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A mostly-bland sequel that doesn't have anything new to add! [+44%]
arungeorge1325 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
'Vellai Illa Pattadhaari' was a fairly popular film that had neat closure to its story-line, a decent concoction of family sentiment and mass moments. So, when a direct sequel was announced, it had to bring forth something fresh to the plate. Sadly, what we get is mostly a (more expensive-looking) rehash of the first film with a few role-reversals and additions that don't really leave an impression.

Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is now an Executive Engineer for Anitha Constructions and bags the attention of Vasundhara (Kajol returning to Tamil cinema after a long gap) Chairperson of the biggest construction company in South India, who extends him a job offer; one he refuses. Taking offense to this, Vasundhara unleashes a load of professional (and personal) vendetta on Raghuvaran. Speaking of role-reversals, this is pretty all what the movie has to offer in terms of novelty.

Vasundhara is portrayed as a strong corporate villain (a sharp contrast from the 'Amul Baby' in the first flick), Shalini (Amala Paul) has shed her homely-girl-next-door image to turn into a nagging wife (Raghuvaran's "drunk" episodes with her are badly written and acted), the earlier-conflicting dad (Samuthirakani) has now embraced an inspiring, composed persona. The character palette is complete with comic relief provided by Azhagusundaram (Vivek, whose "GF" saga left us in splits), maternal warmth from Raghuvaran's mom (Saranya Ponvannan, who still manages to win hearts over), Raghuvaran's brother Karthik (Hrishikesh) and their adorable pet dog, Harry Potter.

Kajol's character is written in such a manner that she is supposed to appear strong-willed (only on paper) but she is in fact a childish caricature who drops the F-bomb on a lot of occasions, and is offended even by polite rejections to the point of making life hell for the person who did so. This story does not really function well when set in a professional / corporate world where things are not as explicitly off-putting as you see here (but the writer/director is forced to spoon-feed to cater to the masses). The Raghuvaran- Vasundhara segments are punctuated by too much slow-motion and underwhelming background score (by Sean Roldan, a far-cry from the massy Anirudh compositions).

The scenes at home are literally the most boring (unlike the first film which mostly centered around the household) with the family members not having much to contribute apart from 'timely inspiration'. I did find the action-free climax refreshing and Dhanush's dialogues (both writing and delivery) elevate these scenes pretty well. But Vasundhara's sudden change of heart comes across as unconvincing and bland.

Punch dialogues? Check. Slow-motion walks? Check. Comic relief? Check. Fights? Check. Crisp run-time? Check. Still, the movie mostly feels like an unexciting masala fare.

Verdict: Below-average!
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awful, 2 hrs of distress
devansandeep-9802711 August 2017
Saw this movie yesterday, worst movie i saw in recent time. They have trief their best to make fun of husband wife relationship which doesn't work at all, story is same as what we saw in 1st part. Don't know why they made 2nd part. Recent protest and chennnai flood are used in storyline which ks peak of their irritation
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Velaiilla Pattadhari 2
santhosh-102901 April 2019
Good Movie but the movie was not good as Velaiilla Pattadhari. Velaiilla Pattadhari movie was excellent but Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 was also good but the movie bored in many scenes. The comedy scenes in the movie were excellent. Samuthirakani and Vivek's comedy in the movie were excellent. Songs and BGM in the movie were not so good but they were somewhat good. Everybody acted very well in the movie. The movie lagged at many scenes but the movie was good.
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Don't get it one thing
MoviesinmyRBC28 July 2018
Awesome KAJOL, the great DHANUSH and AMALA BEAUTY PAUL and no story..why..?? I don't get it really
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Meandering sequel that rides on the tropes of the first one
nickraman-2769928 May 2018
Post viewing of the sequel, as I walked out of my screening, I wondered what Actor-Producer Dhanush was thinking when he decided to make a sequel to a wonderfully-loved VIP (Vellailla Pattadhari.) In his acting stint at the time, he probably wanted to expoit a franchise market for Tamil films (after Shankar did for Enthiran as 2.0) and decided to make a VIP-2. This time around he gets his sister-in-law, Soundarya, who made Kochadaiyaan. This marks Soundarya's live action debut (unless you count her productions in her short-lived Ocher Studios for Venkat Prabhu's Goa, which also tanked.)

How did she do this time around? Pretty poorly as a screenwriter (credited along with Dhanush for Story.) At times, there are scenes of Dhanush exploiting his "gratious-english" that stretch beyond a certain point. The whole wife-nagging scheme of things do not help either. You also have Kajol, who despite the looks looks very bored and out of place here. Someone local like Aishwarya Rajesh would have made a better fit here. Coming back to Kajol, you wish the writers had a better role for her. Alas, the shades of Mappillai/Jamai Raja are pretty much evident.

The Rajnikanth-praises spread around are as far worse that Tamil movies resorting to the utter mention of "Thala" (Ajith Kumar's former pet name) which screams shoehorn of desperation. The tropes of VIP while funny intially, gets to a point of irritation. Surabhi's role from Part 1 gets replaced by Ritu Varma without any rhyme or explanation how she was changed.

The unwanted climax by adding in the Chennai floods for a point of sentiments do not work. In the end, you end up pulling your hairs and wonder why the hell did Dhanush and team made this in the first place.
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VIP2 a wonderful sequel.
pavanrockzzz19 August 2017
the movie works out max with mass audiences in which hero has huge fan base,even it works with class audience and the movie gives us a good social message, it is excellent as sequel and finally climax is simply superb and unique.finally its a huge hit.In the movie the first half is comedy and second half then goes serious with fights and action scenes.
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