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First episode not great, but it only gets better!
lovesnowangel431 October 2017
The first episode did kind of rub me the wrong way. I get what they were trying to do, but the execution was done poorly. I can definitely see how the first episode would turn people off from the show, but all I can say is give it a chance. It only gets better from episode 1 and up. Great, unique stories that can definitely make you want to binge watch, but then you realize you have a life so you have to pause; however, you can't wait to come back and continue your binge.

If you only get one thing from this post, get this: Give the show a chance. The first episode isn't the best, but it only get's better. Trust.
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You can't rely on one trope
nathan_furnal29 June 2017
So, after watching the first episode, I won't watch anymore of this series for many reasons.

First, this show is based on one trope and this one only : reverse stereotypes. So you get a city/place where white people are considered to be mostly thugs, low income people and where black people are richer, educated members of society. All the stereotypes you can think of but reversed.

The thing is, it doesn't bring anything to the story but being a trope, it's not used in the storytelling to improve the characters of make them more relatable or more likable. The added "Romeo and Juliet" thrown into the mix doesn't help either as it feels forced and doesn't pay off really well in term of storytelling. It all has the feel of a bad ripoff of "Noughts & Crosses" which I can only advice you read because it's largely superior to this story.

Also, the editing is pretty weird with rough transitions between scenes and aggressive cuts, there's some smoothing to make there.

The music is OK if you like hip-hop but they didn't exploit an obvious trick which would've fit the story, like using Vanilla Ice or Eminem songs for black people scenes and Biggie and Tupac songs for white people scenes ; to name only the most popular rappers in that genre. Maybe they couldn't afford it but that would've been nice and slightly more subtle than the over the top black vs white the story is going with.

Now, when you look at the acting, it's rather unequal, some performances are convincing, others are over the top so it's kind of difficult to actually get into the story.

All in all, not a good TV-show, I won't be watching anymore of it.
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Tales, Hip-Hop Music heard and seen in dramatic story form.
kinwatkins4 July 2017
The jury is out in my opinion on whether this is a good show or not; the story-line for episode one was interesting and the racial/cultural flip-flop made the story very edgy.I have not seen this perspective on story telling before and the romance aspect seemed unnecessary and did not add to the story. Adding the hip-hop culture (specifically the music) to the plot makes this show intriguing (if you are a hip-hop/rap head). The acting was okay and scene cuts could have been smoother. I will watch episode two and I will definitely know at the end of the episode if this is a good, mediocre or bad show.
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Tales - a lot of potential
romeovision200218 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am really enjoying the intricate thought that has been put into this show. It's a cross between Tales from the Hood (albeit not in a gory way) & Black Mirror, but with a lot more hip hop appeal & stories that get people of color thinking. Episodes 1 & 2 are like day & night. I do think the first episode was risky but it's only one story among many. I think everyone should give the show a chance.
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Wow. Awesome.
amunro-368-7437828 June 2017
I get that there is a character limit. I would like to break it now.

Awesome. Me, white guy who grew up in south east Asia. The juxtaposition just nails it irrespective of culture. Good job, remarkably well done. This is a must see, even if it doesn't support your particular polemic.

Seriously, view. It will turn you the head and entertain at the same time.
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