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Season 1

20 Nov. 2017
Dead or Alive
The mysterious plane crash. Memories of a young Bose are recalled as rumours of his death begin to surface.
20 Nov. 2017
Bane of the British Raj
A revolutionary in the making. Bose gets a prestigious job in England, but will his heart allow him to serve the British?
20 Nov. 2017
Catch Me If You Can
Under constant surveillance. As the British send agents to spy on Bose, his actions continue to baffle them all.
20 Nov. 2017
The Japanese Connection
The new mayor. Bose gets elected as the mayor of Calcutta. Is the beginning of a new revolution?
20 Nov. 2017
The Gold Trail
Return to Calcutta. Bose returns to Calcutta to raise his own army. Will the British spare him?
20 Nov. 2017
Hide and Seek
The pending bail. Darbari asks Bose to accept British government's conditions for bail. Will he bow down to the British?
20 Nov. 2017
Lost and Found
After House Arrest, Darbari was appointed to watch on Bose, But Bose escaped by on his way and went to Peshawar to reach Russia.
20 Nov. 2017
Escape to Afganistan
British officials put Bose under house arrest. How long will they be able to stop him?
20 Nov. 2017
The End Game
Bose uses the Azad Hind Radio from Berlin to connect with Indians. Will this lead to a revolution in India?

 Season 1 

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