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Domhnall Gleeson: Dr. Faraday



  • Faraday : What this house needs is a big dose of happiness.

  • Faraday : You need to rest.

    Mrs. Ayres : I'm not an invalid.

    Faraday : I'm the doctor here. You must allow me to decide who the invalids are.

    Mrs. Ayres : And you must remember whose house this is.

  • Caroline Ayres : My mother would rather die than bring any more shame upon this family.

    Faraday : I won't abandon her to her delusions for the sake of class pride.

  • [First Lines] 

    Roderick Ayres : Hello. Who are you?

    Faraday : I'm Doctor Faraday.

    Roderick Ayres : Oh... I was expecting Granger. Roderick Ayres.

    Faraday : It's one of your maids, I understand.

    Roderick Ayres : Huh! "*One* of our maids..." I like that.

  • Faraday : [Voice over]  The first time I saw Hundreds Hall was July 1919. An Empire Day fete, the summer after the Great War. I'd passed by its gates often enough, never imagining they would open to me, a common village boy. There was bunting and cakes and all manner of games. And, at the heart of it, the Ayres family. So happy and handsome back then. But it was the house itself, still in its glory, which somehow impressed me terribly. My mother had described the place often. But seeing it myself for the first time, nothing could have prepared me for the spell it cast that day.

  • Faraday : You're right about the houses. My mother would've liked one. She might be alive and living in one if she hadn't worked herself into an early grave to get me an education.

    Caroline Ayres : I'm sure she was very proud of you. Your father too.

    Faraday : All I learned was to be ashamed of them.

  • Faraday : I'd like to bring in a psychiatrist.

    Caroline Ayres : First Roddie, now her. How long before it's my turn?

  • Faraday : I did for a time consider leaving but... a man can not outrun himself.

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