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24 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.1
In 2007, 11-year-old Rhys Jones is inexplicably shot dead walking home from football practice. Newly-promoted superintendent Dave 'Ned' Kelly leads the murder inquiry, discovering that Rhys's older brother, Owen, was in a gang, he suspects turf warfare in which Rhys was innocently caught up. Meanwhile, teenager Sean Mercer hides a gun and an anonymous caller names Mercer and two fellow gang members as the culprits. However, Ned is unable to gather sufficient evidence to charge them.
1 May 2017
Episode #1.2
As Rhys's family attends his funeral Mercer's friends Dean Kelly, James Yates and Nathan Quinn all alibi each other, Yates disposing of anything to incriminate him. A bug on Yates' house leads Dave to another of their circle, Jordan Olssen, who bullies his mother Claire - Claire's statement going some way to discredit the gang's stories though Dave still has no clear evidence to make an arrest. A raid on the house of dim teen-ager Kevin Moody recovers the suspected murder weapon and Dave gambles on him incriminating the others in exchange for immunity from prosecution...
8 May 2017
Episode #1.3
Dave believes he has a lead when Kevin Moody, encouraged by his sister Sandra, admits to the police that Mercer gave him the gun but the crown prosecutor still feels there is insufficient evidence to proceed. Dave hopes this will make the culprits more confident about getting away with it and steps up his pursuit. There is a set-back when Claire Olssen is bullied by the killer's family and gang into giving a false alibi so that Dave is relieved when Kevin finally agrees to enter witness protection and names Mercer and his associates, thus making arrests possible.
15 May 2017
Episode #1.4
Mercer, Yates and all the others who helped to kill Rhys jones are held in court.


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