of the last episode of this season to find out what happened and probably not come back for the third.

Producers, take note. If you have to allow such lame plot developments in order to fill up twenty two episodes, then drop back to maybe thirteen to fifteen episodes instead, and try to provide some quality over quantity
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