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It’s About Time for the Emmys to Expand the Number of Nominees in Top Categories

  • Variety
You’ll have to excuse the Television Academy if its members feel a little smug when it comes to their film counterparts. As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences keeps wading into controversy, the TV folks in North Hollywood comparatively look like they have their act together.

In particular, the Emmys were already recognizing diverse talent back when #OscarsSoWhite was trending. A plan this year to slim down the Oscar telecast

by taping some below-the-line awards during commercial breaks and time-shifting them to later in the broadcast had been attempted and rejected by the TV Academy in 2009. And the Emmy team has never announced a boneheaded idea for an award before sheepishly saying, “Never mind” (think most popular film), weeks later.

But here’s one spot where the Emmys should be emulating the Oscars, yet have so far stubbornly refused to give in: expanding the number of nominees
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A Friend With Benefits: The Power of the Fourth Wall in ‘Fleabag’ Season 2

A Friend With Benefits: The Power of the Fourth Wall in ‘Fleabag’ Season 2
This post contains spoilers for all of Fleabag Season Two, now available on Amazon Prime Video.

When the first season of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag debuted back in 2016, it seemed to fit into a long tradition of TV shows where characters break the fourth wall and address the audience directly. This has been going on since the medium’s early days in sitcoms like The Jack Benny Program, and has continued over the decades in series as wildly different from one another as Saved By the Bell and House of Cards.
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Listen: ‘Glow’ Star Betty Gilpin on ‘Killing Eve’ and Being Constantly Mistaken for Jodie Comer

  • Variety
Listen: ‘Glow’ Star Betty Gilpin on ‘Killing Eve’ and Being Constantly Mistaken for Jodie Comer
Glow” star Betty Gilpin is getting used to people on the street congratulating her for her hit TV show. But here’s the weird part: Some of them are congratulating her for “Killing Eve.”

For the record, Gilpin does not play international assassin Villanelle on AMC’s and BBC America’s “Killing Eve.” That character is played by Jodie Comer. But apparently there’s enough of a physical resemblance between the two that a lot of fans are mixing the actresses up.

“Since ‘Killing Eve’ came out so many people have been like, ‘I love you on that BBC show,'” Gilpin tells Variety‘s My Favorite Episode podcast. “There’s a Twitter account devoted to she and I looking alike!”

But Gilpin takes it all in stride. “I was so flattered,” she said. “And I continue to only feel excited and inspired, and full of adrenaline, by these women’s work.
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People Summarized Game of Thrones in 1 Tweet, and I'm Cracking Up at the Accuracy

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.

I know I missed out on a cultural phenomenon by never watching Game of Thrones, but eight years later, I'm not going to bother starting. Plus, I work at Popsugar, so reading spoilers here and there is inevitable. I already know Daenerys's fate and that Bran (whoever that is) wins the whole game or whatever, so why make the commitment? Instead of watching the series from the beginning, I'll just read these tweets.

Even though I know it's somehow always Winter, there's a lot of rape and incest, the timing is medieval but no one really knows when exactly, and some creature called the Night King is basically Voldemort, I don't actually know what's going on in the show, and I've always wanted a very quick CliffsNotes version. Turns out, these 280-character summaries are very helpful for a lowly nonwatcher like me!

"Textbook Shakespearean tragedy with dragons,
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Watch Killing Eve Online: Season 2 Episode 7

Did Villanelle find herself at the mercy of the person she was following?

On Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7, the assassin tried to learn more about the elusive head of the wealthy family Eve was investigating. 

Watch Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7 Online

However, Eve also had to grapple with the fact that Villanelle was still killing. 

Meanwile, Carolyn finally lifted the lid on the Twelve, revealing everything Eve wanted to know. 

Did Eve manage to get Carolyn to open up about the lack of paper trail?

Elsewhere, a new person stepped into the ring to get closer to Villanelle. 

How did Eve feel about it?

Use the video above to watch Killing Eve online right here via TV Fanatic. 

View Slideshow: 19 of the Most Unpredictable Duos on TV

Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.
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‘Killing Eve’ Recap: The Most Dangerous Game

‘Killing Eve’ Recap: The Most Dangerous Game
A review of “Wide Awake,” this week’s Killing Eve, coming up just as soon as we run out of good safe words…

As Season Two has pivoted into this unlikely story of Villanelle being turned into an unofficial British intelligence operative, we must ask a two-part question:

1) Does Eve think this is a good idea?

2) Does the Killing Eve creative team think this is a good idea?

With Eve, the question is about whether it’s a smart play in the Aaron Peel operation, and about what continued exposure
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Wide Awake

How bad do you have to be feeling to confront your deepest feelings to a psychopath?

Well, Eve fell just shy of doing that on Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7 when she scoured Villanelle's brain to find any similarity to what she's been feeling.

It's unlikely very many people have experienced anything similar to what is happening with Eve.

It takes Eve by surprise when Carolyn compares her to Villanelle by asking if there is increased agitation or restlessness in Villanelle and turning the tables onto Eve.

Eve is in way over her head, but at least she has someone looking out for her, as much as it helped the situation.

Kenny: Eve! You forgot your charger.

Eve: Oh, that's not mine.

Kenny: Don't go to Rome. Just don't.

Eve: What?

Kenny: Trust me. Get out of it. The operation I've been switched to is...

Carolyn: Kenny! Do you want chunky peanut butter or smoothe?
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‘Killing Eve’ Breaks Bad Beautifully, Succeeding Where ‘Game of Thrones’ Fails

‘Killing Eve’ Breaks Bad Beautifully, Succeeding Where ‘Game of Thrones’ Fails
[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for “Killing Eve” Season 2, Episode 7, “Wide Awake”]

In the week after “Game of Thrones” took a beating for giving one character an abrupt and perplexing villainous turn, “Killing Eve” takes another step in its season-long arc to lure MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) to the dark side. This subtle and seductive journey has been a gradual descent into depravity that shows just how much work and psychology goes into breaking bad.

In Sunday’s episode, tech mogul Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) has become intrigued by Villanelle (Jodie Comer) — who’s working undercover for MI6 as disaffected rich American “Billie” — and invites her to Rome with him as he attends a tech conference. With Villanelle in place and equipped with a tiny surveillance microphone, Eve and Hugo (Edward Bluemel) station themselves in a nearby hotel to eavesdrop and learn what weapon Aaron is selling and to whom.

What once was Eve’s safe,
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Wide Awake

Villanelle and Eve's voyeurism takes on a new layer and a new psychopath takes center stage as Aaron Peele takes Billie to Rome




This Killing Eve review contains spoilers.

Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7

The back half of this season has more to prove than the front, since it has committed to this more domesticated, servile, workaday version of Villanelle. This episode didn’t put those concerns completely to rest, but did a better job addressing them than the previous two. And with Kenny’s warning about Rome, it rekindled the promise that Eve has so much more to fear than just Villanelle, a direction where I hope the true heat of the season finale will lie.

This episode makes it clear that Killing Eve sure as shit knows how to keep the body count up. If you asked me at the end of the previous episode, I
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Ronan Farrow Jabs ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season At Peabody Awards

  • Deadline
Ronan Farrow Jabs ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season At Peabody Awards
Ronan Farrow took a swipe at the controversial last season of HBO’s Game of Thrones as he hosted the Peabody Awards, an annual celebration of electronic media’s deep dives into weighty topics from race and gender inequality, to mental illness, plastic pollution and Isis.

“Why did Daenerys go so crazy?” Farrow griped to attendees at Cipriani Wall Street while opening the Peabodys ceremony Saturday night in New York.

Related Story: More Than 1 Million Fans Sign Petition Demanding ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Remake

Praising The Americans on FX, he very pointedly applauded the deftness of the series’ satisfying sixth and final season that aired last year.

He joked that the Peabodies would normally have unspooled on Sunday — hinting of a conflict with Game of Thrones. The truth is, the awards have been held on both weekend nights over the past five years since the event went red carpet. But
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Quotes of the Week: Arrow, Big Bang, Hawaii Five-0, Kids Are Alright and More

Quotes of the Week: Arrow, Big Bang, Hawaii Five-0, Kids Are Alright and More
If you need a break from reading those Game of Thrones series finale theories (and there are many!), we’ve got a distraction in the form of Quotes of the Week.

As we head into the slightly-less-overwhelming summer TV months, your favorite shows have once again delivered top-notch dialogue, including — but not limited to — a heartbreaking goodbye for Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity, brutal honesty for Killing Eve‘s title character, even more brutal honesty for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson and some artful dodging by NCIS‘ Bishop.

Also featured in this week’s roundup: double doses of Young Sheldon,
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‘Fleabag’: Season 2’s Top 10 Breaks From Reality, Ranked (Column)

  • Variety
‘Fleabag’: Season 2’s Top 10 Breaks From Reality, Ranked (Column)
The searing first season of “Fleabag” felt like a complete story in and of itself. As adapted from Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s one-woman show, the series expanded on the world of a woman wild with lust and grief with such expert ease that by the time it ended, even Waller-Bridge herself was sure that it was the last we’d see of her. Instead, she dug deeper and found something new to say about Fleabag, her acute self-loathing, and the startling way she could grow up beyond eating avocado toast and hoping for the best.

The resulting second season, which dropped May 17 on Amazon, is a meticulous triumph as gorgeous as it is wrenching. It gives Fleabag, her sister Claire (Sian Clifford), and father (Bill Paterson) moments of maturation a long time in the making. It sparingly uses caustic side characters like their condescending godmother (Olivia Colman) and Claire’s alcoholic
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Peabody, FX Partner For TV Special With Hasan Minhaj On Race And Representation

  • Deadline
The storied Peabody Awards and cable network FX have partnered on a TV special airing this summer where winning writers and producers will explore key social issues from race to rape culture to multicultural representation in media.

Peabody executive director Jeffrey Jones announced the documentary-style show, called Stories of the Year, at the 78th Annual Peabody Awards ceremony in New York on Saturday night.

Jones said the special “will showcase award-winning content at a critical time in public discourse and further social conversation in meaningful ways.”

Den of Thieves is producing for FX, with exec producers Jesse Ignjatovic, Evan Prager and Chris Choun and co-executive producer Jeff Roe.

The show features comedian Hasan Minhaj moderating a roundtable with current and former Peabody winners including Steven Canals (Pose), Paula Lavigne (Spartan Silence: Crisis at Michigan State), Terence Nance (Random Acts of Flyness) and Tracy Heather Strain (Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes
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Peabody Awards: Rita Moreno, Hasan Minhaj, Dolores Huerta, Janet Mock Deliver Emotional Calls to Action

  • Variety
Peabody Awards: Rita Moreno, Hasan Minhaj, Dolores Huerta, Janet Mock Deliver Emotional Calls to Action
Rita Moreno, Hasan Minhaj, Michael Schur, Janet Mock and Dolores Huerta were among the honorees at the 78th annual Peabody Awards who spoke movingly about the power of the medium to change lives and drive social change.

The list of 30-plus Peabody winners ranged from entertainment series such as FX’s “Pose,” NBC’s “The Good Place” and HBO’s “Random Acts of Flyness” to documentaries, podcasts and local investigative reports. Hosted by investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, the ceremony held Saturday night at Cipriani Wall Street featured calls to action and words of praise for mentors and supporters.

Mock, executive producer of the FX drama “Pose,” spoke of the importance of television in shining a light on the humanity and dignity of marginalized communities.

Pose” has been groundbreaking in its portrayal of transgender characters and struggles in the series from exec producer Ryan Murphy and creator Steven Canals. She said
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Was Big Bang Elevator Too Nice? Was Svu Exit Lame? Best Arrowverse Crier? Did Jane Cameo Surprise? And More Qs

Was Big Bang Elevator Too Nice? Was Svu Exit Lame? Best Arrowverse Crier? Did Jane Cameo Surprise? And More Qs
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Hawaii Five-0, The Flash, New Amsterdam and The Big Bang Theory!

1 | Did Hawaii Five-0‘s latest product demo (“How many days ’til Christmas, Cortana?”) out-shill the previous one (with the beachside photo retouching)?

2 | Was it fun (if almost jarring) to see Blue Bloods‘ Baez be silly, doing an impression of Erin? Also, what are we to make of Officer Witten attending the wedding of her partner and their superior?

3 | In Lucifer Episode 5, when Eve went adult novelty shopping,
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‘Teletubbies’ Creator Andrew Davenport on His New Family-Friendly Show, ‘Moon and Me’

Twenty years since the premiere of Teletubbies, creator Andrew Davenport is back with Moon and Me, a new family-friendly show about a magical toy, Pepi Nana, who lives in a toy house with a family of comical toy friends. Moon and Me explores what happens when toys come to life at night and breaks new ground in its technical and visual ambition, using sophisticated puppetry and stop motion animation. Moon and Me also features an original song by Michael Bublé and is narrated by Nina Sosanya (Killing Eve). The show has already premiered in the UK to much buzz …
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How ‘Game of Thrones’ Defined a Decade (Column)

  • Variety
How ‘Game of Thrones’ Defined a Decade (Column)
By the standards of long-running series, “Game of Thrones” maps onto its decade unusually well. This is a very small thing. That the fantasy show, which ran with a sort of mathematically pleasing symmetry from 2011 to 2019, is more authentically of the 2010s than, say, “Mad Men” (2007-2015) or “Killing Eve” (2018-the future) is of interest only to media scholars or to those who take pleasure in number games.

But it’s also not nothing. That “Thrones” so thoroughly dominated effectively an entire one of the ten-year spans by which we measure history feels proper. As it approaches its final episode, to air May 19, the show is evincing reactions that both prove the hold it has over viewers over its decade run, and that do something more. The general consensus on the series’ endgame — that its portrayal of putative heroine Daenerys slipping into the behavior of a thuggish war criminal is
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Why the Peabody Awards Strive to Celebrate Timely Tales

  • Variety
With cutting-edge programming across all categories, the Peabody Awards highlights, in its 78th year, television that boldly explores identity, diversity and the experience of the underrepresented in today’s society — often with a tinge of absurdist humor.

This year’s winners in the entertainment category alone include HBO’s dark comedy “Barry,” about a hitman who would rather realize his potential as an actor; “Random Acts of Flyness,” also from HBO, which examines what it means to be young and black in America through avant-garde sketch comedy; and Netflix’s “The End of the F***ing World,” about a self-identifying teenage psychopath just trying to make it through high school.

The 30 shows selected for the prestigious awards should hopefully form something of a time capsule, says Jeffrey P. Jones, director of the George Foster Peabody Awards at the University of Georgia. “We look for stories that are very connected to the sociopolitical world,
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Phoebe Waller-Bridge (‘Fleabag’): Top 5 reasons we should watch out for her at the Emmys

“Fleabag,” about a London woman coming to terms with the death of her best friend, returns for its second season on Amazon Prime on May 17 almost three years after its first season aired on the streaming service. Alas, it didn’t get any Emmy nominations for its first season, but a lot has changed since then. Now two of the Expert journalists we’ve polled think creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be nominated for Best Comedy Actress: Debbie Day (Rotten Tomatoes) and Peter Travers (Rolling Stone). Here are the top five reasons they might be right.

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1. “Killing Eve” — Though “Fleabag” didn’t make an impact at the Emmys, another show Waller-Bridge created did. She adapted the cat-and-mouse thriller “Killing Eve” from a novella series by Luke Jennings, and it ended up with two Emmy nominations in 2018: Best Drama Actress for Sandra Oh,
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Will ‘Killing Eve’ star Jodie Comer be the latest to snatch an Emmy bid for a sophomore season after a snub?

BBC America’s “Killing Eve” netted two Primetime Emmy Award nominations last year, one for Sandra Oh in Best Drama Actress and the other for Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Best Drama Writing. The show’s second season, which is currently airing, is expected to nab nods across the board, including one for Oh’s co-star Jodie Comer, who is currently in fourth place in our combined Emmy odds.

Comer would be the most recent actor to turn a first-season snub into a nomination for the second one. Recent examples include:

1. Zazie Beetz – Best Comedy Supporting Actress for “Atlanta” (2018)

2. Joseph Fiennes – Best Drama Supporting Actor for “The Handmaid’s Tale” (2018)

3. Ed Harris – Best Drama Actor for “Westworld” (2018)

4. Brian Tyree Henry – Best Comedy Supporting Actor for “Atlanta” (2018)

5. Vanessa Kirby – Best Drama Supporting Actress for “The Crown” (2018)

6. Matt Smith – Best Drama Supporting Actor for “The Crown” (2018)

7. Yvonne Strahovski – Best Drama Supporting Actress for “The
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