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It is possible to see all kinds of chaos. Neo-Nazis, motorcycle gangs, drug and bet mafias, good bad cops...
ahmetkozan7 January 2019
The second German series after Netflix's Dark series. We are witnessing the wars between the Neo-Nazis, Turkish motor gangs, drug and bet mafias in this crime series in Berlin.

The best player Orkan Erdem in the German national football team, who happens to be of Turkish origin, is murdered in Berlin. Even though he was married, Kurt Grimmer, one of the murder table detectives who was with his lover, coincidentally comes to the scene of accident. As soon as he finds out who the body is, he thinks he's facing a delicate situation and confiscates this circumstance. The next evening, there is Germany-Turkey football match. He thinks that the German national team, deprived of their best player, will lose the match. And he goes to make a bet. Although Kurt succeeds in convincing his superiors to keep his murder secret until the end of the match, his main goal is to prevent the Turkish national team from betting odds falling. After this incident, Neo-Nazis, Germanist Turks, Serbs, Arabs, mafia and gangs will enter each other. And we're gonna watch a big chaos. Kurt Grimmer, an old Neo-Nazi, and Erol Birkan, a gay Turkish origin German police, conduct the murder investigation together. Two dissident police officers are trying to solve the murder of Orkan Erdem. They are also after Tarik Amir and Kovac gangs. We are also witnessing the underground rap world of Berlin through side characters.

Gangs, racism, drugs, bets, rigged game, discrimination, lovelessness, unfaithful spouses, dirty cops are among the topics that are criticized by the series. In the series, we see the racism against the Turks by the Neo-Nazis. I think Neo-Nazis are badly shown. Not the Turks. As it's supposed to be. They also shows the German police in the series as bad police. There is no attempt to badly shown the Turks. Yes, maybe there is racism in Germany as well as in the whole world, but I don't think they do this series to make Turks look bad. And I'm a person against racism. It is a country that has already well defined the issue of citizenship. I just look at this as a series. And in my opinion successful.

The cast of the series is quite good. Turkish-born German actors are taking part in the series. All acting is fine for me. As I watched the series, the Turkish sentences I heard increased my interest.

The series started with a fast pace and continued at the same speed without slowing down. I found immersive and fluent. They show Germany's underground world and the fight between the gangs in an impressive way. Weapons, drugs, bets, gangs, women, fights, everything is in this series. As a drama, Dogs of Berlin delivers in spades. You can watch this series in one breath. 8/10
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Pretty good crime series that makes light of current events in Germany
carnivorous-898908 December 2018
I really liked it. It's very gritty and the characters are fairly complex. That said, the viewer really needs to know a bit about the politics and issues currently facing German society. Netflix did a good job on including a lot of these issues. A previous review on here mentioned the ban of Nazi symbols. Yes, it's true, but the symbol that the Nazi club uses is actually not an "N" (for "Nazi") but rather an "M" which stands for the borough of Marzahn, where the club is based out of. The series also does a good job in characterizing impoverished east Germans & their attitudes against wealthier west Germans. There's really a lot going on that might appear random for someone not accustomed with current events in Germany. The biker gangs, the criminal clans, the police corruption, etc. were all portrayed very accurately I thought. I hope there's a second season. I don't usually write reviews, but this is a pretty cool show.
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Thrilling series for Berlin lovers and haters
schorsch-849849 December 2018
Unlike many other reviewers i think this show is pretty close to reality. Also acting, camera and specifically set design are amazing. The director paid attention to small quirky details and i just love the main character who is energetic, a bit evil, but after all just a real human. I can only assume, why so many Berliners hated this series (see the shows FB page): Their main point of criticism is, that it shows too many clichés. Yes it does. But those clichés are just also true at the same time. Many people (still?) don't want to see that. Yes, those clans exist the way the are shown, yes, there is betting manipulation in the DFB, yes, there are blackmailing cases, yes, there are Nazis in Marzahn who look like those guys, yes, the Hells Angels are tied to all of that, and yes, there are a lot of corrupt police officers. That my only point of criticism: The corruption problem is actually worse.
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Deserves better than a 6.9
icymi-3790619 December 2018
I gave it 9 stars, although it probably deserves more like 8, but I felt that I had to do my part to upgrade the rating a little.

Some parts of the story are absolutely ridiculous and farfetched, the computer generated scenes of the football matches were some of the worst I've seen in recent memory, however I was entertained the entire series and I definitely want to see the second season.

The two leads were both terrific and elevated the show beyond trashy camp. It feels a little bit like watching the over the top and absurd Boondock Saints at times crossed with a really good English serial... however the portrayal of the central characters somehow lend credibility to the proceedings even when the plot veers way off the rails.

As an American it's hard to tell where this series stands in comparison to other German television shows, and it's difficult to judge what aspects of Berlin life and culture even remotely resembled reality. I did find it fascinating, however and it made me want to try other German series.
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A gritty wild ride
brenswee26 December 2018
I generally do not like gang-themed stories. I find them boring. What made me watch Dogs of Berlin is my love for the city of Berlin. Because of the content, I expected to last only half an episode before turning it off. But I got sucked right in. I finished the last episode just now and I hope to god there is a second season planned! All the pieces are surely there for another round, but you never know. The two main characters are both complex and relatable. It was a wild ride watching them navigate the dangerous situations they ended up in! More please!
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Well written and, thank the Lord, a different kind of murder mystery
info-1219015 December 2018
My wife and I watch a lot of murder mysteries and this one's up there because it is different. It's not reality, at least I hope not, but it is engaging, there are some scenes that are at the top of our list, it's intriguing and worth the time to watch. I will never understand, however, why almost all European murder mysteries we've seen have terrible English lyric songs for theme songs, with notable exceptions like Das Broen.
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Good entertainment
matze-239679 December 2018
The only criticism is that the series takes too long time to introduce the characters. Yes, they have depth and complexity but more time could've spent on entertainment meaning action.

Other than that happy that I was able to binge watch it, good story, lots of twist and turns and excitement until the end. Worth to spend a rainy Sunday with it.
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Badly written, no sense of character and appaling view of women
moritzmeyerautor11 December 2018
There is a new German series on Netflix, and after "Dark" was a very passable, internationally acclaimed mystery series, I thought, let's give "Dogs of Berlin" a shot. But when the name "Christian Alvart" appeared in the opening credits all alarm bells went off for me. The German Michael Bay is mainly known for the pretty awful Til Schweiger "Tatort" movies. It is one of the most popular german TV shows, which Alvart unsuccessfully tried to reinvent by turning mostly lame and old-fashioned whodunit crime stories into bad rip-offs of 90s action films. Well, Til Schweiger is absent from Dogs of Berlin. And that's actually the best thing you can say about this gruesome concoction.

Before we talk about the most despicable parts of Dogs of Berlin, let's start with what's just plain awful. Point 1: The dialogues are written by someone who does not care about language and words. Any sentences the actors are forced to utter have been copied and pasted from some Guy Ritchie movies. And not from the good ones. "At some point he will make a mistake. And then we are there." - "I have the money. I just need more time." - "I give you a chance. And you do not get many of them here." It's the entire vocabulary of bad gangster movies.

Point 2: Just as crappy as the dialogues are the characters written. The policeman with the neo-Nazi past, the homosexual Turkish investigator, the tough lesbian police chief, such personas come about when one puts together his main characters with a choice-o-mat. Alvart surely thinks of these people as multi-layered characters. But Alvart also thinks, Til Schweiger is a charismatic action actor. But he lacks any empathy for his characters. They are used uninspiringly to advance the stupid plot of the murder of a Turkish-born football player, which eventually leads to a sort of civil war in Berlin. This is supposed to be loosely inspired by real-life events, but let me tell you, as someone, who is from Germany: It does not even come close to the complexe issues, German society is facing at the moment.

Point 3: Speaking of empathy: Lebanese clans play an important role in Dogs of Berlin. And of course, Alvart has also stolen this plot element, namely from the pretty gripping drama series "4 Blocks". Earlier this year, I happened to sit next to one of the authors of 4 Blocks on a panel. Hanno Hackfort reported, that the writers had researched the complex and ambivalent portrait of a Lebanese clan family for almost three years. Alvart's research was this: Watch 4 Blocks and then just throw anything beyond his mental capacities out the window. Then simply copy and squeeze the rest into Dogs of Berlin. Nothing in this series feels original or new.

Besides all those things, that are just stupid, there is one thing, that makes Dogs of Berlin really unspeakable. The depiction of female characters in this series is disgusting. There are two things women characters in Dogs of Berlin are allowed to do: the first is to show their breasts. The second is to be the victim of terrible acts of violence. And sometimes both. For Alvart women are objects in a testosterone-filled world. They can only be strong if they submit to the male rituals of dominance and violence. Like the tough police officer who is even tougher than her male colleagues. There is no solidarity among women, on the contrary: If women interact with women here, then only to harm each other physically or mentally. It is a concept of feminity, that is otherwise found only in hardcore porn: big breasts everywhere, the dominant, potent man, who owns his female partners, of whom he has many, of course, and fights between women, that end up with one urinating on the other. It is these scenes in which Alvart reveals the foul, appalling inside of "Dogs of Berlin". Unfortunately, there is no manure bag large enough to dispose of the droppings of these pooches properly.
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one of the best new german series!
habl-431-29118722 December 2018
4Blocks, Dark & Dogs of Berlin great work!!! more of this!!!
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Best german show ever
checcofalciani9 December 2018
I loved DARK the first Netflix german show so i've decided to watch this too...the first epiosde is so full of things that it looks more a middle season epiosde than a first one. Action, dark, full of nudity and finally a LGBT character that's not sescondary but he's one of the protagonist. And the best part is the amazing town of Berlin...the best town in the world... with all of its different style, people, community...i watched the show in 2 days...hope to get a second season soon.
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Every moment is action and suspense!
MFaisolC21 January 2019
I find this series excellent in every aspect! Every moment was suspenseful. Not for a single moment I felt isolated or disconnected from this series. It made me immersed myself into its 'own world' which felt like reality. Powerful acting by each cast member, superb cinematography and making. Well done every one associated with this series.
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It's like a time jump in the 80s
Petra_Huber8 December 2018
It's like a time jump in the 80s. The narrative is like from my childhood. Thank you.
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The not so good looking little brother of '4 Blocks'.
denzelest15 December 2018
Well... For a german production it is not THAT bad. The Look is okay, and the plot could've had everything to be very interesting. Could. In the End it has the same problems that nearly 95% of all german productions has: Bad Writing, emberassing dialogues, an overwhelming amout of stereotypes and the most ridiculous use of cgi (the football match between germany and turkey) I have seen since 'Sharknado' - just without the sense of humor. If you want to see a really good german production with almost the same plot - watch '4 Blocks'.
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Tension from the first to the last minute
donavetta20 December 2018
Dog of Berlin deserves a better rating than a 6.9! The main actors are a great cast. The chemistry between them makes the characters believable to the viewers.

Tension from the first to the last minute. I hope that a second season will follow.
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Way Too Many Story Lines Going On to Be Coherent (or good)
leftbanker-115 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
On the one hand, I applaud the fact that Netflix is giving viewers such a wide range of programming in other languages. I really wanted to like this and the first episode was very promising. The story soon went into convulsions and starting spreading out in about 30 different directions, too many to manage with any hope of entertaining the viewer.

There are about four story lines too many for this thing to take off. They should have lightened the load and ditched a few of the less promising ones. The rapper kid is a dumb angle, as is his wife's problems in her little china shop. We have the Turkish mafia, a crooked cop, interfering in Germany's nation al game, I missing anything?

His wife gets the crap beat out of her by a teenage girl without raising a hand, and then she stands up to a Mafioso? And just the idea that thugs in Berlin would bother a woman whose husband is a cop in a protection racket scheme is stupid, as was the drive-by shooting. This is Berlin, right? Not New York or Rio or Lagos.

When the story breaks days later that the footballer is dead the cops' boss comes barging into their meeting to announce, "It's out!" How long did he think he could keep it a secret? Even 24 seems highly unlikely. That was dumb.

They tried to make the Turks so menacing, but I never got that feeling. They just seemed like caricatures of mafia thugs.

The writers seem like they were terrified to portray modern Berlin for what it is: as close to a workers' paradise as we have in the world today. Disagree with that? Name a better place to be working class. They paint the Turks out to be like American blacks, with no opportunity besides rapping and sports. Huh? Almost all of them have jobs that pay a decent wage, six weeks of vacation a year, free and excellent medical care, great schools, public safety, amazing public transit, etc.

Jim Abrahams and David Zucker made comedies like Airplane and The Naked Gun in which they threw so many jokes at you that you stopped even thinking about them and simply laughed. This is sort of the strategy in this series but instead of jokes they throw plot twists and story lines at you.
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i like it
surfisfun13 December 2018
. lots of women breast are show in first episode. I prefer German wt subtitles over dubbed English .

decent Netflix production.

violent and racist at times.also homophobic.

binge worthy.
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we want season 2
cuneight-0599615 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I Hope Netflix will continue. it is very good tv serial
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Gritty, raw and stylish
me-389-32551931 May 2019
Beautifully filmed gritty drama of the underbelly of Berlin. An intelligent interwoven set of stories and imperfect characters forming a dark and tense tapestry that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat up until the very end.

The characters are fantastic, acting excellent, direction slick and movie grade action and cinematography.

Highly recommend this one!
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Berlin inside out - beyond the spectre of tourists and "decent" inhabitants
BeneCumb23 January 2019
I have visited Berlin several times, have read about its history and present day, including Muslim immigrants, but still - this series depicts a parallel realm, issues often directly associated with erroneous decisions in the past. Lots of segregation, exercise of power, wrong understanding of sense of community - and you find yourself in the middle of problems as shown in Dogs of Berlin.

For an outsider like me, everything seems realistic, including the characters, performances, environment, and the overall uneasiness is dominant throughout the season. The script included some nice twists, mainly related to the cop Grimmer; as for the cast, Fahri Yardim and Katrin Sass were more memorable, but, as mentioned above, they all did their good, yet difficult job.

Thus, another good German series, recommended to all them willing to know all faces of Berlin - one can easily do it via TV, visiting those places by yourself is often not a good idea...
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Mix between Run Lola Run and Reservoir Dogs.
fredcappa19 December 2018
By Netflix standards, which is that a show is good if I want to click Next Episode at the end of the first show and binge watch to the end, while hoping there is another season, this show is pretty good. I see 'Lola Rennt' in it at times in that you wonder if the main character is going to make it and untangle himself from that web that he started himself even before the show began. The scenario is not unlike Reservoir Dogs or the Usual Suspects as things are hectic and you find out truths about the characters little by little. You can also practice hearing German, learn a few more words while being entertained. At this point, that's all I ask from a TV show,
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Gave it a chance despite my disbelief!
matthewfindlay6 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There's too much going on in this for the viewer to follow. Women are seen as sex objects or lesbian. Men are sleazy and resentful.

I actually really laughed when the beagle dog starts puking and pukes up a missing finger in the guy's kitchen sink and the wife is like dog is ill kids, we should go! So off they trott! The wife never questions where he's been all night? Xx Oh high baby, I know you have a big case but can you give me money, I overspent on my shop order.

As for the brother well seriously! It's awful. Don't waste your life watching this!
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astonishly bad
mofateam-2153919 January 2019
Whow, Netflix, what have you done here ? This show hits the bottom. Poor writing. Bad dialog. Stereotypical. Sexist. I lost interest after 20 minutes. Unbelievable boring. I don´t blame the actors, Fahri Yardim is such a great actor but it is just a waste of talent.

At least I´m happy the show is obviously so bad that after the first episode I wont waste any second of my life for this garbage.
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Compelling and exciting action drama
manugw15 January 2019
There are at least 200K Turkish residents in Berlin, a huge community. This series focus on the Turkish - German relations in Berlin by way of ethnic tension, racism, gang rivalcy and control of racket business in the streets all crafted to produce a compelling and vibrant plot. There is also a good production and imagery to give life to violent scenes. Good quality
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Suddenly, I thought of La Mannschaft and Ozil, Gundogan, Altintop, Tasci or Emre Can
bola_de_pu11 June 2019
First of all, this tv show deserves way better than a 7.5. A vortex of ideas between football, betting, corruption, Germans, Turks and neo-Nazis. This series has a spectacular rhythm, combined with a soundtrack that makes the environment even more beastly. The photograph, which by the way is beautiful, represents perhaps the most striking aspect of the series. A lot of testosterone running throughout the series, seeing guys with well-defined beards is striking (joke, right?), From time to time you see a pair of breasts too, but what struck me most is that "conflict" between Turks, Germans and Turkish-Germans. Those social conflicts that exist, but nobody talks about. We take a moment away from what is usually seen on TV. The tension that generates the series is very good, it has certain bad things, like all series, but for a guy who is tired of seeing more of the same on Netflix, this series represents a relief. Likewise, I like that the series takes into account all the other social problems that circulate in the stories of the main protagonists. Drug addiction, alcoholism, poverty, prostitution, racism, homosexuals, sex addicts, family problems, clans, destroyed homes. Must see.
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Worse than anyonw would have thought
jihad-0329514 December 2018
With the success of 4 Blocks in claer sight Netflix tries to get a piece of the pie too but is failing so badly...

The "acting" is the worst i have seen in years ... Dailysoaps got more believable performances - it´s cringe at it´s best.. The actors shoudln´t even play at a middleschool cristmas-piece. The story is cliche and stupid - even for the not very intelligent audience it´s aiming for. Stay away from this trainwreck!
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