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Damascena - rose, movie, refinery, ethnographic complex or corporate PR?
pleven4ever9 December 2018
Damascena is a film, made with the money and for a corporate PR of Stoyan Hristov - owner and creator of the rose oil refinery and ethnographic complex Damascena - Bulgaria! The plot follows the life of the main movie sponsor - Techo, a heroic Bulgarian businessman from a child to a builder of modern Bulgaria and a prominent figure in the world production of essential oils. The whole production is made like an old socialistic realism movie, seen thru the eyes of the new and modern dreamer businessman and if you're not from a film crew, local extras or the damascena refinery or complex, you'll probably fall asleep after 10 minutes...136 minutes commercial or a corporate event, a fairly expensive image PR - 2 600 000 euros official budged, and it just looks like an attempt by a successful businessman to caress his ego. Of course, every businessman has the full right to give his money for whatever he wants, and since this is private project, I guess it serves it's main purpose - PR of the sponsor! Cheers, mr. Hristov, money well spent!
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