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It could have been a great movie
VainzHeinz12 January 2019
The movie per se is not a bad movie, especially for its plot. Sadly, the plot is exactly the same as the German movie "Er Ist Wieder Da", of which this film should be a "remake".

Rather than a remake, the film looks like a tremendous copy, probably made with the hope of taking advantage of an idea which clearly was successful, speaking of earnings.

It could have been interesting if the movie, for instance, started with the same situation of its German "brother", but evolved differently. Instead, avery single situation, and every single evolution in the plot is taken from Er Ist Wieder Da. Basically, it's the same film with switched characters.

This said, let's ignore the terrible feeling of dejà vu which impends over the movie.

A (very) positive note is for the acting skills of the starring actor Massimo Popolizio, who with great ability reminds Mussolini in his gestures and language.

A negative note is for the co-starring actor, Francesco Matano, who apparently is not capable of being another character but himself. One could wonder if the choice of an actor with such arguable acting skills could be related just to his popularity as a (former?) web-star, in the hope of selling more tickets, without taking great care of the quality of the product.
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A real tragicomedy
frantastika10 January 2019
Fun and well balance tragicomedy that deserve a wider audience (beyond Italy) because the topic is unfortunately international. Well acted and some twist here and there spiced up with some crazy stuff make this film pretty enjoyable!
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