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Season 1

14 Apr. 2017
The Proud Fallen Angel
Freshly cast out of Heaven, the former angel Lucifer makes a brief stop in a high school church on Earth, where she encounters a girl named Maria Totsuka before continuing her fall to Hell. Once there, she is met and fawned over by Leviathan, an aspiring minor Demon Lord, and challenged to combat by Satan and Belial, two Demon Lords of the Seven Mortal Sins and members of the ruling council of Hell who accuse her of intending an invasion of their territory. Despite gaining the upper hand initially, Lucifer is eventually subdued by Belial and stripped of her angel ...
28 Apr. 2017
Beach of Lust
Maria's special psychic powers lead Lucifer to Miami where she plans to face the Demon Lord of Lust head-on!
5 May 2017
The Town of Fog Where Greed Brews
The gang travels to London to face another Mortal Sin, the Demon Lord of Greed. Maria finds a strange shop that sells a potion that purports to grant anyone their wildest desires. Lucifer makes haste to the shop, only to quickly fall into a trap!
19 May 2017
The Languid Diva
Astarotte, the Second Mortal Sin, is a famous net idol, but Lucifer is ready to take her on! As the crowds get bigger, and more is on the line for both Demon Lords, just who will come out on top?
26 May 2017
Sloth Online
Lucifer is now up against the Demon Lord of Sloth, Belphegor! Lucifer, Maria, and Levi get sucked into Belphegor's game, but can they overcome the tensions building between Maria and Lucifer?
2 Jun. 2017
Guiltless Gluttony
Beelzebub, the Demon Lord of Gluttony, is running underground eating parties when Lucifer decides to crash one of them, challenging Beelzebub herself to... an eating contest?!
9 Jun. 2017
Unleashed Wrath
Satan, the Demon Lord of Wrath, plans on stopping Lucifer once and for all. How will Lucifer overcome her final obstacle, and what will happen to the others?
16 Jun. 2017
Ye Abandon All Hope
After taking down each of the Mortal Sins, Lucifer returns to the Gates of Hell as a true Demon Lord with millions of followers. With little time, she must make her way to the throne and save Maria. That is, if she can survive the ferry ride!
23 Jun. 2017
Love Your Enemies and Pray for Those Who Persecute You
With big plans to swap Heaven and Hell, Lucifer makes her way through the Circles of Hell. Meanwhile, though Belial has the Mortal Sins on her side, she'll make them pay for their betrayals! With her cruel torments, will she make them submit?
7 Jul. 2017
Ask and It Shall Be Given to You
Captured by Belial, Lucifer takes hit after hit in order to get the answers she seeks. But instead, she learns that Belial is a fallen angel. Cast out by Lucifer, Belial has held on to her grudge and plans on finally exacting her revenge-by using Maria!
29 Jul. 2017
God's in His Heaven, All's Right with the World
It's Heaven versus Hell in this final showdown! Unable to deal with Heaven's betrayal, Belial attacks the angel Michael before being cast to Earth. Bearing the Demon Lord title, Lucifer and her Mortal Sins wage war against the angels.

 Season 1 

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